RV Bathroom Makeover!

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Micarah Tewers

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A remodel done for ZERO DOLLARS! I re-floored, painted, and converted the shower into a bedroom for my son. Warning, if you're Australian, I might make fun of you.
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KARMATRYK Prije 2 dana
Couple plus one gentleman.
Bangtan Army
Bangtan Army Prije 4 dana
foxelle24 Prije 5 dana
that's not how we speak
h Prije 6 dana
I'm a bisexual woman. I don't really have an ideal type but I'm insanely attracted to long-boned women. It doesn't look masculine at all, in fact I think it makes both men and women look elegant. As far as I know, there isn't much of a difference between the male and female skeleton, especially in terms of bone length. There are all kinds of people with different body types....I hope people stop boxing an individual into categories like that.
Autumn Kay Meyers
Autumn Kay Meyers Prije 9 dana
Autumn Kay Meyers
Autumn Kay Meyers Prije 9 dana
Did like know one notice she’s in natiles room moor the intro
simply bored
simply bored Prije 10 dana
Is that background the exact sames as natalie Taylor
martha benner
martha benner Prije 14 dana
I love your aviary. I did the same thing with my baby ducks.
Annie. へ。
Annie. へ。 Prije 14 dana
Lol, but yet you hearted the comment.
S Mil
S Mil Prije 16 dana
As a very anxious, indecisive person, watching Micarah do wtfever she wants with zero prep is very thrilling for me.
Randomness Dictionary
Randomness Dictionary Prije 18 dana
Wait was she in Natalia Taylor’s house?!?
Katrina Kirkwood
Katrina Kirkwood Prije 19 dana
Why was she at Nataliya Taylor's house?
Rita Dong
Rita Dong Prije 19 dana
She is wearing the same outfit here from her engagement. So they have been engaged all this time lmao
Violet Zaike
Violet Zaike Prije 25 dana
Micrah has more confidence in one skin cell then I go in my whole body
Tari Tangeo
Tari Tangeo Prije 11 dana
Thats homeschooling babey! Also the fact that shes mildly perfect. The only thing im confident abt myself is inevitable failure.👌
Destiny Ortiz
Destiny Ortiz Prije 26 dana
grumbus Prije 27 dana
who chose that green wallpaper and why the hell are u ruining my life
Jade Prije 27 dana
Darn I liked the pink marble
Queen of • Wynter •
Queen of • Wynter • Prije 28 dana
Let's take a moment to appreciate how for the big projects she she used a makeup brush, yet for the floor things she uses the paintbrush... Gotta love Micarah lol
Siti Fatimah Zaharah
Siti Fatimah Zaharah Prije 28 dana
Suddenly i feel sooooo wanting to see if you go against those voters and just proceed with marble one because OMG THAT WALLPAPER SUCKSSSS TT
Asmr with Jazzy
Asmr with Jazzy Prije 28 dana
Just saying but that ‘australian’ accent is more a kiwi accent 👁👄👁
owie Prije 29 dana
really nice job! love the pink and the gold
Julia Luster
Julia Luster Prije mjesec
the part where she's ripping the tape off of the floor pieces reminded me of a wired interview
Caitlin Prije mjesec
Is anyone going to mention the NZ accent?
pAuLa Prije mjesec
Tumbleweed Prije mjesec
I swear *stop* asking the gram of the insta for your life decisions I know you're a mass pleaser, just do what you want y'know. But if you have troubles deciding make a community post pleassee (it can also be a hint to the upcoming videeeoooo ;)))
Kayla A
Kayla A Prije mjesec
Please do an updated video where you put the marble wallpaper on
George Prije mjesec
I'm from New Zealand, but that Aussie accent was bloody amazing
Donna Hannah
Donna Hannah Prije mjesec
The bathroom is very pretty I like it
Leafy Kingdom
Leafy Kingdom Prije mjesec
*Video starts* Me: *What up you guys N T here and that means NEW TEA/Natalia Taylor*
Lilli R
Lilli R Prije mjesec
Whos the Aussie true crime podcast guy pls?
Bailey Lease
Bailey Lease Prije mjesec
“oh no. or as the Australians say: oh nEeEoOoRr”
Thea Lüftl
Thea Lüftl Prije mjesec
Micarah: *writes 2020 Me: *wonders who or what ZoZo is
Elisa Lee
Elisa Lee Prije mjesec
Its great how u mixed paint. I did the same thing and it did hit the roof. Lol. Love the way u do thing I do them ki day similarly. Like the make up brush for painting. Ur great.
Tamsin Prije mjesec
In the bathroom with the wallpaper...that sounds like the weirdest game of Clue ever. How do you even die by wallpaper??? Sounds terrifying.
Mylie Stokes
Mylie Stokes Prije mjesec
Is no one going to talk about how she sounded like the girls from h2o when she did the accent
Leah Abraham
Leah Abraham Prije mjesec
I started watching u and my home page is 50% u and 50% barbie Love it
XxQueenxiexX Prije mjesec
To the people that chose the leaves if you know nothing about designing jus say that
Alisa Sanders
Alisa Sanders Prije mjesec
It's spoopy month
Unicorn Queenofgermany
Unicorn Queenofgermany Prije mjesec
her Australian accent was definitely a New Zealand accent
Angel Rios
Angel Rios Prije mjesec
Who’s house is that ?
Donna Hong
Donna Hong Prije mjesec
Micarah, Your all good. Back in the day I went to an official art school, anyway when drawing a person you would check promotions by measuring that persons head, I won't go into all the details but if you were to take the width of ones head and place it next the head as if to sit on the shoulder but up against the actual head males are a full head width and females are more like half a head but defiantly not a whole head width. so with your arms down vertically use the line of the side of your arm go up and on a woman about half a head should be sticking over that imaginary line and on males it should be about that same line. So if a ken doll has correct proportions (IDK if ken dolls are proportioned correctly) you should be able to pop two other ken heads off and stick them on his shoulder and when looking at the three headed doll the total width of all three heads should not exceed the widest shoulder width. So much easier to explain in person. Just know you have female proportions.
Ava Bain
Ava Bain Prije mjesec
does anyone else notice she was in natalia taylor's room?
Beatriz Fernandes
Beatriz Fernandes Prije mjesec
"I don't like labels" me neither, mate
Ali Prije mjesec
Madelynn Madeline Harris
Madelynn Madeline Harris Prije mjesec
I think you still should have gone with the marble wallpaper but still the end result was amazing!🤩
reena lee
reena lee Prije mjesec
There is probably at least one person in this world that misses 2020
Gretel Prije mjesec
i really like the leaf wallpaper
xo Honey bear ox
xo Honey bear ox Prije mjesec
Should have gone with you gut
Joanne Greaves
Joanne Greaves Prije mjesec
She was in Natila Taylor’s home
jh Prije mjesec
search jakehoon
Matho Prije mjesec
omg the edit with the bird at the end made me cry that was so cute
isabel rayla
isabel rayla Prije mjesec
i really wish she used the marble for the wallpaper, the leaves aren’t bad tho
isabel rayla
isabel rayla Prije mjesec
did no one else notice that she was in natalia taylor’s house at the beginning
Elodie Spoel
Elodie Spoel Prije mjesec
We got the same toothbrush~
Abbey Hilton
Abbey Hilton Prije mjesec
I am an Australian and I sound just like that
Abbey Hilton
Abbey Hilton Prije mjesec
Hey mate
Jesseca Perry
Jesseca Perry Prije mjesec
V Cat
V Cat Prije 2 mjeseci
OMG! I just realized those are CONTACT paper, not wallpaper XD I just found them on Walmart
Eveningswith Smith
Eveningswith Smith Prije 2 mjeseci
Calista March
Calista March Prije 2 mjeseci
Why do you have the Natalia Taylor sign in your background?
Pastel Alicorn
Pastel Alicorn Prije 2 mjeseci
You should’ve gone with the marble
R Simons
R Simons Prije 2 mjeseci
𝓡𝓲𝓹 2020
Yassine Tamam
Yassine Tamam Prije 2 mjeseci
We need micarah tewers : the movie
bread girl
bread girl Prije 2 mjeseci
If u think she has a more masculine body type you should see mine.
Libby Berry
Libby Berry Prije 2 mjeseci
I am Australian, and May I just say that that is a New Zealand accent
Brave Heart RV
Brave Heart RV Prije 2 mjeseci
Girl got jokes. Mad funny. I love your video. And the bathrrom turned out HOT!!! Dont worry about the haters. Theyre just jealouse you do it better than them. ❤💪💕🌺
Cleverson Prije 2 mjeseci
So which one of you gays was in charge of telling me about this channel and forgot???
QuackyDuck 007
QuackyDuck 007 Prije 2 mjeseci
It was me! Sorry I forgot
Hannah Levin
Hannah Levin Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm stressed every time she puts her hand in the toilet and then proceeds to touch things.
Honey Coves
Honey Coves Prije 2 mjeseci
After her PAINTING HER RV BECAUSE IT DIDN'T MATCH HER CHAIRS I have no clue why her painting her toilet PASTEL PINK surprised me so much
Corn Butt
Corn Butt Prije 2 mjeseci
Who noticed Natalia taylors nt sign in the beginning
Ashlyn Isabella
Ashlyn Isabella Prije 2 mjeseci
Its not an Australian accent its a New Zealand accent
Orla Blakey
Orla Blakey Prije 2 mjeseci
''the earthlings have spoken...."
Clover_ Playz - roblox
Clover_ Playz - roblox Prije 2 mjeseci
U are a strange and talented person U are pretty 😇
Clover_ Playz - roblox
Clover_ Playz - roblox Prije 2 mjeseci
Look at them bird dropping 😂
Clover_ Playz - roblox
Clover_ Playz - roblox Prije 2 mjeseci
My dad is from Australia and he is English for some reason ;-;
Nuca Epremidze
Nuca Epremidze Prije 2 mjeseci
Ash McGray
Ash McGray Prije 2 mjeseci
I am Australian and non of us sound like that unless you are from America and then move to the outback of Australia with all the "cowboys" 😂
b.nicole at CrystalCreations
b.nicole at CrystalCreations Prije 2 mjeseci
I was today years old 😂
b.nicole at CrystalCreations
b.nicole at CrystalCreations Prije 2 mjeseci
I have long arms and such too lol.
b.nicole at CrystalCreations
b.nicole at CrystalCreations Prije 2 mjeseci
I think you should be a fashion designer, actress, etc. How have you not been seen by someone of importance yet??? I hope you get seen because you need to be seen, the world needs you in it
Fionna and Stella’s life
Fionna and Stella’s life Prije 2 mjeseci
I’m Australian and your accent was omg - 😱
Hannah Parker
Hannah Parker Prije 2 mjeseci
Your guest won’t even want to shower anyways they would just want to play with your bird
DontWantDragRaceSpoilers !!!
DontWantDragRaceSpoilers !!! Prije 2 mjeseci
Like if, AND ONLY IF, are a male too (I want the stats).....
A person _From Slytherin
A person _From Slytherin Prije 2 mjeseci
Margot Yntema
Margot Yntema Prije 2 mjeseci
i think the wallpaper looks great, it makes the room look more refreshed? also goes well with the greenery in the shower
Varian Prije 2 mjeseci
If micarah’s video was 2 hours long I would realize because it would feel like only 5 minutes had passed
Ksaniya Prije 2 mjeseci
I want to buy an event when I can move out not to live in it but like I really want an event really badly.
Nana Noah
Nana Noah Prije 2 mjeseci
2021: ... and I took that personally (in place of my brother)
Thought So
Thought So Prije 2 mjeseci
The green looks good with the aviary
Deceit Sanders
Deceit Sanders Prije 2 mjeseci
When youre neither a lady nor a gentleman so you cant watch😔
heavenlymilano Prije 2 mjeseci
İyi kız, güzel kız, ama pis arkadaşım pis!
Autumn Juarez
Autumn Juarez Prije 2 mjeseci
i hate the wallpaper
Andy Millz
Andy Millz Prije 2 mjeseci
How is your bird so tame
The Bird Lord
The Bird Lord Prije 2 mjeseci
Garion is a quaker parrot!
Gilgame6 Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm literally having an anxiety attack watching you put the whipped cream bottle (that I'm guessing is not getting thrown out after) into a toilet bowl
#catloverrr Prije 3 mjeseci
free spirit
free spirit Prije 3 mjeseci
Lol stop using heavy padding bra u r flat n we know that
NU Kwok
NU Kwok Prije 3 mjeseci
Yeah nah that's New Zealand lol
Abrianna Jackson
Abrianna Jackson Prije 3 mjeseci
The irony that your commercial for glamnetics came on, so I felt implied the watch the entire add
Lindsey Prije 3 mjeseci
when the video started and she was in Natalia's bedroom I was like 😳
Hannah Paxton
Hannah Paxton Prije 3 mjeseci
Yo how are you so pretty?!?!?
Herminio Figueroa
Herminio Figueroa Prije 3 mjeseci
Wasting my time? Micarah if I had a ton of money to invest in a business I would invest in you. You're a Star 🌟!!! Yet raw, humble, pure and grounded. I just feel so much joy watching you. I pray for a network or a streaming company to gave you your own show or series. Love and good vibes from Puerto Rico.
Ikscdm Degi
Ikscdm Degi Prije 3 mjeseci
You remember that honey boo boo girl? Yes, this is her. All grown up.
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