Reacting To My Own Birth

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Micarah Tewers

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NOT GRAPHIC. Safe to watch at work. Safe to watch at home. Safe to watch on a first date. Not safe to watch while driving though. I'll call the Po Po on you if u watch while cruisin.
Please show me YOUR birth! I'd love to see it.
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Kailan Foster
Kailan Foster Prije 17 sati
I was born 3 months early at 2lb 2oz. I was so small that my dad’s ring fit on my wrist as a bracelet
Megan Hughes
Megan Hughes Prije dan
You have the same birthday as my friend just only 11 years before hers and my birthday is two days before hers. Crazy coincidence!
Zaida Lewis
Zaida Lewis Prije 2 dana
I never sneeze once
Sophie Diane
Sophie Diane Prije 2 dana
The ending was 🥲 sweet!
Carolina Gamer
Carolina Gamer Prije 5 dana
your dad is good at singing
RanqR Prije 5 dana
That nurse worked at bakery.
Raghad Rowaida
Raghad Rowaida Prije 5 dana
man! why are rubbing your perfect family in my face?! Don't you think I am jealous enough of your talent and beauty?!
chaya franklin
chaya franklin Prije 6 dana
It’s most chill birth of ever seen in my life
Angela Adams
Angela Adams Prije 6 dana
Hey Micarah can your dad adopt me so I can have a cool dad and an older sister who can sew pls
Lexter Genaviagodala
Lexter Genaviagodala Prije 7 dana
11:58 same jacks from years ago
Lexter Genaviagodala
Lexter Genaviagodala Prije 7 dana
So micah is not the youngest? Oh god
jovialjulia Q
jovialjulia Q Prije 7 dana
her mom is the baddest of baddies
Raquelpixie Prije 8 dana
Love this 😍😍😍😍
SavageSammy YT
SavageSammy YT Prije 8 dana
My birthday is May 22
Amelie Sader
Amelie Sader Prije 8 dana
you look so.
M Leo
M Leo Prije 9 dana
May your dad always be eating good food. I love him so much.
Finney Prije 9 dana
Your dads filming style is I C O N I C 💀 it feels like you guys hired a bunch of actors and re-enacted this but shot it in modern HRpost style, Papa Tewers was far ahead of his time 😂😂
R MH Prije 10 dana
0:25 -- Thank you, Margaret. Today's an important birthday, but not nearly as important as... And now, we go to formerly-live coverage of the birth... this has been Micarah Tewers, for HRpost-News, sponsored by your local thrift-stores. Have a safe evening." . Sorry, don't mind my little real-person fic fanfic, there, it's just that you were channeling an on-site local reporter so naturally and probably accidentally that this popped into my head and flowed down my arms, through my fingers and onto the internet. P. S. Thanks, as always, for the many laughs! And while I haven't yet watched your "bought a house" vid also rec'd to me -- sorry, spoilers, I am in fact from the future -- much congrats on that!
Lucy Dunlevy
Lucy Dunlevy Prije 11 dana
We have the same birthday yay
mintberry ఌ
mintberry ఌ Prije 12 dana
Your dad is such a good singer, woahh.
wow... im impressed and scared i would have died there at the spot cause imagine a whole damn child coming out of uhhh... well yknow ok hear me out the mom is just there casually giving birth like if its something super casually like going to walmart... props to your mom tbh
Penny Lade
Penny Lade Prije 13 dana
I cried on the song also he should not be scared of singing in public he has a great voice
lovethenavy1 Prije 14 dana
I think i still record things just like your dad. I agreed with all of the pointless shots hahaha
Siri Prije 14 dana
Micarah - I believe I was ExFoLiAtInG Me - I think Nurse Karen Bullyful exfoliated your face enough with that towel lol
Sadie The Best
Sadie The Best Prije 16 dana
“Pretty kyute”
Madam Phelan
Madam Phelan Prije 17 dana
I have that same thing! I sneeze at least 5 times every time I sneeze!
- -KittyQueen - -
- -KittyQueen - - Prije 17 dana
Maisoon Idris
Maisoon Idris Prije 18 dana
Yes you moved into a house :) (here from 2021)
Cyndy Tholen
Cyndy Tholen Prije 19 dana
ACTUALLY the nurse is supposed to be rough so you start breathing on your own
Dhrithi on Vocals
Dhrithi on Vocals Prije 19 dana
Aye your birthday is 3 days before mine ( if you don't count the ears
Jes Pearl
Jes Pearl Prije 19 dana
This felt like home with how 90’s everything was. Reminds me of how cool my outfits were, I had the best toddler homemade (all my clothes were homemade; wasn’t cool in the 90’s but everything would be sold for a billion dollars now) play suit was so great. I love this video. Wish that my stupid shitty parents had recorded my birth or any of my life really. Your mum and dad seem so cute. 🥰
Sara Ringer
Sara Ringer Prije 19 dana
That part where your baby brother is just crawling into that drawer almost falling out onto the floor reminds me of all our childhood videos from the late 80s and through the 90s of us almost killing ourselves while one of my parents just sits there and films it. We also have lots of shots of what is on TV, bad close ups, and so many other random things. Love it.
Maria Francisca Reines
Maria Francisca Reines Prije 19 dana
No we are not allowed to leave are houses yet
L Blincoe
L Blincoe Prije 20 dana
You seriously have the absolute BEST parents, I'm not kidding! Every time I see a video of yours with them in it, I'm reminded of how influential I am to my own kid's lives and shown how much more I can do to show my love for them. Your parents perfectly model the type of parent I want to be and consistently inspire me to do better. So please give your parents a big kiss and thank them for being super stars, they are such an inspiration just by being your parents. Thanks mama and papa Tewers for always arming me with perspective and motivation! ❤️
ninette Prije 20 dana
i am crying this is so cute
audrave Prije 20 dana
I only got 24 years with my dad. We share a birthday.
Maven Morningstar
Maven Morningstar Prije 20 dana
I'm totally getting major Peach Girl vibes from your look in this video! It's a manga/anime in case you're a normie. Lol! Love ya, Micarah!
Elka Aliyeva
Elka Aliyeva Prije 21 dan
Dad:theres that boy in the closet Some random person: *dont wory ladies hes straight* IM DYING
yikes Prije 21 dan
i could never sneeze just once but everyone called it annoying so i trained myself to sneeze silently so noone would notice
S RC Prije 22 dana
Lincoln Perez
Lincoln Perez Prije 22 dana
Love the “Abusive nurse” segment
(US/PR/Student) Cardenas Pinto. Paula Sofia
(US/PR/Student) Cardenas Pinto. Paula Sofia Prije 23 dana
0:15 since today this video makes it 1 year old, i guess it's the future. so, there's a global pandemic 👉👈
Makeup con Alo
Makeup con Alo Prije 23 dana
When your dad started singing I was just crying cause it for some reason it reminded me when I was little my dad used to sing to me to fall asleep
Isabel Pulley
Isabel Pulley Prije 23 dana
Micarah, your mother is literally one of the most hardcore people ever. She was just like "yeah, yeah I'm in labor, I've done this before people nothing to see-- HI CUTIE!!!"
Anasonyc Prije 24 dana
Micarah and her Dad, name a better duo! You can't!
maybe . its . madi
maybe . its . madi Prije 25 dana
SHEESH! If any person, no matter their job, handles my child that way, they’re getting hurt. 😁
Ella Mitchell
Ella Mitchell Prije 25 dana
a glamorous grandma is called a glama
phophilea Prije 25 dana
Came for Micarah, stayed for her dad
Logan Szymanski
Logan Szymanski Prije 26 dana
Micha really looks like your dad to me.
pineapple Prije 26 dana
Hi and no it's not normal yet
Carlotta Al Abdala
Carlotta Al Abdala Prije 27 dana
this was published may 19th problaby recorded before its been prob 6 months from may and no we can not leave our houses yet
David Jarrah
David Jarrah Prije 27 dana
The majestic psychology systemically raise because blowgun successively paddle failing a harsh asterisk. defiant, ossified treatment
Lisa Adams
Lisa Adams Prije 27 dana
Omg!!!! Exactly the same age my son, May 19, 1995!!!!!!!!
Me Prije 27 dana
"Alright, McCarriage."
Shreeya Chodankar
Shreeya Chodankar Prije 28 dana
yes i can go o sneezing for days !
Siti Fatimah Zaharah
Siti Fatimah Zaharah Prije 28 dana
The film that your dad shot was "Honey, I blew up the kid" whre it was birthday party scene huhu i lovedddd that movie 😂
Funky_frog Prije 28 dana
No were not lol
Dasha Pilat
Dasha Pilat Prije 28 dana
" *Abusive nurse* " Lowkey concerned...
KlaraCondon Prije 29 dana
sadly we still cant leave our houses. Lol
Maud Prije 29 dana
So shocked by the way new borns were treated at the time. If I ever give birth don’t you dare touch my baby so carelessly and brutally. The fact that this was normal and sometimes still is blows my mind
Cherry Pickling
Cherry Pickling Prije 29 dana
Y does the baby look like thanso 😭
Cookie Mocher
Cookie Mocher Prije 29 dana
Your dad is wholesome as fuck
Cookie Mocher
Cookie Mocher Prije 29 dana
That was less gross then I thought
jamie Yoho
jamie Yoho Prije 29 dana
You were blue!
Skye Mc.
Skye Mc. Prije mjesec
I teared up re watching this.
Jessa CA
Jessa CA Prije mjesec
Nope not allowed to go anywhere 😮
Jessa CA
Jessa CA Prije mjesec
Not yet😏
Yvie Prije mjesec
Hi I am from the future and no we are still in lockdown and the virus is worse- sorry
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger Prije mjesec
Nobody : Me: why is the baby purple ?
CrUSheDMeLoN :3
CrUSheDMeLoN :3 Prije mjesec
Your dads singing is amazing!! I was going to cry it so sweet!!!!!!!!
lily scroggins
lily scroggins Prije mjesec
I sobbed at your dads song, so happy you have such a wonderful and supportive family! There really is no substitute for it
kirbertsmicrophone Prije mjesec
Lily Farr
Lily Farr Prije mjesec
Omg your watching honey I blew up the kid oml its such a classic
Lily Farr
Lily Farr Prije mjesec
My sisters birthday is may 19th
J Bone
J Bone Prije mjesec
this was recommended to me 9months after it was uploaded 🤭🤭
Eva Stood
Eva Stood Prije mjesec
😮oh my god we have the same birthday 😵😵🤐🤐
JK Pony Productions
JK Pony Productions Prije mjesec
I love Food
I love Food Prije mjesec
Me watching this in 2021 Nope 😑
Cherriesxbloom Gacha
Cherriesxbloom Gacha Prije mjesec
Wow the movies make it seem so dramatic
Savy Saturn
Savy Saturn Prije mjesec
Katherine Ortiz
Katherine Ortiz Prije mjesec
eye- *casually chews gum while her baby is being delivered* ah yes, we do that here.
Myra Khurana
Myra Khurana Prije mjesec
Ashley Garcia
Ashley Garcia Prije mjesec
Chapter 3.
*Ahsoka _Tano* UWU :3
*Ahsoka _Tano* UWU :3 Prije mjesec
No we can’t leave our house yet sorry
Ac Gaming
Ac Gaming Prije mjesec
Pause the video at exactly 0:31... trust me you won’t regret it.
Artistlove Prije mjesec
Your family is soooooo wonderful!! All this time I’ve been watching you and feeling like we would be awesome friends...then I see this video and your month before I gave birth to my oldest son (I have 5 sons in Southern California) and realized oh my gosh! I could be your mom!....p.s. this was such an sweet and special video of you and your family! God bleeeeessssssss you all!!!
Artistlove Prije mjesec
P.p.s. Your mom is amazing!! When I gave birth to my oldest in 1995, my sisters told me the nurses were calling me “tarzana” out in the hallway while I was pushing my son out because of the sounds I was making (it hurt and I was working so hard)
Ashlesha Shukla
Ashlesha Shukla Prije mjesec
Ohh my God that abusive nurse
Sweater Heather
Sweater Heather Prije mjesec
This video is 9 months old
kimberly dilling
kimberly dilling Prije mjesec
Personally I think your dad is a great singer👍😃👏
K Prije mjesec
As a girl all the videos I see I get scared about birth but this video made me calm cuz your mom made it look so easy
Cassi Martin
Cassi Martin Prije mjesec
Cassi Martin
Cassi Martin Prije mjesec
u posted this on my birthday:) i’m not watching this on my birthday bc i’m a year late but may 19th lol
J V Prije mjesec
That's one of my favorite songs ever. My dad also sang me a song but I can't remember it. I love the random fillers in videos!
Sydney Hays
Sydney Hays Prije mjesec
Now, you should recreate your birth🤔 I don't know why I thought of this, it kinda sounds dirty.
stella luna
stella luna Prije mjesec
Please help me! Is that normal ? I mean what the nurse did looked so violent. Is that normal or does she just hates newborns ?
Claudia Pfeffer
Claudia Pfeffer Prije mjesec
I love the relationship that you have with your dad. I wish I had a relationship with him like that....Now I'm sobbing
Ortavia Williams
Ortavia Williams Prije mjesec
0.17 no:,)
Ortavia Williams
Ortavia Williams Prije mjesec
꧁Sarah꧂ Prije mjesec
me in an ultrasound is the last time anyone ever wanted to see me
Shiloh Warriner
Shiloh Warriner Prije mjesec
No we're still not allowed outside :(
Sophia Roder
Sophia Roder Prije mjesec
My sisters middle name is Nicole too.
Pemo Prije mjesec
your dad singing is the most christian american thing ive ever seen, and its perfect
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