Why The Costumes of Little Women did NOT deserve an Oscar

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Micarah Tewers

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My opinion of the costumes of Little Women. BEFORE YOU COMMENT, please re-read the title of the video. It doesn't say "Why The Costumes Of Little Women Were Bad"; No , they simply didn't measure up to the other Oscar nominees. They didn't do the movie itself any favors. Talented designer, but the execution was messy. It ended up taking a lot of people out of the story while watching. Myself included.
You'll hear me rant about the Live Action Beauty And The Beast too, and a couple other vaguely related topics. I know this is very different from what I usually do, and perhaps less entertaining, but I hope ya learn a thing or two!
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Vanda Vadná
Vanda Vadná Prije 8 mjeseci
Your editing is absolutely horrendous. I love it.
Mon Mothma
Mon Mothma Prije mjesec
I like it! I think it's good!
opal the ghost :3
opal the ghost :3 Prije mjesec
Avery Leake
Avery Leake Prije mjesec
this is unbelievably hilarious.
Noor Khan
Noor Khan Prije 2 mjeseci
it is amazing as it is
Petal Girl
Petal Girl Prije 2 mjeseci
Hello my adhd people! I love how see edits it’s fast interesting and doesn’t sound or look like this is all a scam for money she’s more humble and is more down to earth in a sense that even tho she’s like 20 times cooler then all of us she acts like us which I like :D
grandcarriage1 Prije 17 sati
Bring it!!!! Rant, baby, RANT! I live for your historical fashion-passion, and THE BONNETS! OHMIGOSH THE BONNETS!!!
Zack eHeT
Zack eHeT Prije 18 sati
Whole Video: *Micarah annihilating Little Women*
Sanju Rayan
Sanju Rayan Prije dan
Unrelated but this costume designer seems to follow Keira Knightly wherever she goes 😂
tinkerbell Prije 2 dana
We asked for a rant-
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger Prije 2 dana
They literally took Hermiones ball dress And used it for meg... Emma freaking watson didn't even say anything and she plays both. I can just see them making jokes abt it in the dressing room and like eyeing each other
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger Prije 2 dana
Emma Watson is the best actress in my opinion. And no one could have been better for belle. Emma Watson deserves so much more😭😭😭
Haidé TB
Haidé TB Prije 2 dana
She is my only favorite HRpostr that I need to slow down the playback speed haha
Fidan Guliyeva
Fidan Guliyeva Prije 3 dana
i return to this video from time to time to feel the pleasure of roast
Charlotte 1704
Charlotte 1704 Prije 3 dana
She should like send this video to Hollywood as an audition video for doing the costumes for a blockbuster
Julija Korosin
Julija Korosin Prije 3 dana
pride and prejudice series have more accurate clothes
immaheadout Prije 4 dana
the fashion was definitely better in the 1994 version, but the 2019 version still remains the best Little Women movie to me
Laurie Smith
Laurie Smith Prije 4 dana
"What is wrong with this picture? Firstly and quite obnoxiously, no one is wearing a bonnet... where is the real Meg? Oh, wait, I found her. She's still in 1994, wearing a bonnet.... why are we just *now* embracing hoop skirts? " Love it. I still maintain that the 1994 version is and always will be superior to the 2019, in every way, from character to costuming to script.
chaeyngs Prije 4 dana
*I watched a 3 minuted ad of Micarah ranting about glamnetic eyelashes, while doing a hand-remake of the titanic* *Best ad ever*
S Morris
S Morris Prije 6 dana
This was the worst remake ever
Vanessa Heine
Vanessa Heine Prije 6 dana
Please don’t ever apologise for this. This video introduced you to me and now I know that in reality you’re basically an incredibly creative wood sprite.
Natalie Lanfear
Natalie Lanfear Prije 7 dana
Micarah..... correct me if I'm wrong but I thought the Rococo Era took place in the 1750s, not the 1860s.
Sonya Blade
Sonya Blade Prije 11 dana
They remade little women again?!
Opal Kendall
Opal Kendall Prije 12 dana
I totally agree with Micarah on everything with one exception Have you seen Timothee Chalamet with a mustache? Trust me you don’t
BellaS Prije 12 dana
Atonement dress gave this woman the right to do shitty work for the rest of her life
setsuki tomori
setsuki tomori Prije 13 dana
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L.J. Smith
L.J. Smith Prije 15 dana
Michela 2009The screen 2012😝;-) That probably doesn't make any sense
prisca prisca
prisca prisca Prije 16 dana
I had no idea there were EVEN MORE reasons than I initially had for being disappointed with the way they made that movie!
Annie O'Connor
Annie O'Connor Prije 16 dana
Why did I watch this video Little Women is my favorite movie lol
S R Prije 17 dana
I always thought these costumes were a disaster. I can't stand how they just threw historical accuracy out the window.
AtsircEcarg Prije 17 dana
I cried when I left the theater because I have such a love for this book and the 1994 version. I felt so let down by this movie.
Seher C
Seher C Prije 17 dana
the amount of emma watson hate in this comment section is truly disturbing
Star Fire806
Star Fire806 Prije 17 dana
Her love of bonnets is my love of hoop skirts
Elizabeth Ollom
Elizabeth Ollom Prije 18 dana
15:08 is when bonnet construction starts
Nina Maguire
Nina Maguire Prije 18 dana
Not joking you should be a some sort of history detective Micarah. (If thats a thing)
Heya Horse Lovers! !
Heya Horse Lovers! ! Prije 18 dana
I Actually liked the movie Little Women and didn't mind the costumes, Until now! Micarah is so intelligent with fashion and this has really opened my eyes on different fashion era's and how innacurate the movie actually was!
Anushka Kaithwas
Anushka Kaithwas Prije 18 dana
4:44 Can she *LOOK* more like Rachel McAdams ??!
A bEAn Chakan
A bEAn Chakan Prije 18 dana
While I was watching it an add for glamnetic lashes came on and it was of her in her newer video talking about them. It was great even in the adds I saw her lol
Nicole Josephs
Nicole Josephs Prije 19 dana
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Alexis Shouli
Alexis Shouli Prije 19 dana
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ninette Prije 19 dana
when you mentioned one of them wore earrings to the beach i remembered kim kardashiain
Alexis Shouli
Alexis Shouli Prije 20 dana
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Sailing Barnaby
Sailing Barnaby Prije 20 dana
I've never seen the 1994 version of Little Women and was reluctant to watch the 2019 version, largely due to being introduced to Little Women through the 1949 adaptation with Elizabeth Taylor. And, yes, I know that version had its own inaccuracies - largely the fact that Liz Taylor as Amy doesn't appear to be the youngest sister in any way, apart from her behaviour. However, the costumes were a damn site more accurate than the 2019 version. Possibly because it was made in 1949, a period that was itself just coming out the other side of a war and had more of an idea of what fabrics would have been available. The costume designer for the 1949 version was also the same designer that did Gone With The Wind which arguably has some of the most iconic and stunning outfits in movie history. My other reason for not watching the 1994 version is because I can't bring myself to ever think of Winona Ryder as Jo.
Violeta Settle
Violeta Settle Prije 21 dan
This is very smart! Good for your gorgeous and intellectual!
hazeluzzell Prije 21 dan
On the subject of Civil War cotton, a lot of cotton weavers starved to death in Northern England because of the lack of cotton.
FROGGY Prije 21 dan
what holy crap I just got a micarah tewers ad on one of her videos...micarah you made it
Amelia Sánchez
Amelia Sánchez Prije 22 dana
This wasn't the costumers fault. Gretta Gerwig (the director) said, and I quote "I wanted to avoid cosets and hoop-skirts because I find they're unappealing garments." She said that in her 73 questions interview, right after calling Little Women "sacred text" and saying that she wanted the movie to be as real as possible and that she even filmed on location.
Sar Wat
Sar Wat Prije 22 dana
From the very first video of hers that I saw, I'm inclined to think her real talent is video editing. The sewing and funny is the trim. All this time she's had us fooled!
Bean Prije 24 dana
say what you will about the costumes in anne with an e, they had the good sense to show that a poor family's got one, maybe two outfits at most...
lbuggy 26
lbuggy 26 Prije 24 dana
“You’re here for little women” Guess I’m bout to pull a Hisoka
Hunter Hechtl
Hunter Hechtl Prije 26 dana
In terms of the whole "their voices sound exactly the same" I would like to point out that Florence Pugh, the actress who played Amy, had a very noticeable difference in her demeanor when she played Amy in 1863 and 1870.
Freyja The Healer
Freyja The Healer Prije 27 dana
So I know I’m a year late but last year my Grandmother was home alone around Easter because of a certain virus that shall remain nameless. It was time for our weekly extended family call where we would play games like Pictionary over zoom. It was my grandmother’s turn to pick the theme. She picked a bonnet making contest. My sister and I used this video as a tutorial of how to make a bonnet in a day and it brought a smile to our grandmothers’ face seeing how much care we put into the contest.
kawaii kween
kawaii kween Prije 27 dana
I love micarah but she just looks a bit too much like this girl who was a bitch to me in high school so my brain is conflicted Lol
nett3 Prije 28 dana
...and I'm here once again! :D
Eruj Atif
Eruj Atif Prije 29 dana
please do more videos like these PLEASE like maybe one on bridgerton or atonements costumes
Haley Rodeles
Haley Rodeles Prije 29 dana
Anna Karenina does take place in Russia... Idk if that changes anything though, I don't know anything about Russian fashion, but it did bother me that they're all English in thid movie.
jamie Yoho
jamie Yoho Prije 29 dana
I made a bonnet out of a cereal box too!!! I made a little bow peep costume out of an old shirt and bride costume. U r my hero!
lotte lino
lotte lino Prije 29 dana
imagine what she could do with a hollywood budget
Elizabeth Hawes
Elizabeth Hawes Prije mjesec
Take a shot every time she says 'creative liberty'.
JayBeh Kay
JayBeh Kay Prije mjesec
Truely the difference between the actual fashions would have made it SO MUCH easier to follow the bloody time jumps omg. Even with zero fashion history knowledge
JayBeh Kay
JayBeh Kay Prije mjesec
I know like nothing about historical accuracy but even I got pulled out of the movie by marmies (spelling?) roots omg
Lexi Neumann
Lexi Neumann Prije mjesec
please make what little women’s outfits should look like. series?
tracey murphy
tracey murphy Prije mjesec
Let me just say, that's the cutest bonnette I've ever seen. It should come back in style!
Mercedes Joyce
Mercedes Joyce Prije mjesec
Yes omg yes to the yellow dress!! I was so disappointed
Allie M
Allie M Prije mjesec
I’m surprised she didn’t mention the Ugg’s scene in the film 😅
Savaan Ballantine
Savaan Ballantine Prije mjesec
i always come back to watch this 😌😍
Sunny16 Prije mjesec
They got the Oscar for feminist propaganda and ideology 🤮
Avacado Prije mjesec
The stick of butter that is my heart is melting. . . Man she's just the absolute best!!!!
Fedora Anderson
Fedora Anderson Prije mjesec
I love how she just made a bonnet to prove her point
I'm Genesis
I'm Genesis Prije mjesec
Just make an Anne Boleyn french hood already.
Ruby Smith
Ruby Smith Prije mjesec
You don't know how many times I have watched this I've watched this video like 8 times probably more
Carla Jenkins
Carla Jenkins Prije mjesec
How important where they? There is a scene in Gone with the Wind--also depicting 1860's fashion--where Rhett goes to Paris and he comes back to Atlanta with a most fashionable green BONNET!!! It is too treasured for Scarlett not to accept although a lady should only accept candy and flowers from a gentleman. Frankly my dear, I do give a damn about the damn bonnet.
one direction supremacy
one direction supremacy Prije mjesec
Let's be real: Laurie had the best fashion in this film
Lucy Nivison
Lucy Nivison Prije mjesec
I love that Beth gets no recognition
Nanamka Prije mjesec
can we appreciate how smart Micarah is? And how smart she plays a dumb one? I mean, this mash up in itself is so fine art! The mix is done so exquisitely! Like a fine jewelry! *cheffs kiss*
sm water tayce like water
sm water tayce like water Prije mjesec
Omg hollywood needs to hire you as costume designer.
Val Elric
Val Elric Prije mjesec
I finished reading the book for the first time in my life right before the 2019 version came out and I was sooo excited because I just fell in love with the girls, however I ended up hating this movie. Not necessarily because of the costumes cuz I don't know Jack shit about fashion history even though I love learning about it. Regarding the last point made about Amy I want to add insult to injury by bringing up the fact that she's in France (Paris ?) à country that's always been known for being super fashionable and she's with her rich aunt so there's literally no excuse
Kailyn Peterson
Kailyn Peterson Prije mjesec
If you want more excuses to make bonnets, you could make a Bo Peep costume from Toy Story...
Katie Bales
Katie Bales Prije mjesec
You- "Gosh, I'm a turd in this video!" Me- "and I LOVE IT!" *cackles*
Sam Griffith Stopford
Sam Griffith Stopford Prije mjesec
Aunt Missy really looks like Meryl Streep.
M. S.
M. S. Prije mjesec
Has anyone reviewed the costumes and hair styles for Little Women 1994 more in depth?
Ella Hise
Ella Hise Prije mjesec
I found my twin!!! I love my chickens and making stuff
Ella Hise
Ella Hise Prije mjesec
And I live in ohio
Yos Yem
Yos Yem Prije mjesec
Plz plz plz I feel like you should watch What a Way to Go i think it’s the best costumes in a movie and Edith Head is a costume design beast !!!
A08-63 Prije mjesec
i keep thinking i have the video on increased speed but it's just her talking
Bridget Brennan
Bridget Brennan Prije mjesec
Okay their family was supposed to be poor but their house was pretty big and they had so many dresses! How does that work??
Liz Prije mjesec
Its clear to me the costume designer didn't read the books
[uhn-nohn] Prije mjesec
Bravo, I couldn't agree with you more, both of the things you mentions are two of my biggest pet peeves watching films. I wanted to add it's not just that it would have been the social norm of the day, it's also for one of the reasons a hat is worn in the first place, which is to keep the sun out of your face and to protect your skin--no one wanted to appear working class as if you worked out in the fields all day, so especially if you were poor you didn't want to advertise it. I grew up in the 60s and 70s and did everything I could to get the darkest tan possible, which was a challenge with my mostly anglo genes. I can remember being very happy with my tan finally and walking into my grandmothers house, the first thing she said to me in horror was, "You burnt your face" I wanted to say that was the intent, but she was a women who grew up where her family grew cotton, and she picked cotton as a little girl, and even as a teenager I got it and understood why she said it, "why would anyone want to tan their face?" I unfortunately grew up at a time where having a tan was very popular, and I also grew up at the beach where you either surfed, pretended to surf, or in my case just liked boys who surfed. I also strived to wreck my hair as much as possible with the help of a blow dryer to get just the right sun/saltwater damaged look, which basically just resembled bedhead, and probably why my mom would always say I looked like this badgirl character in a particular soap opera at the time, which I took as a compliment (even though it wasn't intended), because I knew I had actually achieved the look I was going for ;-D. So talking too much about myself...bringing up hair--you are absolutely right again. I recently mentioned that same thing to my sister while she was watching one of those Hallmark shows...all those women with their hairdown and no bonnet? I kind of gave them a pass thinking they might not have the same kind of budget or had more time constraints, but still that really should be no excuse? I once worked at a themed restaurant where we had to wear our hair up, so If I could throw my hair up everynight, so could they--plus I had to do it w/o being able to raise my arms up more than a few inches, because the only brocade corset small enough to fit me had been altered by someone who didn't know how to sew, and had made the armholes so small sewing up the inside seem. Since you sew you probably know exactly what I'm talking about. Anyway if I could put my hair up and you can make a bonnet out of a cereal box in s short edited time, so could they? [-D And how easy! Bonnets would solve all these problems, toss a couple of bonnets on them (maybe not the men), and you don't have to worry about their hair while further conveying the style and history of the film. And even though my comment has become a book by now, i just want to add...watch any movie or tv show in the 50s--no one went out without a hat and gloves. Even as a smile child/toddler in the 60s I remember wearing hats and little white gloves if I went to a more formal event like a wedding, or just as part of your holiday outfit. Think Jackie Kennedy and hats in the early 60s? How do these people think they can get away with this? ;-D
Eleftheria K.
Eleftheria K. Prije mjesec
love this
Ebenezer SAm
Ebenezer SAm Prije mjesec
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Kelsey Judd
Kelsey Judd Prije mjesec
The belle dress was so depressing. I didn’t even care to see the remake and still was so excited to see the dress. Then it turned out to be more the dress that doesn’t get chosen on say yes to the dress.
Maggie Thrift
Maggie Thrift Prije mjesec
I feel bad for that old woman. She lived my worst nightmare
M. Hall
M. Hall Prije mjesec
I am sorry but I like 🤣 the poop skirt flub. It's too delightful 😹. Thank you 😊 I needed the laugh.
M. Hall
M. Hall Prije mjesec
Michaela The Bass Clarinetist
Michaela The Bass Clarinetist Prije mjesec
Yes! I’m not a fan of Emma Watson’s American accent.
Jazzie Prije mjesec
I love how fast u talk XD
Jupiter Snoot
Jupiter Snoot Prije mjesec
I don't understand how the costume designer can do such good, accurate costumes in one movie and then go on to completely fudge another.
Mitali Gautam life
Mitali Gautam life Prije mjesec
Damm you are so right
Ian Levinson
Ian Levinson Prije mjesec
Great video, would you consider doing a breakdown of the costume design nominees when the Oscar nominations come out next month?
Sophia Jones
Sophia Jones Prije mjesec
Am I the only one who after she mentioned Belle's dress just sat there going over the fact that Belle has Stockholm syndrome for the entirety of the video? Just me? Alright
Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom Prije mjesec
Megs dress going to vanity faie doesn't even look like its supposed to be on the shoulder tf
celine Ahm
celine Ahm Prije mjesec
Your so smart and amazing 😻 i love youu
Eva M ???
Eva M ??? Prije mjesec
Her research and points are so well thought out like woa h
Naomi Burgess
Naomi Burgess Prije mjesec
literally the only thing I found to disagree with you on was that they wouldn’t have such bright colors because they had recently discovered how to dye things with bright colors and so they were dying everything pretty atrociously bright colors. So I think that was actually a really cool historically accurate thing the costumer did.
KLARA the LEMON Prije mjesec
ITS BAD THAT I KINDA LIKED THE RANT VIDEO MORE THAN THE SEWING VIDEOS also can u do a rant video on tuck everlasting because idk about historical fashion and I want to know more and its just a good movie that would be great for a rant
Christie Prije mjesec
Jojo Rabbit deserved that Oscar. Nuff said.
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