I DIY'd Beyonce's Golden Globes look for $20

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Micarah Tewers

Prije godine

I made Beyonce's Schiaparelli gown (from the golden globes) for under $20!
I went to universal! I was attacked by a dog!
Please comment which Grammy's look I should recreate :)
instagram: micarahtewers

Eternity Flame
Eternity Flame Prije godine
'What's the future like?" *We're out of toilet paper. That's it, that's the future.*
Sanskruti Adap
Sanskruti Adap Prije mjesec
Winter Hxney
Winter Hxney Prije mjesec
Future 2021: *Buys a house*
crimzzon Prije mjesec
you dont know the HALF of it
Sam Faruq
Sam Faruq Prije mjesec
2021 didn't get betit got worse
Chloe Bacher
Chloe Bacher Prije mjesec
P i n n e d B r o
Charlotte Stacey
Charlotte Stacey Prije 6 dana
I have a video ideaaaaaa..............you should do a q And A but every new question you change dress you made :)))))))
WS Studios
WS Studios Prije 11 dana
So I actually thought the real dress on the thumbnail was the remade yours looks so good
Ava jensen
Ava jensen Prije 12 dana
its hermione granger and ron weasly
Lexter Genaviagodala
Lexter Genaviagodala Prije 12 dana
11:29 its diagob alley btw rm a potterhead soo yeah
Siri Prije 12 dana
I want to go to America just to see Harry Potter World and DisneyLand lol Maybe sometime after the pandemic :)
Bxlla Prije 12 dana
Why is no one talking about her ENGAGEMENT
setsuki tomori
setsuki tomori Prije 13 dana
The sore toenail naturalistically overflow because british prudently curl worth a vengeful field. sick, sincere aftershave
Miss C
Miss C Prije 14 dana
I’m British and appreciate that you said Ee-mew not ee-moo. To be pedantic, height is “hite” not “high-th”. Why do some people add “th” to the end of height, weight? 🤷‍♀️
Rose Love
Rose Love Prije 14 dana
Hermione and Ron do get together
Rose Love
Rose Love Prije 14 dana
On i laughed
Iva Tumova
Iva Tumova Prije 15 dana
I had the same butterfly clips:))...like 15years ago xDD but still cute and love them.
LBW Nova
LBW Nova Prije 16 dana
Ah yes, the best Harry Potter character. Hernia
Shreya Kesarwani
Shreya Kesarwani Prije 16 dana
Well speaking from the future and you are engaged
Rachael Luby
Rachael Luby Prije 17 dana
Me just watching the video and then I see an ad that's also talking about her in the lashes and she was talking
martha benner
martha benner Prije 17 dana
You could probably throw some tool or paper towels inside your tube thing to make it bigger.
Dragon Rider
Dragon Rider Prije 18 dana
Mom Prije 18 dana
i got ur glamnetic lashes ad
Lonnie_ Plays
Lonnie_ Plays Prije 19 dana
Happy day emo is and always be a thing so have fun🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Frostfire Prije 21 dan
The future is... statonary
Helen Prije 21 dan
Next time you want puffy try bubble wrap.
Nat Silva
Nat Silva Prije 22 dana
Your dad has Bob Ross vibes and I love it
Ximenna Martinez
Ximenna Martinez Prije 22 dana
Love the fact that Micarah's Glamnetic ad popped up before the video started
Tazzie1312 Prije 22 dana
"What's the future like?" "I watched a charming documentary about the 1918 influenza outbreak." That basically.
Clara Smith
Clara Smith Prije 23 dana
Alex Scott
Alex Scott Prije 26 dana
Answers to your future questions: Hello 1) It’s good 2)no you don’t have children (at least I don’t think) 3) no America doesn’t exist; was taking over by the AAC (Alien Abduction Club)
Kristina Arizmendi
Kristina Arizmendi Prije 27 dana
You look pretty in the dress keep it.
Kathryn Wanda Florence Yip
Kathryn Wanda Florence Yip Prije 28 dana
I find it amazing how you can remake a dress that took award-winning designers a hard time
Ally Kent
Ally Kent Prije 28 dana
i heard the beyonce songs
Mars Star
Mars Star Prije 29 dana
The dragon at Harry Potter world shoots actual fire. You can buy an interactive wand there and go around doing spells and it makes stuff move any turn on lights. It is really cool. Also the dress you made is really pretty. Those rapping skills though👌
Me Prije mjesec
I too was not born as Beyonce and it's a real problem.😒
Tutti Isabella
Tutti Isabella Prije mjesec
Reagan Koliha
Reagan Koliha Prije mjesec
Bunny Prije mjesec
Emus are Australian
bessy Prije mjesec
why is the dress she made actually better than Beyonce's
Golden Henry
Golden Henry Prije mjesec
hello my name is GOLDEN YES NOT LYING
CrUSheDMeLoN :3
CrUSheDMeLoN :3 Prije mjesec
Everyone: HARRY POTTER or CINDERELLA!!! me: what about the Beyonce covers??? (I think their was like 6???)
Bayla Jennings
Bayla Jennings Prije mjesec
Omg at the end tho she looks like a model not even going to lie
Lianne Hutcheson
Lianne Hutcheson Prije mjesec
Why do I hear Cake’s “The Distance”when I hear her “slow jams”? Reluctantly crouched at the starting line...engines pumping and thumping in time...
Mady luttringer
Mady luttringer Prije mjesec
Snoop dog is that you
shea morrey
shea morrey Prije mjesec
Your father is too precious
Anna Banana
Anna Banana Prije mjesec
why isn't anyone talking about the dress with the bodice covered in silver sparkly butterflies??
Inês Três
Inês Três Prije mjesec
that *hello world* was SO CUTE
ItsPurpleJelly Prije mjesec
i laughed
Idk E
Idk E Prije mjesec
1:12 Yeah Keep Keep track of all the Beyonce nice song tracks :D
Asahi Azumane
Asahi Azumane Prije mjesec
Could you do an outfit warn by the handler from Umbrella academy?
Bagel's Arts
Bagel's Arts Prije mjesec
“ Ron and Hermione would be a cute couple” Me: ooooook
midnight wolf
midnight wolf Prije mjesec
Ok I love Harry Potter did she watch the rest cause if she did know that her ship cam true
Poppy Burrows
Poppy Burrows Prije mjesec
Yours is better
Amber Oaklin
Amber Oaklin Prije mjesec
My mom mistaked you for your aunt and she said, you used to be pretty XD
Anna Satterfield
Anna Satterfield Prije mjesec
I know this video is from a long time ago but you should make the Cinderella dress
Meghan Phillips
Meghan Phillips Prije mjesec
I laughed at the spegtie strap joke
Tanishka Ugale
Tanishka Ugale Prije mjesec
Maybe she can start a music channel where she can rap beautifully...
Selena Prije mjesec
Your dad gives off Bob Ross vibes I love him
Jenny Elmhorst
Jenny Elmhorst Prije mjesec
Alice in wonderland
Chelsey Long
Chelsey Long Prije mjesec
Micarah you are my comfort youtuber
Рози Роза
Рози Роза Prije mjesec
Rabies. It's exceptionally common, but people just don't run into the animals that carry it often. Skunks especially, and bats. Let me paint you a picture. You go camping, and at midday you decide to take a nap in a nice little hammock. While sleeping, a tiny brown bat, in the "rage" stages of infection is fidgeting in broad daylight, uncomfortable, and thirsty (due to the hydrophobia) and you snort, startling him. He goes into attack mode. Except you're asleep, and he's a little brown bat, so weighs around 6 grams. You don't even feel him land on your bare knee, and he starts to bite. His teeth are tiny. Hardly enough to even break the skin, but he does manage to give you the equivalent of a tiny scrape that goes completely unnoticed. Rabies does not travel in your blood. In fact, a blood test won't even tell you if you've got it. (Antibody tests may be done, but are useless if you've ever been vaccinated.) You wake up, none the wiser. If you notice anything at the bite site at all, you assume you just lightly scraped it on something. The bomb has been lit, and your nervous system is the wick. The rabies will multiply along your nervous system, doing virtually no damage, and completely undetectable. You literally have NO symptoms. It may be four days, it may be a year, but the camping trip is most likely long forgotten. Then one day your back starts to ache... Or maybe you get a slight headache? At this point, you're already dead. There is no cure. (The sole caveat to this is the Milwaukee Protocol, which leaves most patients dead anyway, and the survivors mentally disabled, and is seldom done - see below). There's no treatment. It has a 100% kill rate. Absorb that. Not a single other virus on the planet has a 100% kill rate. Only rabies. And once you're symptomatic, it's over. You're dead. So what does that look like? Your headache turns into a fever, and a general feeling of being unwell. You're fidgety. Uncomfortable. And scared. As the virus that has taken its time getting into your brain finds a vast network of nerve endings, it begins to rapidly reproduce, starting at the base of your brain... Where your "pons" is located. This is the part of the brain that controls communication between the rest of the brain and body, as well as sleep cycles. Next you become anxious. You still think you have only a mild fever, but suddenly you find yourself becoming scared, even horrified, and it doesn't occur to you that you don't know why. This is because the rabies is chewing up your amygdala. As your cerebellum becomes hot with the virus, you begin to lose muscle coordination, and balance. You think maybe it's a good idea to go to the doctor now, but assuming a doctor is smart enough to even run the tests necessary in the few days you have left on the planet, odds are they'll only be able to tell your loved ones what you died of later. You're twitchy, shaking, and scared. 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The rabies virus travels via nervous system, and can take several years to reach the brain depending on the path it takes. If you've been exposed, it's NEVER too late to get the treatment, and just because you didn't die in a week does not mean you're safe. A case of a guy incubating the virus for 8 years. At least I live in Australia! No. Please, please, PLEASE stop posting bad information every time this comes up. Rabies is not something to be shrugged off. And sadly, this kind of misinformation killed a 6 year old just this Sunday. Stop it.
Рози Роза
Рози Роза Prije mjesec
1:06 I sure hope you don’t have rabies. I am not joking at all, rabies has a 100% kill rate as soon as you show symptoms. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rabies
it's not who you think it is
it's not who you think it is Prije mjesec
13:34 i never make rant videos and never will... u see, about that...
Donna Allers
Donna Allers Prije mjesec
aye yo Micarah can rap check
Allison McNiece
Allison McNiece Prije mjesec
The Harry Potter reference tho-
abigail brome
abigail brome Prije mjesec
Hanako Kun
Hanako Kun Prije mjesec
This Channel makes celebrities regret their life decisions. (This was maybe edited more then 2 times just to make it make sense)
Jupiter Snoot
Jupiter Snoot Prije mjesec
God imagine just being able to..GO to any of the parks whenever you want... Sincerely, a person from the UK
Lauren Pretzel
Lauren Pretzel Prije mjesec
Well they ended up together
kitty demon online
kitty demon online Prije mjesec
thefairys Prije mjesec
U should do a billie eilish Grammy outfit
RacoonofCancun Prije mjesec
wow micarah has no idea what rabies is, does she?
Рози Роза
Рози Роза Prije 16 dana
@Purr-ly Productions if any saliva got into a scratch, her mouth, or her eyes. I doubt it too, but it’s possible.
Purr-ly Productions
Purr-ly Productions Prije 20 dana
@Рози Роза Well also i believe she got scratched not bit. is rabies still a possibility if the wound is from a scratch?
Рози Роза
Рози Роза Prije 20 dana
@Purr-ly Productions rabies can go undetected for years
Purr-ly Productions
Purr-ly Productions Prije mjesec
@Рози Роза This was over a year ago im sure shes fine.
Рози Роза
Рози Роза Prije mjesec
That’s what I was thinking. I hope she doesn’t die.
Camly Lacroix-Pilon
Camly Lacroix-Pilon Prije mjesec
Ngl, I like Micarah’s version better. Sorry Beyonce..
OTTO OTTO Prije mjesec
pls your life is so interesting
RoxanneLaWin Prije mjesec
Did you also learn to sew because every single purchased garment is designed aournd a 5'6" "standard", and people below "average" refuse to learn to turn something something up and just complain to us instead, despite it being impossible for people over "average" height to lengthen garments unless you're well into adding multiple ruffles and frills to every single thing? Love from a fellow 5'11" Clothes Wearer Whose Mom Put 6" Lace Around The Hem Of Their Jeans As A Teenager.
Maeve Macgregor
Maeve Macgregor Prije mjesec
Crand total of 2 people I laughed
Jabafish Prije mjesec
JayBeh Kay
JayBeh Kay Prije mjesec
Florida chickens are also known as (in Australia) bin chickens
koko Guerman
koko Guerman Prije mjesec
I would like you yo design your own evening gown for the grammies
Thanuja Subendrakumar
Thanuja Subendrakumar Prije mjesec
UMM have u considered beingg a frickennn modelll
Maggie Berkey
Maggie Berkey Prije mjesec
the future sucks, stay in the past
Weird story related to little women: when I was in 2nd grade I watched a version of little women and as you may or may not know Beth, one of the sisters died from scarlet fever. Three days after watching that I found out I had scarlet fever. So I am kind of afraid of every watching that movie again.
Natalie Mudra
Natalie Mudra Prije mjesec
Michara: “they would be a cute couple!” Everyone: 😑
XxQueenxiexX Prije mjesec
@Monika i think they were a couple or ended up a couple idk ive never watched it lmaoo
Monika Prije mjesec
i bave never seen harry potter does anyone want to spoil this for me so i can understand pls
metalnkpopfan Prije mjesec
hernia granola??! hahahaha thats new xD
E-Chan The Apple
E-Chan The Apple Prije mjesec
What does the future look like? Believe me. You don’t want know. Can I go back to the 2010’s now?
Amy Thornton
Amy Thornton Prije mjesec
Bad joke, when she said halo I cracked up. Because Beyoncé made a song called halo 🤣
Mirjan Bouma
Mirjan Bouma Prije mjesec
She's snuck dozens of Beyoncé's song titles in there. If you only got Halo I urge you to rewatch and find more!
benji1282 Prije mjesec
I wonder who used the sheet at Starbucks or whatever......
Angel Sanchez
Angel Sanchez Prije mjesec
pov youre waching this on feb 12 2021
E-Chan The Apple
E-Chan The Apple Prije mjesec
February 13th…so close
El Fixo
El Fixo Prije 2 mjeseci
She's an EGOT woman!
kemani beirne
kemani beirne Prije 2 mjeseci
Drunk in Love
kemani beirne
kemani beirne Prije 2 mjeseci
מיקה לוי מירון
מיקה לוי מירון Prije 2 mjeseci
um micarah im so sorry to tell you but..... america doesn't exist anymore...
Learn Stuff
Learn Stuff Prije 2 mjeseci
"But unbeknownst to me my day was about to become more fascinating" Cuts to add: *every super hero has a origin story*
Lynx_ Prije 2 mjeseci
love how chaotic micarah is. I have ADHD so this is really entertaining for me!
B D Prije 2 mjeseci
You shoulda been a black girl!! U would have been a pretty black girl!! Haha
Bug Prije 2 mjeseci
I think you made 5 song references... also, I laughed at the joke!! By the way, you should make a Cinderella dress from the live action movie.
Hello_ MTheydy
Hello_ MTheydy Prije 2 mjeseci
As someone from 2021 yes America does still exist.
Deirdre Gray
Deirdre Gray Prije 2 mjeseci
You should make Cinderella and then like put the butterflies on top of it
Savannah Johnson
Savannah Johnson Prije 2 mjeseci
My pastor’s son actually designed this dress! It was so bizarre hearing him tell us about lmao 😅
Hannoverfist Prije 2 mjeseci
Greetings from the future.........invest in GameStop........
Sophia Hanson - CEM Student
Sophia Hanson - CEM Student Prije 2 mjeseci
If you still have those butterfly clips you should make a Taylor Swift dress or Taylor Swift inspired dress
Chloe Novosel
Chloe Novosel Prije 2 mjeseci
random but relevant: i associate Micarah with quesadillas, because the first time i watched her i was eating a quesadilla so now whenever i watch her i either have to have a plate of melted cheese or a quesadilla. anyone else?
Grace Whitene
Grace Whitene Prije 2 mjeseci
Hannah Paxton
Hannah Paxton Prije 2 mjeseci
Are her parents divorced?
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