Solo Female MOVING TO FLORIDA IN AN RV (With help from henchmen)

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Micarah Tewers

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Once there was a little girl who was obsessed with RVs, "movie making" and fancy dresses.
Now she lives in an RV, and makes videos about sewing fancy dresses for a living.
SUBSCRIBBLE TO BROTHER MICAH FOR THE REST OF THE STORY ........ P.S. Micah, care to explain the last couple words in that link?
Most of the music is by Josh Smith!

ThatWeirdBean Edits
ThatWeirdBean Edits Prije 42 minuta
Now saf too has made a moving blog.
Olive rose
Olive rose Prije 4 dana
Are Micah and jj a couple?
JJ Markley
JJ Markley Prije 3 dana
Why do people keep thinking this?
Jamie Online
Jamie Online Prije 6 dana
"Children laughing" on repeat was terrifying
Niamh Cawley
Niamh Cawley Prije 7 dana
Awh now Micarah is engaged, betrothed or affianced ☺️💕
Avery Bishop
Avery Bishop Prije 10 dana
Y’all were in Georgia noooOo I live in Georgia :( and didn’t see yall
•xEmm_ay• Prije 11 dana
14:40 I have that EXACT Barbie RV. Literally (it can fold out, there’s a pool on the side. On the opposite side, the kitchen comes out. At the top, you open the clear pink thing and there’s a bed)
celestabrate Prije 12 dana
Micah is the beat thing ever
Annie. へ。
Annie. へ。 Prije 14 dana
Is that where you brought your Manikin? 9:00
Lisa van Achthoven
Lisa van Achthoven Prije 14 dana
You and Mariah rose faith have the same energy and it scares me but I love it
Ordell Stokes
Ordell Stokes Prije 14 dana
Emmymplays Prije 14 dana
Ala Tacak
Ala Tacak Prije 16 dana
1:12 a little spooky there
Kompor Putar
Kompor Putar Prije 16 dana
I rewatch most of your video every year and uh, 11:31, they say “Do something fun”
dan smith
dan smith Prije 17 dana
I came for the RV . I subscribed for the entertainment. Y’all are a hoot!
Randomness Dictionary
Randomness Dictionary Prije 18 dana
Alexis Shouli
Alexis Shouli Prije 19 dana
The agreeable wine structurally wave because design notablely disapprove via a finicky refund. condemned, actually liver
Kookasaurous Prije 20 dana
So I think this is your BEST video yet (watching in chronological order, so who knows, the best may be yet to come)!
Liana H
Liana H Prije 20 dana
Got a micarah ad on a micarah video
Elizabeth Sanchez
Elizabeth Sanchez Prije 20 dana
Congratulations to Micarah for being engaged, betrothed, and affianced!!!
Kadance Jordan
Kadance Jordan Prije 20 dana
an now Micarah is engaged, betrothed, and efeanced .
Adriana Garcia
Adriana Garcia Prije 21 dan
I live in Florida and I am about to move to Ohio, what a coincidence!
Alec Roberts
Alec Roberts Prije 21 dan
if you burn your eyelash curler you are damaging the eyelash bc if you burn the eyelash curler you will have to bye a new on once a week
Gaby A. Faris
Gaby A. Faris Prije 21 dan
I've been scowering old videos to find clues that Micarah and JJ were dating and if the whole 14:53 clip isn't proof idk what is
Gaby A. Faris
Gaby A. Faris Prije 20 dana
@JJ Markley So considerate! In any case, you're probably to old for her anway, seeing as you are a grandpa
JJ Markley
JJ Markley Prije 20 dana
It is only proof that Micarah is listens when I tell her I don't want something on the internet.
Aideen Delahunt
Aideen Delahunt Prije 22 dana
5:14 and JJ's gonna marry.... Micarah??
JJ Markley
JJ Markley Prije 20 dana
sofia gardiner
sofia gardiner Prije 22 dana
My dad actually did steal an emu from a zoo in Denmark back in the 70s.
sofia gardiner
sofia gardiner Prije 20 dana
@Hinkle Family that's fun. My dad crashed a tractor into a tree one time. Not cos of coyotes. I don't THINK they have them in Stockport. He just didn't know how to turn it around. Anyway that's how he got expelled.
Hinkle Family
Hinkle Family Prije 20 dana
@sofia gardiner him being in the navy makes this even better! My dad never stole and emu, but he did drive a tractor into a river trying to escape some coyotes
sofia gardiner
sofia gardiner Prije 20 dana
@Hinkle Family he was in the navy, they were drunk, they thought it was a baby ostrich, don't tell me YOUR dad never did likewise.
Hinkle Family
Hinkle Family Prije 20 dana
@sofia gardiner oh gosh, on the ship!?
sofia gardiner
sofia gardiner Prije 20 dana
@Hinkle Family the mess it left on the ship wasn't by all accounts 😬
Burbujas 444
Burbujas 444 Prije 22 dana
So we're not gonna talk about how someone's ex stole their hairdryer
may ski
may ski Prije 24 dana
tell me why i thought you were supposed to me morticia addams
Cherry Pickling
Cherry Pickling Prije 28 dana
I want an rv
Alma Søgaard Ølbye
Alma Søgaard Ølbye Prije mjesec
So your telling me that in 1 year she got 1mil subs?! That’s amazing your amazing
Amarnur Prije mjesec
The person at 11:31 just tells you to "Please do something fun." lol
Hiya Pareek
Hiya Pareek Prije mjesec
1:13 GUYSS..... Whats that on the left
Ash Prije mjesec
You sounded so much like Safiya that I paused the vid for a sec to check if I was watching the video I actually clicked on lol 😭
ava diesch
ava diesch Prije mjesec
so I’m currently in Florida running from life (vacationing) and I seriously considering moving here once I move out but realized everything is as expensive as butt here so then I considered RV living and remembered my favorite youtuber also lives in an RV and then I was like well do they have RV parks in Florida? and then I watched this and remembered you live in Florida, so now you have motivated me, once I turn the ripe age of 18, to venture out into the unknown and live in an RV park in Florida as a single woman and hope not to get robbed. thank you.
Mad Lunar Productions
Mad Lunar Productions Prije mjesec
"And JJ's gonna marry *garbled noises*" I love the comedic timing in these videos
De vaile 05
De vaile 05 Prije mjesec
If only I could tell you that in 2 years you would be buying a house
Elyse Prije mjesec
Micarah's whole family just has so much chaotic energy
Julia K
Julia K Prije mjesec
So, the first suggestion is just says "Please Do Something Fun" so...... yeah
Official Zuko Enoshima
Official Zuko Enoshima Prije mjesec
Тая Юдаева
Тая Юдаева Prije mjesec
Was tenesseee written in font taylor swift used in her albums?
Chloe's cupcake land
Chloe's cupcake land Prije mjesec
Are used to live in Florida but then I found out they were snakes and alligators and crocodiles so that’s why I moved to North Carolina
AnnAlyse Chidester
AnnAlyse Chidester Prije mjesec
I just... it’s getting to a point. I really want Micarah and grandpa JJ to fall in love k
AnnAlyse Chidester
AnnAlyse Chidester Prije mjesec
@JJ Markley lol 💔😥
JJ Markley
JJ Markley Prije mjesec
Tj Arts
Tj Arts Prije mjesec
Hello I just recently started watching your videos and I am also from Ohio but you are a great HRpost .keep up the great work!!!
CamCamCrafter Prije mjesec
I came here only for the goat footage!
gacha Games
gacha Games Prije mjesec
My aunt is called jenny
Sana Rashid
Sana Rashid Prije mjesec
i love how her dad is always on a hoverboard ahbuwcbcdmcnwkdmla;LKQPWAS;LBC
Eleftheria K.
Eleftheria K. Prije mjesec
That was mayor kurtis' yellow shirt in the thrift shop
Layla Burton
Layla Burton Prije mjesec
Watch 10:57
Micah "gives me life"
Savannah kanso
Savannah kanso Prije mjesec
11:33 you should have done it
Nani Kore
Nani Kore Prije mjesec
I hope Safiya saw this-
K T Prije mjesec
I just got an ad for "stylish nail clipper for extra large toe nails." I suppose these videos have an interesting demographic...
Lili's Life
Lili's Life Prije mjesec
7:30 Can i trust u? U used a lighter on ur lash curler... Lol I live ur vids btw no hate!
Jessa Perry
Jessa Perry Prije mjesec
"I'm a walking blunder" I feel that 🙃
Timothy Waters
Timothy Waters Prije mjesec
Lol animal sounds
Ella Humphrey
Ella Humphrey Prije mjesec
•you can answer when I die•
maddie louise
maddie louise Prije mjesec
I’ve watched this video so many times! I love you and your channel so much, and you are the perfect example of chaotic good! You are such a kind, energetic, overall good person, and you are such an inspiration. Love you so much! Keep doing what you are doing ❤️
Allison Castillo
Allison Castillo Prije mjesec
Idk why people miss this pretty important info in the video BUT So she calls a donkey a democrat goat. Is she saying democrats are dunkeys? Dum dums? And therefore, even when she avoids it, saying she's a republican? And if she is a republican, did she voted trump?
Emily • Art
Emily • Art Prije mjesec
Grandpa JJ’s flannel pyjamas gives me life...
JJ Markley
JJ Markley Prije mjesec
Naomi Prije mjesec
are we just not going to talk about how theres a slice of her face chillin on her couch at 1:12 ??
A tiny, soft Bean
A tiny, soft Bean Prije mjesec
...oh...OH MY GOD. xDD
Pied Piper
Pied Piper Prije mjesec
Next time you come to Orlando I could introduce you to a Disney executive. They will hire you in an Orlando minute. While you'd make a perfect Cinderella, I'm pretty damn sure they would make a whole new Disney character around you, Princess Micarah, and you can play yourself. How great of a job would that be?!!!
Reagan Alice
Reagan Alice Prije mjesec
to answer your questions about how long the stop lights are in Orlando, they last forever. It gets quite annoying.
Rosie April H
Rosie April H Prije mjesec
coconut oil. that is the answer to ur hair ((((:
Hana Melanie Wylie
Hana Melanie Wylie Prije mjesec
I am re-watching your videos, because you know, it's great entertainment. I paused the video and when I looked back I saw one of your questions and it popped out at me, and now I need to know. Did Grandpa JJ go to costume college?? If so, what was your favorite costume he made, and can you please have a costume cook off type video. Please don't actually eat a costume, I just want to see you and your friends make more costumes.
Рози Роза
Рози Роза Prije 2 mjeseci
Your name is pronounced “Mick-CARE-uh”?? I have been calling you “mick-keer-ruh” :(
Рози Роза
Рози Роза Prije 2 mjeseci
I love these compilations of insanity
Sieg’s Adventures
Sieg’s Adventures Prije 2 mjeseci
My poor dad is a cigarette/cigar stocker and has to regularly visit the gas station with the farm ...
El Fixo
El Fixo Prije 2 mjeseci
You guys play UNO aggressively? Guess we play it the wrong way.
Small Fry
Small Fry Prije 2 mjeseci
Gives me life
Caitlin Lemon
Caitlin Lemon Prije 2 mjeseci
I want Grampa JJs lava cake recipe!
Caroline Zina
Caroline Zina Prije 2 mjeseci
I LOVE the family crest!!!
That Sushicat
That Sushicat Prije 2 mjeseci
Mileva Dodik
Mileva Dodik Prije 2 mjeseci
Do you svitc genders with makeup no offense
bread girl
bread girl Prije 2 mjeseci
OmG sAfYa Is ThAt YoU!1!1!1!1 (yes ik it's not safya)
sweetea’ Prije 2 mjeseci
omg safyia
Millie Kate
Millie Kate Prije 2 mjeseci
“GIVEs mE liFE”
Suzy Vandewalle
Suzy Vandewalle Prije 2 mjeseci
Just realized I'm re-watching this video on its 1 year anniversary lol
Stella Vanilla
Stella Vanilla Prije 2 mjeseci
Why have I watched all of her videos like a billion times lol
Souvenir Prije 2 mjeseci
Petition for Micarah to voice Mickey Mouse soon
Rain Prije 2 mjeseci
Purple Prije 2 mjeseci
Anyone gonna mention micarahs half-face ghost of micarah that appears during the intro right after showing off the rv
Samantha Prije 2 mjeseci
My mom lives in Savannah and took me to Leopold's. She preceeded to tell me I need to go to SCAD even though I'm going to college for psychology😂 (Savannah College of Art and Design)
Mark N.
Mark N. Prije 2 mjeseci
Her brother though. Where’s his channel??
LEVI'S FUTURE *W I F E Y* Prije 2 mjeseci
I thought i was watching a Safiya Nygaard video for a second there.
Avery Quarando
Avery Quarando Prije 2 mjeseci
Lulu New
Lulu New Prije 2 mjeseci
Why did I think of this
Dk.Nails16 Prije 2 mjeseci
I got an RV ad just now 👁👄👁 after how many years of watching her videos over and over again, The universe has never aligned more perfectly for me, an RV add wow
Anna Fagella
Anna Fagella Prije 2 mjeseci
for some reason I can actually see Micah with Jannelle
jisoo's extra dalgom
jisoo's extra dalgom Prije 2 mjeseci
Oh god the tumbnail-
Bibhabaree Sahu
Bibhabaree Sahu Prije 2 mjeseci
That toy RV is the *best*
Lindy McKay
Lindy McKay Prije 2 mjeseci
WHAT IS HAPPENING AT 1:13 ??? There are so many ghosts on your Chanel!
Emmanuel Goldstein
Emmanuel Goldstein Prije 2 mjeseci
Orlando, aawwww yeah. I'm a little north of you.
Heidy MR
Heidy MR Prije 2 mjeseci
This videos are sooo messy that makes me happy
Dana A-N
Dana A-N Prije 2 mjeseci
I love goats
keef :-D
keef :-D Prije 2 mjeseci
nobody: absolutely nobody: not even satan: me watching this video: *ITS JJ STYLE*
Smallmclips Prije 2 mjeseci
You did not name the state right but it is okay no of us are perfect
Leah Chen
Leah Chen Prije 2 mjeseci
whats up with the bottom left corner at 1:13?
Ellyan_ Lovee
Ellyan_ Lovee Prije 2 mjeseci
1:13 did no one see that?!?
Regan Egbers
Regan Egbers Prije 2 mjeseci
I relate
Regan Egbers
Regan Egbers Prije 2 mjeseci
Give me life!
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