Making An Elsa Dress in a Day!

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Micarah Tewers

Prije godine

Prepare to be dazzled, shocked & confused as I recreate Elsa's dress from Frozen 2 in nine hours. But don't worry, the video won't take you that long to watch.
instagram: micarahtewers

SATYRESS Prije godine
“Either way you choose to do it kmaschee palmna samnayanoo are. You need to smarparday or they’ll suspend your license” EASY
Valince Bitex
Valince Bitex Prije 18 dana
THIS IS WHAT I GOT- Either way you choose to do it (mubbled) Seventh of January, you need to mark that date or they'll suspend your license for non payment.
Lightly Bound
Lightly Bound Prije 20 dana
I heard in addition to that I heard "smeventh of January".
Serena Francesca
Serena Francesca Prije mjesec
im cry
Fool With Too Many Names
Fool With Too Many Names Prije 2 mjeseci
"Either way you choose to do it they must receive it by the 7th of January if it is not yet payed They will suspend your license for non-payment." That is exactly what he said.
Gwen Georgie and trent
Gwen Georgie and trent Prije 2 mjeseci
That would be INSANE
Simon Bond
Simon Bond Prije 12 sati
13:00 "i went into the unknown...... well, i went to McDonalds" lol!
Trinity Jones
Trinity Jones Prije dan
She should totally sell clothing she makes it's really good sewing
designdoctor247 Prije dan
Disney neeeeeeeeds you to be a princess 👸!!!
Ashiquer rahman Khan
Ashiquer rahman Khan Prije 2 dana
nice dress i love elsa
InspiredToCreateAllIWant Prije 5 dana
your boyfirend must be the happyest man on world
Mary Mothersole
Mary Mothersole Prije 6 dana
I wonder if the mystery speeder was Micarah's boyf
Kiki Terhune
Kiki Terhune Prije 10 dana
the cop said "you need to pay the ticket by the end of January or they'll suspend your license.." pretty sure about the part after the end of January but hopefully all went well! Great video BTW!
Klarannabelle Prije 11 dana
I'm always amazed to see your chickens running everywhere. We have chickens and they would poop on everything, if allowed to wonder around the house. I imagine you're chickens are much more mannerly than mine! 🐔 💩
That_Random_Stranger Prije 14 dana
I just got your glamnetic lashes add on this video!!!!
Sah Vargas
Sah Vargas Prije 14 dana
Watched this for the nth time... I can't even with the bald spot. More power to you, Micarah!
Annie Walker
Annie Walker Prije 14 dana
For Mount Rushless: Worst Presidents 1. Richard Nixon 2. James Buchanan 3. Andrew Jackson 4. Donald Trump (But only after he's dead if we put him on a mountain now his ego would only grow.)
Janessa Peterson
Janessa Peterson Prije 15 dana
If you put on subtitles it will say
Ariel Chrystal
Ariel Chrystal Prije 15 dana
Did your chicken come back
Siri Prije 15 dana
Siri Prije 15 dana
You should try the white outfit that Elsa wears at the end of the movie. I feel like you would look really good in it 💖
Nav Aomi
Nav Aomi Prije 16 dana
10:33.....~~hit the belll icon~~......fck. It worked.
Paula Whittaker
Paula Whittaker Prije 18 dana
I only were jeans . NO leggans they give me a rash for a week
Miss Roblox
Miss Roblox Prije 18 dana
Kalle Cat
Kalle Cat Prije 21 dan
9:46 Honestly I think the key is waist lines jackets and belts with monochromatic outfits. ;)
Frostfire Prije 22 dana
Mount rushless would probably be very controversial and have at least one of the four from Rushmore due to trolls
FunnyFailures101 Prije 23 dana
Nobody: Absolutely no one: Me: Gets a Micarah Tewers Glamnetic commercial in the middle of watching her video
That equestrian Penelope
That equestrian Penelope Prije 23 dana
Yo, she literally SUPER GLUED that weave to her hair....Wow....All I can say is wow.
Lish Lopez
Lish Lopez Prije 24 dana
ur dream could mean Whether you are a religious person or not, dreams about churches might signify your need for some sort of spiritual counsel and support. This dream might also indicate searching a new religious path or questioning existing religious beliefs. or ur fealing hopplessnes or despair
Polly Tickle Powers
Polly Tickle Powers Prije 24 dana
Kenlee Wolf
Kenlee Wolf Prije 25 dana
Oh yeah the cop said "Dhdgdhssihshdhs kk jdhdbdbsjdjdhhdjsjdbxbbxkslwksvvxz island v jspzlsjhdhdkdkskdllsjsndndkxjdnsnkddndndjfjtxhskslx"
Helemaal Roos
Helemaal Roos Prije 25 dana
0:40 how do you do al those filtersss and stuff?? do you still edit with imovie?
Tania Colón Márquez
Tania Colón Márquez Prije 28 dana
Anybody wants to see Micarah make the Anastasia dress? No? Just me? Ok...
jamie Yoho
jamie Yoho Prije mjesec
Where is the merch! I NEED it!!!!
Christy Longenberger
Christy Longenberger Prije mjesec
Why do you have a CHIKING!
PrincessAdriGirl Prije mjesec
“If anyone ever creates Micarah merch, it will probably be my mom. Nope you like coasters” I would unironically love that. Houseguests would be so confused and I would *revel* in it
Kenady Morrison
Kenady Morrison Prije mjesec
omg u should make an anastasia dress u know the gold one! i blew my own mind
Eddie Mayo
Eddie Mayo Prije mjesec
Stores with there cheap Elsa costumes: 👁️ 👄 👁️
Derp City
Derp City Prije mjesec
Is there a way you could like give one of your dresses away? Like it's so BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT.
Jade Prije mjesec
6:23 she looks like black widow
Ava Noelle
Ava Noelle Prije mjesec
This is bizzare, but I already had holographic leggings lying around so I didn't have to make it. Don't ask.
Annabeth Chase
Annabeth Chase Prije mjesec
Annabeth Chase
Annabeth Chase Prije mjesec
The little girl I babysit sad she likes your monochromatic outfit
Im an Idi0t hun
Im an Idi0t hun Prije mjesec
If you haven't can you make Cinderellas dress?
dotscfs tutorials
dotscfs tutorials Prije mjesec
I’ve drunken ocean water. I’m scared.
Exotic Aleah
Exotic Aleah Prije mjesec
" i DoN't HaVe LeGgInGs" heh
Typhoon Tommy
Typhoon Tommy Prije mjesec
Lol! I'm literally here because your mom gave me a buisness Card! 🤣🤣 glad she did though.. you're hilarious
Mady luttringer
Mady luttringer Prije mjesec
Trump for mount less more
Raevyn Night Cosplay
Raevyn Night Cosplay Prije mjesec
The best home made version of Elsa's spirit dress I have seen yet. Well done
captain snickerss
captain snickerss Prije mjesec
6:45 < leaving a time stamp because im dying of laughter everytime i view this video and with the pinned comment
Emma Z
Emma Z Prije mjesec
Where did you get you chicken dipper, if you made it do you have the pattern I have five chickens and we need some dippers
Jocelyn Holmes
Jocelyn Holmes Prije mjesec
Hagdvsbs when’s Dsh the seventh of January shebehdhdgdbdvwfgahq hahsgvsb shjsjsn we will suspend your license for non payment.
celestabrate Prije mjesec
That cop tho!😂
•moon_land• Prije mjesec
Am I the only one who thinks she can sing, she can design such good dresses, she is pretty, she is smart!!!
alessioconnie Prije mjesec
I just love how she has chickens there so cute
Toasty Pop
Toasty Pop Prije mjesec
When it said the grand revel it went straight to an add and I was "like wow turned out awesome"
Madison Kelly
Madison Kelly Prije mjesec
Alternative Title: Anna lookalike makes an Elsa dress the normal way because she doesn’t have any powers to magically make it.
bash Prije mjesec
my dad is turning 60 on Tuesday
Josephine Prije mjesec
Please do some Marvel outfits
•Peach Yum•
•Peach Yum• Prije mjesec
the cop was talking in doctor's handwriting
リズLiz Prije mjesec
As someone that works in healthcare, I lol-ed. Spot on, mate.
•JuJu Bunny•
•JuJu Bunny• Prije mjesec
The cop said "here's your ticket it's due January 7th if you don't pay it, they'll suspend your license for non payment" I think I really know but he kinda sounds like my dad.
Justin Samuel
Justin Samuel Prije mjesec
i dont even have a sowing machine and i just watch for the weirdness and her voice its very satisfying
Jabberwocky A
Jabberwocky A Prije mjesec
I legit dont have leggings. Yes I am a girl
Mia White
Mia White Prije mjesec
The last part of the cop talking was " your lisenas will be suspended with out payment ". your welcome!!! :)
Bean Sock
Bean Sock Prije mjesec
zcop- "either way you choose to do it wtekjghnawkjgbeawgkberng 2nd of January. you need fnjawebfga or we'll suspend your license for non payment
Bree The Nerd
Bree The Nerd Prije mjesec
So are you gonna wear a week worth of Disney costumes in Florida still? Or not since you don't live in Florida anymore? Maybe you could wear a weeks worth of Disney costumes in Ohio, or the place you're living currently. Maybe you could make different princesses pajamas from wreck it Ralph 2 and wear those for a week since we're in quarantine, and pj's make sense. But it doesn't have to make since, you just have to have fun.
Chloe Sullivan
Chloe Sullivan Prije mjesec
micarah is the original gorilla glue girl
Lilian Fibiger
Lilian Fibiger Prije mjesec
*hit the bell icon* Realizes I haven't turned on your notifications yet, immediately doing so. I'd say your dad has found his talent. Also been binge watching your videos, & re-watching, cause damn. 10/10!
Eva Grace
Eva Grace Prije mjesec
He said you have until January 7th
Erin Harker
Erin Harker Prije mjesec
is any one the same as me waching this in 2021 thinking that she quoted frozen 2
Erin Harker
Erin Harker Prije mjesec
just realised I am an idiot
Allison Dugger
Allison Dugger Prije mjesec
He said something something for license not pament
Lucia Tat
Lucia Tat Prije mjesec
I don’t have any leggings and I am not lying. My closet only has dresses. I know, I know....
A O Prije mjesec
2020's E6000 hair girl meet 2021's Gorilla glue hair girl 🤣🤣
Lilla Anjel
Lilla Anjel Prije mjesec
I don't have leggings. TwT"
Bryson Coffey
Bryson Coffey Prije mjesec
So I’m rewatching this and seeing the clip of Micarah use super glue to glue her wig down hits different after seeing the woman use gorilla glue on her hair
Valarie Family
Valarie Family Prije mjesec
Me: *having elsa pajamas as a kid*
Selva Kids
Selva Kids Prije mjesec
if there's a fabric you wish to fix, always use a zigzag stich... >_
mugglesarecooltoo Prije mjesec
Please do Anna's new costume!
Gabriela Gaby Rodriguez
Gabriela Gaby Rodriguez Prije mjesec
Girl! Why do you waste fabric?! I will ignore it because you're hilarious and I get distracted by your talent.
*galaxy_star* Prije mjesec
U look so much like Audrey from decendents
Elodie Spoel
Elodie Spoel Prije mjesec
fun arts and crafts with Prisha
fun arts and crafts with Prisha Prije 2 mjeseci
I know she is making Elsa's dress but the fact that she said do the next right thing which is a song in the movie is ironic 3:17
Gabbar Narwaria
Gabbar Narwaria Prije 2 mjeseci
You should be the Elsa in Disneyland
Gabbar Narwaria
Gabbar Narwaria Prije 2 mjeseci
Your hair looks exact like Elsa and Disneys Elsa should also use this style.
Eleven Prije 2 mjeseci
hi micarah or anybody else I was just wondering how to do a end stitch becuase I can not figure it out
Dogs4life doglove
Dogs4life doglove Prije 2 mjeseci
Me: Does anyone notice theirs a man in the back round sitting on the couch Viewers: just looks at micarah
MJ SK Prije 2 mjeseci
OK so at the last few bits of what the cop was saying was if you don’t pay your ticket your license will be suspended
•claire• Prije 2 mjeseci
2:59 i just love how bzelda walked past ps did i spell bzelda right?
Lindsey Daugherty
Lindsey Daugherty Prije 2 mjeseci
You should make a JoJo costume
Fairy Lights
Fairy Lights Prije 2 mjeseci
6:09, I can't, I honestly just can't. I am literally laughing so hard right now. I had to pause the video for like five minutes because I couldn't here Micarah over my laughing.
Joy Davis
Joy Davis Prije 2 mjeseci
Okay, I answered this a while back being completely silly, but I think what he really said was: "Either way you choose to do it, they must receive it no later than the 7th of January. Any time after that date, they will suspend your license for nonpayment."
Madeline Moore
Madeline Moore Prije 2 mjeseci
for the mount less more thing it should be less liked presidents with trump, nixon, regan, and idk who the last one should be
Christine Best
Christine Best Prije 2 mjeseci
my names Elsa (this is my mums account) and i have chikens!
Tanvi Khare
Tanvi Khare Prije 2 mjeseci
Does America have mount rushless yet😂
bread girl
bread girl Prije 2 mjeseci
Micarah saying that I have leggins and that I am lieing me: are you sure about that?
iUnicornGames Prije 2 mjeseci
I think I figured it out, i know I’m a year late though. Either way you choose to pay you need to do it no later then the 7th of January. Idk if that helps lol😅
mjvanhul Prije 2 mjeseci
Reply: cheese for micarah merch
XxSpider _ QueenxX
XxSpider _ QueenxX Prije 2 mjeseci
Question where does she keep all these outfits-
LinseyFilms Prije 2 mjeseci
All I could understand from the audio of the cop was: “Your license will be suspended for non-payment.” I know that this happened a while ago, I know it won’t be much help but I just thought you might want to know-
Fool With Too Many Names
Fool With Too Many Names Prije 2 mjeseci
"Either way you choose to do it they must receive it by the 7th of January if it is not yet payed They will suspend your license for non-payment." That is exactly what he said.
lily li
lily li Prije 2 mjeseci
I drank from an ocean and I'm still not dead
BREANNA HASELOFF Prije 2 mjeseci
I can understand him 6:33 you know i do see supernova in the 7th of January it needs my birthday or license for non payment
Lara Ingvars
Lara Ingvars Prije 2 mjeseci
Why where a chicken Inside
Maeve Macgregor
Maeve Macgregor Prije 2 mjeseci
You should make several copys of your projects and sell them as merchvi would,d defo buy something
The Creating Corner
The Creating Corner Prije 2 mjeseci
Noooooo don’t put E6000 glue on your hair it will burn it off!!
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