DIY Rapunzel Dress & Hair!

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Micarah Tewers

Prije godine

I haven't watched this video all the way through since editing so please ignore every aspect of it. I made this Rapunzel dress from mostly thrifted materials.
Be sure to watch my sub-par parody music video after this!
instagram: micarahtewers

Mal Prije godine
micarah: won’t spend more than $4 on a whole costume also micarah: $120 to put a rubber band around the sprayer nozzle
KillerDuckasaurus Prije 26 dana
@Micarah Tewers your priorities indicate you’ll spend good hard cash on your father. Nothing more noble than that.
Ham Sandwich
Ham Sandwich Prije mjesec
JJ Homestead You have good advice
Bilbo Bigguns
Bilbo Bigguns Prije 2 mjeseci
Itz cookie cookie
Itz cookie cookie Prije 2 mjeseci
@julia lee
Itz cookie cookie
Itz cookie cookie Prije 2 mjeseci
lmao your right tho
Vlog with D.P
Vlog with D.P Prije dan
Yes that is right it's the. One you choose
Breyana Tv
Breyana Tv Prije 2 dana
Micarah Is one of these youtubers that you don’t know why they’re so entertaining and funny but they are
Gabi Prije 2 dana
Why does she sound simultaneously like Mother Gothel and Rapunzel at the same time
Cocoa and Henry
Cocoa and Henry Prije 3 dana
When I watched this video I got an add of Micara 😂
slave No. 4028
slave No. 4028 Prije 3 dana
oh gosh! A dead-... YOU LITTLE BRAT!
Oh so that’s how she got blonde hair... I was wondering
Enna Mae
Enna Mae Prije 4 dana
Is it bad that 14/15 of my recommended videos on the side page thingie were Micarah videos?
Merve Yüksel
Merve Yüksel Prije 5 dana
Okay so i was rewatching this video for the 50th time and i just noticed something- I might be wrong but the purple dress she used looks exactly the same as the one coolirpa used on thrifted transformations ep 45 😳 😳
Hoppa Prije 6 dana
Hold up are you on a GlamNetic add bc it just came on before the vid
Constance C
Constance C Prije 6 dana
9:38 like what hahhha what I can’t
jovialjulia Q
jovialjulia Q Prije 9 dana
Watching this on April first of 2021
Savannah Jones
Savannah Jones Prije 10 dana
who else hopes to see a wig the actual length of rapunzel's hair one day? ive always wanted to see something like that.
Applesas Prije 10 dana
It's been a year since this video 😄
historicalfashionismything Prije 10 dana
Ok but why does my parakeet do the same thing when i wake up...
Lexie Madz
Lexie Madz Prije 10 dana
Damn this partially filmed exactly one year ago! I wish I had someone to prank with the rubber band around the sprayer right now. I shall ask my siblings do pull it on their families instead.
setsuki tomori
setsuki tomori Prije 10 dana
The fast stool strangely ban because minibus immunohistologically add apud a holistic ice. eight, sudden neck
Kiki Terhune
Kiki Terhune Prije 10 dana
I find your neighbors WAY better then mine! hahahaha LOVE the dress super cute
Lxyah Prije 10 dana
“And then Bon Appetite” ... “Or as the French would say: bOnE aPpaToN”
V Cat
V Cat Prije 11 dana
ONE YEAR AGO TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zainab Albannay
Zainab Albannay Prije 13 dana
Can you make mermaid tail 🧜‍♀️
no no
no no Prije 15 dana
You seem tired
PARIS REY Prije 17 dana
I got a Micarah Tewers glamnetic ad RIGHT before this omg
Madison Nelson
Madison Nelson Prije 19 dana
Bo oon beti’oo French😙🤏
Ari McCallum
Ari McCallum Prije 20 dana
candy measurements are supreme measurements.
kaitlyn sawvell
kaitlyn sawvell Prije 20 dana
my birthday is march 31st and i will only refer to it as fool's eve from now on
Jesus Freak
Jesus Freak Prije 20 dana
I'm studying French, and your "bon appetit" bothered me. 😂
KitKatLag Prije 21 dan
Just got a 3 minute ad for Glamnetic lashes with Micarah. Did not skip it at all.
•XxxÇhérry-ÇhànñxxX• Prije 21 dan
Micarah: boneapataw Me: wtf (O_o)?? No it's Boneapitete
Eyeconic Clown
Eyeconic Clown Prije 21 dan
The many sounds Micah makes..😫
ERYN Prije 21 dan
I opened a fortune cookie 🥠 that said "You will live a long life, and eat many fortune cookies".
Abby Clinard
Abby Clinard Prije 21 dan
You need to do a Pocahontas dress now please
What the actual fuck OWO
What the actual fuck OWO Prije 22 dana
I love understanding her measuring methods, as someone who also just doesn't like numbers, it just makes more sense to use practical everyday items.
Mercan Soyöz
Mercan Soyöz Prije 23 dana
You are so beutiful i wish i coud be like you
Gems Animate
Gems Animate Prije 24 dana
1:09 bo apoo tou
Yareyaredaze 23
Yareyaredaze 23 Prije 25 dana
Brad mondo will approve of her hair
Lines n' scribbles
Lines n' scribbles Prije 26 dana
5:53 "Toph cant read!" Scene vibes
Dream Solo
Dream Solo Prije 26 dana
arbel peretz
arbel peretz Prije mjesec
And mau the odds be ever in your favor🙏🦋😂
Aris Drawing
Aris Drawing Prije mjesec
Question: Do you know what a wig is?
Dream Cloud
Dream Cloud Prije mjesec
Still waiting for the olaf dress
T w x n k l e
T w x n k l e Prije mjesec
It’s really hot -Pedro 🇲🇽🌮
Lillian Nicholas
Lillian Nicholas Prije mjesec
nopolian dynimite rocks
Courtney Bolduc
Courtney Bolduc Prije mjesec
I love you!!! Recently I found your channel and I have got to say you are hilarious and amazing!! And I've got my mom and my daughter to watch you so thanks from our 3 generations! You are the best
Acacia Medeiros
Acacia Medeiros Prije mjesec
The kingdom in tangled is named corona and if that isn’t accurate I don’t know what is
TheatreKid Prije mjesec
4:33 I got so scared I thought I didn’t notice that a flood was coming behind me to eat me. Wow I’m a dumby
Ace_ Jellyfish
Ace_ Jellyfish Prije mjesec
Me, a cosmetology student, watching her bleach her hair *visible pain*
Emma Prije mjesec
I am making a rupanzel dress but I don't really have the right material and I and know😔
Caleb's Creative Corner
Caleb's Creative Corner Prije mjesec
😂 this video was so funny, I wefted!
Angela Rosario
Angela Rosario Prije mjesec
so I was unwrapping a Reese's cup and popped it in my mouth right as she said "Reese's cup" and I ended up choking because coincidence? I think not
Tomthinnganbi Akoijam
Tomthinnganbi Akoijam Prije mjesec
Joey Kueck
Joey Kueck Prije mjesec
hey micarah! i know you probably wont see this, but where did you buy the yaki hair you used in this video? im playing rapunzel in a theater performance and need something for my hair on a budget.
Carly and Kat videos
Carly and Kat videos Prije mjesec
The fact that the measurements are candy bars
Gabriella Rossi
Gabriella Rossi Prije mjesec
I have watched so many of these that I could probably make a pleated skirt PERFECTLY 🤣
Emma Prije mjesec
I wish I can make dresses😔😭 Edit:I am the kind of girl who wants to make dresses but is lazy and doesn't know how to make dresses and can't go to the mall and look ugly in every outfit😔😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😅 And no one will help me😞
꧁ E m m y ꧂
꧁ E m m y ꧂ Prije mjesec
Is it just me or i just watch the video to just see Macarah because she makes me laugh! XD
Josie’s Sunnydays
Josie’s Sunnydays Prije mjesec
We love Joe
Sphlag Sphloog
Sphlag Sphloog Prije mjesec
4:07 Instructions Unclear: I have hot glued chipmunks together using Reeces.
Sasha HOLLES Prije mjesec
I love Micarahs measurments ie the length of two hershey bars and the width of one or... about one reeses cup apart
Josephine Williams
Josephine Williams Prije mjesec
The neighbor with the frying pan seems very nice♡
Josephine Prije mjesec
please do a scarlet witch outfit
Sarah Gondek
Sarah Gondek Prije mjesec
Imagine if she threw that frying pan in the lake lol
Bagel's Arts
Bagel's Arts Prije mjesec
Micarah : ye ima name me future daughter limply Also micarah: ima name my daughter one day valentine Me: then which is it?
Michelle Walsh
Michelle Walsh Prije mjesec
I am looking forward to it
SimplxyButterfly Prije mjesec
10:47 She looks like the blonde version of Maria from the sound of music :o
Varian Prije mjesec
Hey Micarah Can you make rapunzel’s season three and two dresses and her coronation dress From tangled the series
LORELEI DODDS Prije mjesec
She is so funny!
My hero Academia person
My hero Academia person Prije mjesec
Bohotoho lolllll
Nicole Josephs
Nicole Josephs Prije mjesec
The mean noodle repressingly start because population prudently slap apropos a spooky octave. peaceful, tense drink
My birthday is on April fools day (April 1)
sof dor
sof dor Prije mjesec
her neighbor just casually offers her a frying pan
Korra Asami
Korra Asami Prije mjesec
She's never going to run out of halloween costumes.
Lydia Bird
Lydia Bird Prije mjesec
Your neighbour is so kind
Kylie Groves
Kylie Groves Prije mjesec
I love your videos there not boring
zelda zemog
zelda zemog Prije mjesec
You are so good at singing and so good at making clothes
Lauren Prije mjesec
now i need to find a chipmunk for the measurements of the dress....
Charlotte Black
Charlotte Black Prije mjesec
Anyone else love how she uses random thing's sizes for measurements
Anna Yo
Anna Yo Prije mjesec
It's frustrating when people like Bella Hadid have clearly got some plastic surgery and is deemed as one of the most beautiful women in the world, meanwhile Micarah's here, naturally insanely beautiful.
toothy hogwartz101
toothy hogwartz101 Prije mjesec
Wow that left eye looks amazing
Carli Olsen
Carli Olsen Prije mjesec
11:30 why does she kinda sound like repunzule here 😭
Zenna Wedlake
Zenna Wedlake Prije mjesec
What's tiger king?
Stephanie Bradburn
Stephanie Bradburn Prije mjesec
nobody: micarah:HeY aLl YoU CoOl CaTs AnD kItTeNs
Mrs. Pixel Floop
Mrs. Pixel Floop Prije mjesec
*now let’s make Olaf 10 months later!*
Clarissa Henning
Clarissa Henning Prije mjesec
The fact that she used a pan to hold her pins 😂😂
madeline san
madeline san Prije mjesec
I just realized that at 8:15 she's wearing a shirt that says "proud to be a Micarican" Merch anyone?
Sun Chip Cat
Sun Chip Cat Prije 2 mjeseci
Weft is an actual word. It is the name of the string that you work with in weaving
Cindy Daniel
Cindy Daniel Prije 2 mjeseci
The boh opah top
Cindy Daniel
Cindy Daniel Prije 2 mjeseci
Cindy Daniel
Cindy Daniel Prije 2 mjeseci
Cindy Daniel
Cindy Daniel Prije 2 mjeseci
Cindy Daniel
Cindy Daniel Prije 2 mjeseci
1:10 omg I could not stop laughing at this omg I went back over and over and over again to listen to that
MinKi Pie
MinKi Pie Prije 2 mjeseci
Istg if you don't get a role for a Disney Movie, I'm going to scream.
Jenna McKey
Jenna McKey Prije 2 mjeseci
4:52 LIES
Audrey Reinhardt
Audrey Reinhardt Prije 2 mjeseci
0:12 Now as salons are not open at this time, Me : does not matter, your sister is a hairdresser.😂
Spicy Rice
Spicy Rice Prije 2 mjeseci
harmony lipskie
harmony lipskie Prije 2 mjeseci
u could make a olof as a human....
Abitude Prije 2 mjeseci
0:04 Then you realize that Rapunzel lived in the kingdom “Corona”
Jen Perkins
Jen Perkins Prije 2 mjeseci
"Ew, it's Olof. No." Ahahahahha
Elyscehastie Hastie
Elyscehastie Hastie Prije 2 mjeseci
10:34 love how she asked us to guess which eye had makeup on it when she just told us a moment before 😂
Prince Ivyan
Prince Ivyan Prije 2 mjeseci
Can you do the dress from Sleeping beauty pliss👉👈
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