DIY Snow White Costume from Thrifted Materials! Ft. Love in a time of Quarantine

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Micarah Tewers

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when the title is longer than the description...

instagram: micarahtewers

Marshmellow Kitty
Marshmellow Kitty Prije 9 sati
1:24 She looks like Meredith Blake from the Parent Trap!
Trinity Jones
Trinity Jones Prije dan
Hi new sub here
Kiki Terhune
Kiki Terhune Prije 3 dana
This might have been a dangerous video! I WORK at a second hand store hahaha... I have this great desire to go out and find random things and sew them together now
I was wondering why she got that parrot... now I know
Miss Roblox
Miss Roblox Prije 4 dana
Nobody: Micarah: Come to Hogwarts with mi, HEY!!!
Ham Sandwich
Ham Sandwich Prije 8 dana
This video came out ONE WHOLE YEAR AGO and we’re still going through the pandemic!!! How?!?
BlueVelvet Prije 9 dana
I laughed too much at this 🤣🤣 chuckles aside, I like that u bought the birb after hearing its story and the Snow White costume is fabtastic!! Edm whistle while u work is surely floating somewhere here in utube
Half Thang
Half Thang Prije 9 dana
I wish I could marry this woman. There is Noone like her.
historicalfashionismything Prije 10 dana
please make princess Diana's wedding dress!
Super Star
Super Star Prije 11 dana
the fact: Snow white has black hair.
Jaime Leming
Jaime Leming Prije 12 dana
Why do you keep saying bought it
Chameleon Prije 14 dana
I've watched this like 3 times now because of Gareon
Kaminari Denki
Kaminari Denki Prije 14 dana
Wow. The virus is a year old... :( anyway youre really good at sewing
Rocky D
Rocky D Prije 16 dana
this was exactly one year ago today
Emma Adkins
Emma Adkins Prije 17 dana
These puns in this video were literally amazing😁😁😂😂
Anna Knowles
Anna Knowles Prije 17 dana
I did not expect a gay joke that was actually funny from this so thank you.
Natalie Prije 15 dana
Ikr me neither
martha benner
martha benner Prije 17 dana
Did you know that the tears and sweat of blood is actually a genuine medical phenomenon, it's a sign of deep stress.
PARIS REY Prije 17 dana
That bug omg 😳 she’s such an animal lover
Noémie Claire
Noémie Claire Prije 20 dana
This is a random topic but I really would like to know Micarah's thoughts on Nick Jonas as Marius in Les Mis
- Møonlight -
- Møonlight - Prije 20 dana
Disney called......... they said they wanted their steamtress back....
Madison Downs
Madison Downs Prije 21 dan
9:01 I like how there's just this big turd sitting in your keyboard LOL Garrien made an uh oh 🤣
Hannah Stanford
Hannah Stanford Prije 21 dan
i love how she said “you have?” and the duck went ya and then she went “ i do not believe you”
telima snorre
telima snorre Prije 22 dana
11:51 yesss he will, and it’s the cutest thing ever
Maria Hall
Maria Hall Prije 22 dana
my fellow miacaracains
Technically Adora
Technically Adora Prije 25 dana
"if you strugle from strait theres a great community for tha-I mean you can use a cookie pan" -Micarah 2020
PJ Studios
PJ Studios Prije 27 dana
I feel like she'd be good friends with Christine the science queen. Just saying
Carolyn O'Connell
Carolyn O'Connell Prije 27 dana
No wait you actually look like her.
Lea Sheikh Moussa
Lea Sheikh Moussa Prije 28 dana
literally came back to see her get garrian and make him her best friend
Tutti Isabella
Tutti Isabella Prije 29 dana
I LOVE GARIAN if thats how you spell his name but he is so cute
Mythical Twins
Mythical Twins Prije 29 dana
Micarah: sees the bug and plays with it Me: sees the bug, screams and scares my family with my scream
Gabriela Ramirez
Gabriela Ramirez Prije mjesec
i just spent 10 minutes looking for the video of you getting gearon
Kenady Morrison
Kenady Morrison Prije mjesec
one time i was attacked by a black swan in California visiting my gma
moon light
moon light Prije mjesec
2:50 is gold
Serena Roberto
Serena Roberto Prije mjesec
if you haven't made hermionie's dress from the 4th movie please make that
Krithika Marepalli
Krithika Marepalli Prije mjesec
Can You Make a Professor McGonagall costume??????????/// also, i love ur channel
03 Abhisikta Chatterjee 1202
03 Abhisikta Chatterjee 1202 Prije mjesec
HI! I've no idea how to sew nor do I know why I got your channel recommended to me. But, you're just so so funny and you're so cool. And live and are calm around so many ANIMALS. I love this. Thus is just top tier content. You are very entertaining. I wish I could have a friend like you. Bye
Aurelia Dezsy
Aurelia Dezsy Prije mjesec
Please do Belle!
phoenixonfire83 Prije mjesec
Dear God she is the real trailer trash barbie, and I mean that in the best possible way. She is hilarious!!
phoenixonfire83 Prije mjesec
Can't believe u actually take the time to read comments. Well this just proves it, you are a magical trailer trash barbie and again I mean that in the best way possible, u r a lovely person who brings other people joy, never change, wish you nothing but success in life, take care of yourself and your loved ones.:-)
Micarah Tewers
Micarah Tewers Prije mjesec
This is so touching 💙🥺🥰
RoraBoryAlice 2187
RoraBoryAlice 2187 Prije mjesec
I finally found out where gary came from XD
Kay Wallace
Kay Wallace Prije mjesec
you could be a model
Marceline VanMeter
Marceline VanMeter Prije mjesec
Do you think she knows how beautiful she is?
HyunjinsLongBlondeLocks Prije mjesec
I'm TERRIFIED of stink bugs 😭😱 when the stink bug appeared I freaked (°Д°).
Allie Beishuizen
Allie Beishuizen Prije mjesec
"it's like a dog park...for bros" ICONIC
Taylor Pennington
Taylor Pennington Prije mjesec
Okay i was just looking for a tutorial but this is hilarious 😆
Mimi Queen
Mimi Queen Prije mjesec
Is anyone going to talk about how she let a stink bug walk on her
Mimi Queen
Mimi Queen Prije mjesec
I hate sink bug so muck they freak me out
Du WhatyouwannaDu
Du WhatyouwannaDu Prije mjesec
How are you so fearless
Carli Olsen
Carli Olsen Prije mjesec
“come to Hogwarts with m-“ owl: *flys away* “hey! :(“
Bagel's Arts
Bagel's Arts Prije mjesec
“ go to Hogwarts with me!” Me: yes please! Also me: *realized she wasn’t talking to me* Me: aw
GabGenius S
GabGenius S Prije mjesec
I love how she buys a $800 bird hahaha
Diana H
Diana H Prije mjesec
Dont you clean whatever you buy from a thrift store? I clean my stuff three times before using
The singing one Note
The singing one Note Prije mjesec
I have saw an owl before and I’m nine
Totally Stellzzy
Totally Stellzzy Prije mjesec
This video ( and most of her videos) is half a tutorial and half a a vlog
Totally Stellzzy
Totally Stellzzy Prije mjesec
Also who wants all of her dresses
Gracie Ledger
Gracie Ledger Prije mjesec
Micarah: so I got a bird that I named Gereon HRpost captions: GARYUN
shockdartbique Prije mjesec
this is making me want to do something with the piles of fabric and entire BOLT of tulle i own. i dont sew. i have a machine but idk how to thread it + im broke as shit
Jo Smith
Jo Smith Prije mjesec
Does anyone know how she learned to sew so well?
Debbie Smith
Debbie Smith Prije mjesec
i have that exact tablecloth
Wimblur Snoop
Wimblur Snoop Prije mjesec
Daryn _world
Daryn _world Prije mjesec
Person “what are you gonna be for Halloween?” Micarah “everything”
Bunni Chrisps
Bunni Chrisps Prije mjesec
can we just talk about how sweet it was how it only took her an ''hes been here alone for a year'' AND AAHHH THATS JUST THE SWEETEST THING TO DO EVER EPIFpiwf[hge0ihgi0wehg[0wg. hes probably the happiest lil birb ever :0
eren Prije mjesec
Kaitlin O'Connor
Kaitlin O'Connor Prije mjesec
“I had a feeling that this will get worse”(COVID) yep that’s about right
•B l u e R ø s e•
•B l u e R ø s e• Prije mjesec
Just me or does her voice over sounds like Google Translate- :>
tendous Nike eyebrow
tendous Nike eyebrow Prije mjesec
Monkeys Mobilize
Monkeys Mobilize Prije mjesec
does anyone know that guitar music that plays as she’s spraying the bus?
TeoGPanda Prije mjesec
“If you struggle with straight then there’s a great community for that” As a gay guy who discovered this channel yesterday, I’ve been binge watching her videos since, and I’ll admit the references to her being homeschooled and Christian made me kind of nervous that she might be homophobic (I would’ve been crushed if she was), but I should’ve known she’s too good of a person for that, I never should’ve doubted her 💛
Rosalie Firpo-Cappiello
Rosalie Firpo-Cappiello Prije 11 dana
substitute "gay guy" with "bisexual maybeagirlmaybesomethingelseimconfused" and this is my life story
Justforfun -
Justforfun - Prije mjesec
Tbh I don’t think she meant conversion therapy. As a Christian myself I thought she was speaking about the LGBTQ community coz they help ppl that may be questioning their sexuality I didn’t even think of conversion till I saw some of the comments so I deffo don’t think she meant it in that way it’s not every Christian that is homophobic but I can see why her words may have sounded that way. Plus she’s wayyy to wholesome and nice to be hating on ppl in my opinion 🥺 btw this is irrelevant but if you’ve ever been like hurt by the Christian community for being gay I’d just like to say I’m sorry for that and I hope that you don’t think of us in a bad way even though you may have been hurt and yhhh sorry ❤️have a nice day and stay safe xx
Meek Seeker
Meek Seeker Prije mjesec
If covid never happen she would have never gotten garian
hepcatliz Prije mjesec
OMG Micarah of you ever see an owl again you can call me! THAT WAS SO COOL! IT WAS SO CLOSE!!!
sastina brandt
sastina brandt Prije mjesec
my grandmother got attacked by a swan on her way to school
sastina brandt
sastina brandt Prije mjesec
@lauren bingham ya now shes petrified of them... its kinda funny tho
lauren bingham
lauren bingham Prije mjesec
ha ha funny
Chantelle Palmer
Chantelle Palmer Prije mjesec
I am pretty sure I have tht table cloth hahaa
lauren bingham
lauren bingham Prije mjesec
u should ask my grandma
Moonlight luna Wolfy909
Moonlight luna Wolfy909 Prije mjesec
Only 3 cases!?
Mia Sweebe
Mia Sweebe Prije mjesec
✨Sewing icon✨
Μαγδα Σταυριδη
Μαγδα Σταυριδη Prije mjesec
It's crazy how she slays every disney princess 😵😍😵😍😵😍😵😍😵😍😵
Elodie Spoel
Elodie Spoel Prije mjesec
•claire• Prije 2 mjeseci
Can we all just appreciate how sweet it was of Micarah to buy that lonely bird. I felt so sad for it, but when she bought him, it made my day ☺💕
Hazel Hotz
Hazel Hotz Prije 2 mjeseci
This video was posted on my 9th Birthday
Sam Bruno
Sam Bruno Prije 2 mjeseci
You look just like snow white
Moriah Bermudez
Moriah Bermudez Prije 2 mjeseci
me seeing her play with the stink bug* ME: ohhhh heck to the naw I'm to scared to do that and i don't really play with bugs everyone else:-_-
Drift 3.1415
Drift 3.1415 Prije 2 mjeseci
Can a sewing machine be used to close a cut?
Crin G
Crin G Prije 2 mjeseci
I had to check to see if I had sped it up. I hadn't. That's AWeSome! Wait, do you live mobile, what
Alyssa Neville
Alyssa Neville Prije 2 mjeseci
me still waiting for her to make a belle dress -.- Loves your videos they make my day!!
Sieun YON
Sieun YON Prije 2 mjeseci
*did she just fearlessly touch several bugs...? one with stingers..?*
lauren bingham
lauren bingham Prije mjesec
ik right
Lara O'Rourke
Lara O'Rourke Prije 2 mjeseci
she should totally do a beauty and the beast dress
j.c sb
j.c sb Prije 2 mjeseci
Ariel the Kiss Cosplay dress blue diy adult
lauren bingham
lauren bingham Prije mjesec
Summer Dorsey
Summer Dorsey Prije 2 mjeseci
Ive been watching your videos for a bit now and I think youre really cool! I was wondering based on a few comments you've made, do you support the lgbt+ community? Im a bit anxious that someone I look up to may not be alright with who I am.
Summer Dorsey
Summer Dorsey Prije 2 mjeseci
Im sorry to bother you, I know you may not want to state your political beliefs. But I do really hope you would accept me. AS youre a christian I hope youd be caring for everyone and you certainly sound like you are! :)
Meera Mothilal
Meera Mothilal Prije 2 mjeseci
I woke up today thinking that if Micarah hadn't befriended Alvin, she wouldn't have gotten Gereon. I'm very glad things turned out the way they did. Thank you, Alvin, I hope you're doing okay and enjoying pretzels in Florida.
Peyton Valleau
Peyton Valleau Prije 2 mjeseci
She just goes around and talks to animals
Saige Prije 2 mjeseci
If you struggle with straight there’s a great community for tha- I mean use a cookie pan
Sewan & Sawen Creations
Sewan & Sawen Creations Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm a McMerikan, scuse me
Lucy Nivison
Lucy Nivison Prije 2 mjeseci
0:01 the subtitles: my fellow mikarak heads Me: it makes even less sense than micarahcans (I’m not American)
Sammi Jenkins
Sammi Jenkins Prije 2 mjeseci
I like how your voice over sounds like siri
Hermione Blyth
Hermione Blyth Prije 2 mjeseci
I hope everyone is having a good day✨
tinydancerstudios Prije 2 mjeseci
Me when she said American Girl Doll: I CAN NOT ESCAPE MY WONDERFUL OBSESSION Lol I just start paying attention to school when someone says American girl
Tobias Aldridge
Tobias Aldridge Prije 2 mjeseci
Tiny flying horse
nathalie Forever heart
nathalie Forever heart Prije 2 mjeseci
7:23 micarah: baby shark DODODo
Tatiana Johnson
Tatiana Johnson Prije 2 mjeseci
Now I watch all your videos before this and now I saw where you got Garrior (btw I don’t know how to spell that)
stahp pls
stahp pls Prije 2 mjeseci
Imagine if Micarah was sponsored a paint job for her RV what would she design
Třeba něco napíše
Třeba něco napíše Prije 2 mjeseci
I know that buying the bird whose name I didn't catch was really sweet but 12:34!!!!!! THAT WOMAN!!! T_T
Grace Johnson
Grace Johnson Prije 2 mjeseci
she needs to make a Bell dress!
Hazeldawn Creations
Hazeldawn Creations Prije 2 mjeseci
The stink bug part is so me, I own stick insects
Regan Egbers
Regan Egbers Prije 2 mjeseci
Come to Hogwarts with me-HEYYYY
lauren bingham
lauren bingham Prije 3 mjeseci
your bird is a better bird than my sister will ever be.
enterusername1 Prije mjesec
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