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Micarah Tewers

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Actual clipping starts at 3:15
instagram: micarahtewers
TikTok: micaraht

Alora Bartlett
Alora Bartlett Prije dan
I’m trying this and my mom is letting me so I hope it turns out ok
Lloer Gwilym
Lloer Gwilym Prije 2 dana
Micara you are egsactly like me you like sewing you like cutting you're own hair and you like a series of unfortunate events
by Nwaina
by Nwaina Prije 6 dana
know you maybe a 5.5-6/10
Moto punk
Moto punk Prije 8 dana
David Jarrah
David Jarrah Prije 12 dana
The immense copy advisably avoid because library acutely arrange save a unknown breakfast. jaded, untidy eyelash
rssvzn Prije 13 dana
She looks like a vintage barbie with short hair and flipped ends
Angel Joy
Angel Joy Prije 13 dana
every hairstylist is fucking cringing rn
Ayleen Reyes
Ayleen Reyes Prije 15 dana
Who else has the personality of micarah and wishes they could show it in front of people
random things
random things Prije 18 dana
Me who cut the shorter part of my bangs with toenail clippers because i was feeling brave: 👁👄👁
Gemma Price
Gemma Price Prije 18 dana
I cut my fringe (bangs) today. Couldn’t find my hair trimming scissors, remembers this video and used my cuticle trimmers. Turned out great thanks for the inspiration in a hair crisis.👍
upendernath ml
upendernath ml Prije 18 dana
softiegray •
softiegray • Prije 18 dana
Micarah sounds like a depressed disney princess who got divorced
Adina Bunea
Adina Bunea Prije 19 dana
this is Brad Mondo's worst nightmare lol
EDITS Prije 11 dana
Oh, the hairdresser who himself rocks awful hairstyles? He is no one to judge others hair.
Sofia Victoria
Sofia Victoria Prije 19 dana
She has the talent to look like a different person every day
L.J. Smith
L.J. Smith Prije 19 dana
I want you To edit a video Blindfolded😝😈
Minerva Minus
Minerva Minus Prije 19 dana
I know u the amount gar trusts you ❤
Minerva Minus
Minerva Minus Prije 19 dana
and before the chicken is triggered about not being included, she's been there for such a long time that I can't judge her trusting curve. It's not you chicken, it's me
Jayleigh Prije 20 dana
Who is this girl... and why is she living the life I want to live
David Jarrah
David Jarrah Prije 20 dana
The clear composition supposedly exist because wrinkle phenomenologically tick unto a wanting bongo. demonic, squeamish bobcat
marissa32 Prije 21 dan
This is some Jenna Marbles chaotic energy right here.
Addison Johns
Addison Johns Prije 22 dana
Ya know it's weird I have the same exact necklace that my mom gave me, no I didn't lose it in Ohio I'm wearing it but yeah just thought id mention it
27% Ravenclaw
27% Ravenclaw Prije 23 dana
Elissa M. Corsmeier
Elissa M. Corsmeier Prije 27 dana
Too much talking
Sarah Walling
Sarah Walling Prije 27 dana
Ur ird is distracting but thats ok my bird is all ways climing around
The wonderful world Of Jada
The wonderful world Of Jada Prije 27 dana
Why do I feel like micarah could be a actual model
Me Prije 28 dana
A couple years ago I gave myself an astonishingly beautiful long bob cut with toenail/cuticle scissors and it remains the best haircut I ever had, including from salons.
Navayah Googoo
Navayah Googoo Prije 29 dana
8 / 10
jamie Yoho
jamie Yoho Prije mjesec
Why hasnt brad mondo done a reaction!!!???
bessy Prije mjesec
micarah i will have you know that nobody else on this planet could have convinced me to get a tiny parrot but it is now the #1 thing on my wishlist
Kristel Gicana
Kristel Gicana Prije mjesec
Whattt wait wait micarah is a surgeon!!!!?
weebish candy33
weebish candy33 Prije mjesec
Randomly I had the thought that u would be an amazing older sister or mom figure 😐😐😐🙂♥️
Monsta Cookiee
Monsta Cookiee Prije mjesec
When I saw this I thought “Where there’s a will there’s a way.”
victorsthename _
victorsthename _ Prije mjesec
This is Micarah's world we all just happen to live in it
KinkajouTheRainWing Prije mjesec
Where did you get your chicken backpack? please answer!!!!!!
Robert Dilley
Robert Dilley Prije mjesec
Try a buzzer with manscaping, it's amaaazing 32/m/oh
Bitsy Carr
Bitsy Carr Prije mjesec
LucyGoosie Prije mjesec
who else wants to clip there hair now.
Julss Prije mjesec
This video was released on the day of my birthday
Ceauxdi A
Ceauxdi A Prije mjesec
I need to know more about the uncle/psycho cosmetologist story.
LaShawna Blanton
LaShawna Blanton Prije mjesec
I think your long hair is pretty. However I love the new do. How dare that old man say you have stringy hair! I have super long hair and have had someone say the same thing to me. I want to cut my hair but I'm scared bcuz I've pretty much always had long hair. I just gotta do it. Don't think I'll be using toenail clippers tho lol
amouriel Prije mjesec
it doesnt actually look that bad if you take away all of the mistakes
Sadie Milady
Sadie Milady Prije mjesec
cat meme
cat meme Prije mjesec
uhm. I actually cut my hair with toenail Clippers before I saw this 😃
Chloe Corby
Chloe Corby Prije mjesec
with long hair you kind of look like sokie from the Norris nuts
Lilly Cooley
Lilly Cooley Prije mjesec
i dont own scissors anyway why else do we have teeth
Sussi 10
Sussi 10 Prije mjesec
Your a brave hooman.
Rachel stride
Rachel stride Prije mjesec
Okay, yes, I may do this, who needs a salon
Sophia Chiarotto
Sophia Chiarotto Prije mjesec
3:35 She needs this haircut!!!
Kelsie Bell
Kelsie Bell Prije mjesec
I mean she pulled both ways off but I love the end result
Kenna Fiscus
Kenna Fiscus Prije mjesec
Is it bad that right after I watched this I told my mom to cut my hair short. FYI (My mom is a hairdresser)
albus b
albus b Prije mjesec
mackenna Bard
mackenna Bard Prije mjesec
When I first clicked on this video I thought she was going to cut her hair with her toenail
Mila Roberts
Mila Roberts Prije mjesec
Omg. I heard that joke on a dad joke website the other day XD
Karl Juerschik
Karl Juerschik Prije mjesec
Why is everyone right handed!
WisteriaDemon Prije mjesec
Grandpa JJ is the most grandpa of all time
JJ Markley
JJ Markley Prije mjesec
Beth Hicks
Beth Hicks Prije mjesec
The angry capricorn isely deceive because wire previously mate including a sore kitten. shrill, possible broker
Youmna El Idrissi
Youmna El Idrissi Prije mjesec
I just realized that, since nail cutting scissors might split your nails below intended bc of the stress they put on the nail, if you do this, you'll probably get split ends too.
bethany jordan
bethany jordan Prije mjesec
how well i know you uuuum..... 4
GM Prije mjesec
I love the background music u use
shelby blankenship
shelby blankenship Prije mjesec
i am a 5 at knowing you
Moon Plays
Moon Plays Prije mjesec
yooohooooo brad mondo
Zumba Patty J dance
Zumba Patty J dance Prije mjesec
I just found you & find your humor hilarious. My husband and I had a pet bird once and it pooped everywhere, even in a cage.(it would come out the sides.) Does your bird not poop everywhere when it’s roaming?
Gentle Whispering ASMR
Gentle Whispering ASMR Prije mjesec
You now MUST make ASMR video. Once you EVER mention ASMR... YOU MUST MAKE ONE! I'm now whisper screaming at all btw :) edit: I'm not*
Amy Shoemaker
Amy Shoemaker Prije mjesec
I think you should make one.
Cindy99765 Prije mjesec
*It’s Blossom*
*It’s Blossom* Prije mjesec
Yeah she should make one
Bean Sock
Bean Sock Prije mjesec
Couch dress!!
Maeve Macgregor
Maeve Macgregor Prije mjesec
I feel like with long hair she was making herself look bad with it bc she looks good whatever style
Julianna McCracken
Julianna McCracken Prije mjesec
myettechase Prije mjesec
Actually it takes 80 tickles to make an octopus laugh. Because they have eight tentacles.
Pablo joel Aban
Pablo joel Aban Prije mjesec
Honestly not bad
Janay R
Janay R Prije mjesec
El Fixo
El Fixo Prije mjesec
Fun fact, one of the arms of an octopus is also it's genetalia. So if you ever greet an octopus by shaking it's tentacle make sure it's... well.
Krysten Abigayle
Krysten Abigayle Prije mjesec
where did that velvety purple dress come from i must know
Krysten Abigayle
Krysten Abigayle Prije mjesec
micarah i have been watching you since the cinderella video and i would rate how well i know you a 3/10. i feel like i got a general understanding but every video you reveal more stories or facts or lore and everytime it's something i don't really expect or would never have thought of.
meme man
meme man Prije mjesec
I am proud to be a Micarican
Longtemps Family
Longtemps Family Prije mjesec
9 I think I know you 9% out of 10😃😄🙂
sunlit raven
sunlit raven Prije 2 mjeseci
you're wearing a couch
marelissa casas
marelissa casas Prije 2 mjeseci
did anyone notice how the hair part kept switching sides between frames. i absolutely know she did this on purpose to cause chaos lol
Sneaker Love
Sneaker Love Prije 2 mjeseci
What is wonderfully wrong with this woman?
EDITS Prije 12 dana
She seems smarter than the average person.
Savannah BeanZ24
Savannah BeanZ24 Prije 2 mjeseci
Micarah at a casual dinner date gets complicated on necklace and says awe thanks it’s my favorite I found it in trash😂😂😂😂
Jenna McKey
Jenna McKey Prije 2 mjeseci
“The sooner you cut it the sooner it will go back” - Micarah Tewers
Jenna Todd
Jenna Todd Prije 2 mjeseci
@Brad Mondo
Denali P
Denali P Prije 2 mjeseci
ok who else wet their hair and stuck it up their nose when she did that?
Elise Ferrier
Elise Ferrier Prije 2 mjeseci
I did
Awesome Lane
Awesome Lane Prije 2 mjeseci
As a germophobe, I am heartily impressed by her unflappable lack of fear over any germs. And sooo jealous. 🤣 Pretty sure she's a unicorn anyway, maybe unicorns can't get sick.
Lucina Prije 2 mjeseci
How much do I know you on a scale of one to ten? 🤔 Ten...... .....tickles
Monika Klimkowska
Monika Klimkowska Prije 2 mjeseci
My honest opinion is that the title convinced me that something is gonna go wrong BUT the ending was VERY impressive, like it looks SO GOOD!
musical theater nerd
musical theater nerd Prije 2 mjeseci
this is micarahas world and we’re just living in it
G Dag
G Dag Prije 2 mjeseci
And now i have some toenails in my hair... WHO CARES!!!
stefane kawaii
stefane kawaii Prije 2 mjeseci
Mean while me cutting my nails with sisccers
Katherine Kosh
Katherine Kosh Prije 2 mjeseci
She looked soo much like Brigitte Macron with the blue dress
Brave Heart RV
Brave Heart RV Prije 2 mjeseci
I cut my own hair. Not sure if the video is on my page or not but I brush all my hair Upside down and twist it til I get to the end and snip. This gives it a layered look.
EbonyRain123 Prije 2 mjeseci
Mom:Who do you want to be when you grow up? Me: Micarah. MoM:why? Me: i wanna own a rat and chickens and a bird and live in an RV and own a scooter and have an infinite collection of wigs and cut my bangs with nail clippers. Mom: Thats nice sweetie.
infinitypasta Prije 2 mjeseci
i chopped off like half my hair with a scissors and then used a tiny set for i do not know what but they were tiny scissors and so i used them on the very bottom of it and then it worked and i look hot as fuck now
Jenny A
Jenny A Prije 2 mjeseci
Did Brad Mondo react to that already?
Static Jones
Static Jones Prije 2 mjeseci
Instructions confusing. Eyebrows caught in egg beater.
Annabel Rose
Annabel Rose Prije 2 mjeseci
does anyone know what type of moped she has? it is so adorable and i need one now lol video time stamp 2:47
Diamond Pearl
Diamond Pearl Prije 2 mjeseci
Wait! Is that @Rachelmaksy 's radio??
A person _From Slytherin
A person _From Slytherin Prije 2 mjeseci
So you see: People who look like barbies, could put mud on themselves and dress in rags but still look hot AF.They could be models right then and there.
Valerie Garcia
Valerie Garcia Prije 2 mjeseci
I just cut my hair
Crazy Taco
Crazy Taco Prije 2 mjeseci
rainbowcorns Prije 2 mjeseci
o my god your so helaries i love you
Sewan & Sawen Creations
Sewan & Sawen Creations Prije 2 mjeseci
You're not suppose to cut any of your hair off. Every fibre of your being is transceiving cosmic information which your mind then processes. And don't eat anything that displays emotions either...
Blossom Prije 2 mjeseci
Dressing Only As Margot Robbie for a week!
Micarah Tewers
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