My 2020 Resolutions

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They say Hindsight is 2020, but this whole year is 2020, SO I'M DESTINED TO CRUSH ALL THESE GOALS.
What are your resolutions? Would you like to copy mine? BC I give you full permission.
luv u.
instagram: micarahtewers
ps thank you aunt Mollie :)

Frenchfries _Kiddo
Frenchfries _Kiddo Prije godine
How do you edit your videos. I
mikeh66 Prije 2 mjeseci
Great sense of humor. You need to get a Netflix deal. $,$$$,$$$!
Mushie Buddy
Mushie Buddy Prije 3 mjeseci
@Micarah Tewers hehehe p.s i love your videos micarah also tell micah he is also a amazing youtuber!
Elyse B
Elyse B Prije 4 mjeseci
Me too
Riverfox237 Prije 4 mjeseci
@Lena Henning Honestly I have only been to Florida once and I don't remember seeing any squirrels OR cats, clearly my word on the subject cannot be trusted
Lena Henning
Lena Henning Prije 4 mjeseci
@Riverfox237 Do you mean Florida cats? I’ve never seen a Florida squirrel!
Maíra Maximiano
Maíra Maximiano Prije 6 sati
I'm with your mom, whoever leaves you a negative comment deserves HAVOC - I didn't want to say hell because you're christian and I didn't want to offend you Anyway... 2020, huh?
chip the cockerdoodle
chip the cockerdoodle Prije 5 dana
i'm confused. she said she's never successfully made pants, but she made pants in the Elsa costume video and the Captain Marvel costume video. so... idk
giberish is a language
Anna Lacey
Anna Lacey Prije mjesec
Suhij Huf
Suhij Huf Prije mjesec
The understood sandra positionally strap because relative multivariably move till a nervous humidity. unnatural, roomy bird
The Party Panda
The Party Panda Prije mjesec
Anyone else slightly disappointed she didn't do this for 2021
Ibble Whilhelmina
Ibble Whilhelmina Prije mjesec
And then covid struck...
lizzie Prije mjesec
I love her so much but her idea of female and male stereotypes hurts..
Peggy Schuyler
Peggy Schuyler Prije mjesec
When I looked at the thumbnail, I read read less, talk to elderly more. My Hamilton mind just went crazy. But I also read it I like the song. Help me.
Monokuma is Mine
Monokuma is Mine Prije mjesec
Mine was to lie more than kokichi :)
Joanne Greaves
Joanne Greaves Prije mjesec
These are my new 2021 resolutions
Mille-Mathilde Sørensen
Mille-Mathilde Sørensen Prije mjesec
Does anyone know if she made the dress herself or where she got it from? Im absolutely in love
Ash Animates
Ash Animates Prije mjesec
My 2021 revolutions since I didn’t comments my 2020 revolutions for some reason: 1) practice my dance routines more than just that class 2) actually do my homework and turn it in the day it’s due, don’t do a history test 2 months after it’s due
Cindy Kitty
Cindy Kitty Prije 2 mjeseci
Ubbi dubbi?! I'm so glad someone else watched Zoom growing up
El Fixo
El Fixo Prije 2 mjeseci
Ahhh 2020 what a year to behold.
Lil Steve
Lil Steve Prije 2 mjeseci
Hey u what song is the one that goes la la la la laaa la la la laaa I rly need it
Amelia Mack
Amelia Mack Prije 2 mjeseci
No I hated 2020
izzy Prije 2 mjeseci
waiting on ur 2021 resolutions video....
DaBlackGyal Prije 2 mjeseci
Cello Cello
Cello Cello Prije 2 mjeseci
We need an update video on this one. With fragments of your 2020 videos. Outdo yourself on editing! 💪
Yvonne Lovejoy
Yvonne Lovejoy Prije 2 mjeseci
My new years' resolution: Don´t get Covid.
poofypeach Prije 2 mjeseci
What are your 2021 resolutions?
Legend abdullah
Legend abdullah Prije 2 mjeseci
Your mom is the best!
Katie H
Katie H Prije 2 mjeseci
A year later . . . did you beat Josh at tennis?
Rebecca Watson
Rebecca Watson Prije 2 mjeseci
Well, it's already 2021, but I also live in Ohio so you can spend the night at my house lol.
vaishnavi Prije 2 mjeseci
I saw the thumbnail and I just thought of Burr in Hamilton.....Talk less. Smile more.
nobody knows
nobody knows Prije 2 mjeseci
Try a song in hindi or punjabi
Helena Wilson
Helena Wilson Prije 3 mjeseci
You have completed most of them now make one for 2021
Varian Prije 3 mjeseci
I became a micarican about 2 years ago and I was a tewerist for about a year because I realized that I still hadn’t subscribed even though I had been watching you for a year
Nicole Prije 3 mjeseci
It's ironic how talking to more elderly people was a resolution and now you can't do that...also excited to hear 2021's resolutions
Gregg Moore
Gregg Moore Prije 3 mjeseci
you are awesome
Kayleen South
Kayleen South Prije 3 mjeseci
Spend the night at my house, Micarah!!! I’d loooove it. My 9 year old and 10 year old daughters love you and they sew however I do not and perhaps you can teach me!
Robert Furlong
Robert Furlong Prije 3 mjeseci
We need an update!
Alexandra Swain
Alexandra Swain Prije 3 mjeseci
Talking to the elderly more was a bad choice for 2020!
Alexis Song
Alexis Song Prije 3 mjeseci
Micarah please learn Chinese! It would honestly make me so happy.
Nicole G
Nicole G Prije 3 mjeseci
So did you fulfil the goals? It is now the first week is 2021 and I need answers.
Regan_ Eq
Regan_ Eq Prije 3 mjeseci
My resolution is to stop wasting my homework time watching Micarah videos....
The Dark
The Dark Prije 3 mjeseci
Intrigued to see your progression this year
S Prije 3 mjeseci
Micarah! Please post your 2021 goals too!! And tell us how did you manage to achieve your 2020 ones!
belle densley
belle densley Prije 3 mjeseci
haha looking at this now when it is now 2021 is weird
Claire B
Claire B Prije 3 mjeseci
Well, that aged like wine
Irina Ivanov
Irina Ivanov Prije 3 mjeseci
I need to get a life
noor tareq
noor tareq Prije 3 mjeseci
She committed the ultimate sin... SHE USED A YARD STICK
Vana Prije 3 mjeseci learn this song, we will sing it as a group vana@hoperanchtweet
Emma Prije 3 mjeseci
Can't wait for the 2021 edition!!!
Milubee Prije 3 mjeseci
Do we get 2021 resolution? I am honestly obsessed sorry
Cassandra Guzman
Cassandra Guzman Prije 3 mjeseci
Who's here to see if Micarah completed her 2020 resolution on the first day of 2021
Cute Bitch
Cute Bitch Prije 3 mjeseci
I’m waiting for the part 2 cuz currently where I live it’s 1:36am Friday January first 😃👍🏼
Miriah Smith
Miriah Smith Prije 3 mjeseci
Please do an accountability video😍
MoonStarStories Prije 3 mjeseci
The moment I realize that this was not posted recently . . .
MoonStarStories Prije 3 mjeseci
"They say Hindsight is 2020, but this whole year is 2020," -Micarah Tewers 2020.
Sara Prije 3 mjeseci
Soooo? Can u do 5 boy push ups?
Katie Liapis
Katie Liapis Prije 3 mjeseci
It is New Years Eve... How'd it go?
y0utuberculosis Prije 3 mjeseci
"talk to the elderly more" Please don't. XD
Denisese27 Prije 3 mjeseci
This didn't age well
Akisha Green
Akisha Green Prije 3 mjeseci
She got over 1 million suscriber 🥺💕 you did it!!!
Allie Monsen
Allie Monsen Prije 3 mjeseci
I really really love the dress you wear in this video!! Did you make it??
Mushie Buddy
Mushie Buddy Prije 3 mjeseci
edimicadet???????? what?
shashank pradhan
shashank pradhan Prije 3 mjeseci
It's funny, she is roasting herself. I am watching this now, hope she must have done with her resolutions. 😉
Meisheen Calsado
Meisheen Calsado Prije 3 mjeseci
I'm excited for her response to this video this coming 2021
Andrew Steel
Andrew Steel Prije 3 mjeseci
Fun to watch in December
Gina McManama
Gina McManama Prije 3 mjeseci
memorize colgando en tus manos by carlos baute. you still have a week, GO GO GO
Micah Elliott
Micah Elliott Prije 3 mjeseci
These goals did NOT age well.
Maria Dumitru
Maria Dumitru Prije 3 mjeseci
I am wondering how many of these are accomplished this year 🤔😊
skylorean Prije 3 mjeseci
Ubby dubby.... Micarah I’m a year late but I have to acknowledge that
Bella Hope Music
Bella Hope Music Prije 3 mjeseci
Who is hear in December 2020?
Stefall Prije 3 mjeseci
So how,s that going Micarah?
Alice Prije 3 mjeseci
Julia N
Julia N Prije 3 mjeseci
You better have done these things
S Martins
S Martins Prije 3 mjeseci
Aušrinė Svečiulytė
Aušrinė Svečiulytė Prije 3 mjeseci
Am I the only one waiting for her to review this year and her resolutions laughing at some of them like "talk to the elderly more" ya, like that's happening 😂
meows Prije 3 mjeseci
was just gonna comment this lol 😂
Aušrinė Svečiulytė
Aušrinė Svečiulytė Prije 3 mjeseci
Am I the only one waiting for her to review this year and her resolutions laughing at some of them like "talk more to old people" ya, like that's happening 😂
zy_maryz Prije 3 mjeseci
Here I am, in December watching 2020 new resolutions, not wanting to go on to 2021, thinking that it'll be worse. BUT AHA I guess new year resolutions don't need to be very hard, just stay alive, that'll be good enough. Btw, I think Micaiah did a pretty good job on ur resolutions from the videos I've watched this year :D
wig 5000
wig 5000 Prije 3 mjeseci
Well that didn’t end well
Zao Plays
Zao Plays Prije 3 mjeseci
me laughing at little naive micarah as she thought it would be a great year 😏
Delayna W
Delayna W Prije 3 mjeseci
2020 SUCKS
Ush_127 Prije 3 mjeseci
*doesnt relize that the wold is going to burn in a couple months*
Ana McFly
Ana McFly Prije 3 mjeseci
Well, I guess I made a good call deciding not to make any resolutions for 2020... Me, a visionary
Frank Roelandt
Frank Roelandt Prije 3 mjeseci
I watched this after watching La Trexas funeral and i cry
Lilia Doliny
Lilia Doliny Prije 3 mjeseci
I hope there will be one of these for 2021! also please more vintage and historical content. sending you love!
soonstarryskies Prije 3 mjeseci
Lmao the HRpost algorithm brought this back
Adriana Hernandez
Adriana Hernandez Prije 3 mjeseci
This didn’t age well
Madi Leigh
Madi Leigh Prije 3 mjeseci
Well I guess she’s can’t talk to the elderly so much now-
VictoriaScott The Classicist
VictoriaScott The Classicist Prije 3 mjeseci
The throwbacks to the wisdom teeth theft kill me!!!
Annika D.
Annika D. Prije 4 mjeseci
Try german! Would be so fun to hear!
Elyse B
Elyse B Prije 4 mjeseci
1:49 learn to meow, i don't speak chinese and I learned it (it is in chinese) it was easy
Julianna Flores
Julianna Flores Prije 4 mjeseci
End of 2020 and she’s walking away with twice the amount of subscribers she originally planned for. We love a queen who keeps her resolutions 🤩
Neven Cuca
Neven Cuca Prije 4 mjeseci
A Tewrist from Croatia here reminding you that in less than 3 weeks people will ask about that foreign language song. Right? So as I just met you yesterday and totally adore (idealize) you, I don’t want you to look silly without a song, I am helping you with one nursery song in Croatian language. You probably know it by the name “If you happy and you know it”, but it’s called “When you’re happy”. And here is the link to the original version. Flattery regards with admiration from Croatian Procrasti-nation. ❤️✨🌸
angelique gg
angelique gg Prije 4 mjeseci
Girlll.. Where did you get that dress? Can I get a tutorial?
sarah chavez
sarah chavez Prije 4 mjeseci
Well things did not turn out like you thought they were
Alexfolledemoi Prije 4 mjeseci
2019 Micarah: talk to elderly people more *Covid has entered the chat*
dumbyworm Prije 4 mjeseci
Micarah it is december you are crushing these goals
14-Divina Shukla-9D
14-Divina Shukla-9D Prije 4 mjeseci
In India it is allowed to take our wisdom teeth back home 😉😁😂
Csilla Pásztor
Csilla Pásztor Prije 4 mjeseci
I hope you are going to react to this video at the end of the year
Mason Gamez
Mason Gamez Prije 4 mjeseci
Micarah: I want to learn a FoReIgN SoNg Me: don't do it... Don't do it... FIESTA SALSA QUINC-
DinoNugget Yummy
DinoNugget Yummy Prije 19 dana
ahhhhh not Raini XD
Abigail Overly
Abigail Overly Prije 4 mjeseci
Oh my goodness, you're niece looks SO gosh darn cute in historical costumes!!
Life In The Doll House
Life In The Doll House Prije 4 mjeseci
You can stay at my house! but it's really far from where you live so you prob won't and especially cus of covid but if that wasn't a joke you def can stay here if you wanted. I've been trying to learn how to sew but my teacher recently got very sick and is unable to teach me so if you wanted to you could come here and help me but only if you wanted to I wish I could meet you
Irene BW
Irene BW Prije 4 mjeseci
My resolution is to watch all of your videos 10 times each although I think I may have already completed that
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