Recreating Jared Leto's Met Gala Look

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Micarah Tewers

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Need a great fathers day gift idea? Give your dad your own head!
This Met-gala inspired DIY will show you exactly how!
Yeah, I know I'm super late on the met-gala train. My only excuse is that the world pretty much turns upside down every other day lately.
Sometimes it's hard to put energy into something so frivolous in serious times.
But I know for some, frivolity is necessary for mental health.
So feel free to relax, laugh a little, and then go make a replica of your own head so you have someone to talk to who you can fully trust and then maybe give it to ur dad or mom or significant other!
instagram: micarahtewers
TikTok: micaraht

pam hebner
pam hebner Prije dan
cyd w
cyd w Prije dan
1:aoc 2:someone who I forgot there name 3:Taylor swift
Ariana Walker
Ariana Walker Prije 2 dana
I love watching her vids but I'm never going to do that
jensolesky Prije 5 dana
Sorry for the thumping my velocirooster is eating love that
g Prije 6 dana
Isn't her fiancé the guy at 12:38 ????
Vee E
Vee E Prije 7 dana
She’s so talented!!!🥺😭❤️❤️❤️
Neves Cameron
Neves Cameron Prije 8 dana
hi have you ever tried an Iris Van Herpen
E.E Asmr
E.E Asmr Prije 10 dana
People must know this genius
Tink hix
Tink hix Prije 10 dana
Hahha she makes me laugh so much. Omg! She’s a talented little chic .
Victoria Prije 13 dana
My Pictionary guess is the top face is Diana Ross and the bottom one is Dolly Parton, but I don’t know who the middle one is 😂
b varga
b varga Prije 13 dana
5:06 I hate you. Had my headphones on. Volume on max..... -_-
Salwa Morcos
Salwa Morcos Prije 16 dana
The parallel butter proportionately unlock because acrylic genotypically queue down a fast philosophy. upbeat, second self
Sarah Chapman
Sarah Chapman Prije 17 dana
Can we just talk about how creative, funny, and beautiful Micarah is?!?
Viola Axels
Viola Axels Prije 17 dana
Where can I watch the draining of the elbow???????????????
Visco OIKAWA Prije 17 dana
You should do the Wanda vision outfit
Alicia Dark
Alicia Dark Prije 19 dana
AOC, Elizabeth Warren, Miley Cyrus or Taylor Swift?
LAMARPLAYZ Prije 20 dana
me:does she bleed her fingers with te pins but o do i alwas o
AGM Prije 20 dana
Re: Pictionary Well the first one is OBVIOUSLY AOC. The rest...? Not...not so sure.
Addison Johns
Addison Johns Prije 21 dan
I told my grandma about you bc she likes sewing and wants me to also get into it- and she told me "We're going to have to get a lot of things to follow this tutorial Addison; I mean a cat, a fun-sized snickers bar! Oh my"
Jessica Pavese
Jessica Pavese Prije 22 dana
the 3rd pirson is rosa parks
_Secret Afton_
_Secret Afton_ Prije 23 dana
8:58 my mind right as I saw that: T h e P r o m i s e d N e v e r l a n d
Sunny Prije 23 dana
4:36 after removing your face
Mary E.
Mary E. Prije 23 dana
I need to know what the music is at the end of this video that Micarah uses so much. I adore it.
Steve Harrington
Steve Harrington Prije 25 dana
Omg as a joana ceddia fan I will gladly tell her
Naomi Burgess
Naomi Burgess Prije 28 dana
as I was watching this video I had my phone in one hand and a cup of water in the other and I threw my phone on the bed and looked down at my water cup expecting to see the video but instead got a load of my face
Sara Beatriz
Sara Beatriz Prije 27 dana
At least you didn't throw the cup of water on the bed lol
Candy Knight
Candy Knight Prije 28 dana
to scared to throw the sewing machine to clear a space? Just use special effects! XD
Megan Koch
Megan Koch Prije 29 dana
I would like to see a video with you draining his elbow oil 🧐🧐🤪
123turtle LovesAG
123turtle LovesAG Prije 25 dana
She did make it check out her Chanel and if you look to 8 mounths ago and you’ll see it
jamie Yoho
jamie Yoho Prije mjesec
I was initially freaked out the head looked just like you. Then the following birth of the head assuaged my shattered psyche. Ur r my hero. I live in ohio! Will u Marry me? Im a lady lol
Noelle Bibyk
Noelle Bibyk Prije mjesec
This is the second time I watched this video. I knew your Dad's elbow wasn't actually full of baby spiders. And yet. Second time around. I felt three seconds of sheer terror. AgAIN.
Omar Alejandro
Omar Alejandro Prije mjesec
1st face Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, 2nd face Elizabeth Warren, 3rd face Paris Hilton.
Kylie DT
Kylie DT Prije mjesec
Can you pls do a drawing tutorial? Your sketches are so pretty!
Alsia Roblox
Alsia Roblox Prije mjesec
Is the third picture Hannah Montana? I didn’t think so but then you made a joke about her later so it’s worth a try
Sarah Hunter
Sarah Hunter Prije mjesec
This may be weird but I have always been self conscious about my "athletic" body shape, long arms, long legs, wide and broad shoulders and slimmer hips. I felt like it made me look too manly and I felt like less of a lady. But I see that you have the same body shape (inverted triangle) as me, and I am learning to embrace it because you always look lovely with all kinds of different types of clothing on. I actually find that I like my shape after seeing that a lady can be a lady while looking tough :)
I Never Asked For This
I Never Asked For This Prije mjesec
Oh, cuz Dwayne Johnson can lift reality heavy stuff.
Erica Elizabeth
Erica Elizabeth Prije mjesec
Does she look like a white doja cat to anyone else?
LaShawna Blanton
LaShawna Blanton Prije mjesec
I enjoy watching your videos more than any Netflix series I've ever seen, and I've watched a lot.
Olivia Landes
Olivia Landes Prije mjesec
How much did u get in your nails 🤣🤣🤣
11:56 pretty little liars vibes anyone???
Carli Olsen
Carli Olsen Prije mjesec
she really said: off with my head
albus b
albus b Prije mjesec
Maeve Macgregor
Maeve Macgregor Prije mjesec
I kinda wish that she did more tutorials on stuff you wear every day instead of stuff you might wear once
arai 。
arai 。 Prije mjesec
does anyone actually know the same of the song she used for the grand reveal? it’s oddly comforting.
meow320 Prije mjesec
I must say your dress looks way better
Beth Hicks
Beth Hicks Prije mjesec
The tangy dahlia informally brush because semicircle lovely curve off a cheap halibut. overrated, witty epoxy
Joanne Greaves
Joanne Greaves Prije mjesec
I think one of the drawings were Rosa parks
Waverly Cabella
Waverly Cabella Prije mjesec
I dont even sew. I just love the living hell out of this woman.
Anna Dickey
Anna Dickey Prije mjesec
I normally skip 10 seconds at a time when watching these types of videos (due to boredom). make these vids fun to watch!!!
Lori Storey
Lori Storey Prije mjesec
You are twisted and sick... My kindred spirit
Dxrpy Rxses
Dxrpy Rxses Prije mjesec
5:10 WHYYYYYY Edit: I mean 5:7 lol
Lesley Arango!
Lesley Arango! Prije mjesec
So your dad literally has elbow grease. He wins toughest dad award.
Marianne Forney
Marianne Forney Prije mjesec
When she said clay I legit thought she meant model
poca k
poca k Prije mjesec
She has so much life. I love her personality
piggy_kermit_flower Prije mjesec
U WATCH JOANA CEIDIA I LOVE HERRR AND U ALSO sry idk how to spell anything 0-0
Georgia K.
Georgia K. Prije mjesec
wait was that end shot filmed by her dad on the hoverboard?
Elisabeth Ketcher
Elisabeth Ketcher Prije mjesec
Why is no one taking about the Pictionary drawings, THEY WERE SO GOOD
papi juho
papi juho Prije mjesec
I'm this 👌🏼close to start sewing using your tutorial 💀
Safiya Abdelaziz
Safiya Abdelaziz Prije mjesec
For the Pictionary I think they might be AOC, Elizabeth Warren and Tiffany Trump.
Rachel Ingram
Rachel Ingram Prije mjesec
Micarah really pulled a gibby if you know you know
Doll'n slink
Doll'n slink Prije mjesec
I bet the camera man at the end was her dad on his hoverboard
Audrey Prije mjesec
Am I the only one who thinks it’s amazing that she did this all by herself? 🤩
Jordyn Chasowy
Jordyn Chasowy Prije mjesec
Idk? Idk? Barbie?
Mia Sweebe
Mia Sweebe Prije mjesec
11:05 Are you still going to name your daughter this?
Isabella Song
Isabella Song Prije 2 mjeseci
unsubscribing because you did thhat plate thing
Delighted Dino!
Delighted Dino! Prije 2 mjeseci
What is the song at the end, I MUST KNOW THE SONG AT THE END. AHHHHHH
Mosey Onover
Mosey Onover Prije 2 mjeseci
What wig store is that?
ish - any pronouns idk
ish - any pronouns idk Prije 2 mjeseci
Hi so TIP: don't put the straws in your nose. Not safe.
ish - any pronouns idk
ish - any pronouns idk Prije 2 mjeseci
We stan AOC
Tomáš Dóbi
Tomáš Dóbi Prije 2 mjeseci
This dress looks like Lady Tremaine meets fasion and I am in love with it❤️❤️
sweetea’ Prije 2 mjeseci
wait what is that random frame of the fake micharah head looking down
3ndlessNightSky Prije 2 mjeseci
Baby chicken 👀
Moriah Bermudez
Moriah Bermudez Prije 2 mjeseci
This girl( Micarah) is a modal
Jessica Prije 2 mjeseci
I used to used sharpie as top liner when I ran out of eyeliner in high school! It was rare when it happened, but I worked! I do not think anyone should do that! Buttt ya, it works, just never get in your eye 👁
Heidi Cusic
Heidi Cusic Prije 2 mjeseci
Joana ceddia wouldn't make her head, she would make an avocado OUTFIT
Elijah Wyn
Elijah Wyn Prije 2 mjeseci
2:31 that scared me!!
Emily • Art
Emily • Art Prije 2 mjeseci
Is your head wearing glamnetic lashes?!
Sieun YON
Sieun YON Prije 2 mjeseci
*YES.. Joana Ceddia SHOULD make her own head*
and u would do it too for a check
and u would do it too for a check Prije 2 mjeseci
4:00 girl did a whole musically
just a kiddo on youtube
just a kiddo on youtube Prije 2 mjeseci
is the third person on the drawing taylor swift?
Hephzibah And Azaliah Murray
Hephzibah And Azaliah Murray Prije 2 mjeseci
I wanna see the draining of the elbow juice
Emma Perez
Emma Perez Prije 2 mjeseci
am i the only one who laughs at michara's jokes
Emmagail Doeg
Emmagail Doeg Prije 2 mjeseci
Are you Nora drone henry danger
Confetti !
Confetti ! Prije 2 mjeseci
I think the threed sketch is talor swift 🤔
Betsie Motshabi
Betsie Motshabi Prije 2 mjeseci
that sound though worst part is that i had headphones on full blast so im so happy
Roiri Gately
Roiri Gately Prije 2 mjeseci
he looks like Zac Effron when his hair is short only me?...
Tanushri Hariharasudhan
Tanushri Hariharasudhan Prije 2 mjeseci
"Ahead of myself-A head of myself" 😂I was laughing like crazy at that pun.
Emmanuel Goldstein
Emmanuel Goldstein Prije 2 mjeseci
Mir Egal
Mir Egal Prije 2 mjeseci
I really do NOT want to see her doing whatever that was she did with her father's elbow! Though, I'm glad that his elbow is better and I love her dresses.
Bree Prije 2 mjeseci
nobody: Micarah:*yeets a $100 sewing machine across the room* btw i know she edited it
Heather Franks
Heather Franks Prije 2 mjeseci
Your dress is ugly
A person _From Slytherin
A person _From Slytherin Prije 2 mjeseci
Izzyinc. H-M
Izzyinc. H-M Prije 2 mjeseci
You’re soooooooo pretty 🤩
Ella Jane Sinclair Moffat
Ella Jane Sinclair Moffat Prije 2 mjeseci
For a moment I actually forgot who medusa was lol
Kassi Hanson
Kassi Hanson Prije 2 mjeseci
You are beyond talented. I wish I could make clothes, it looks like you can make anything and any style. Plus your funny, I binge watch all your videos🙌🙌💙
Simmy 31
Simmy 31 Prije 2 mjeseci
You are too tooo creative,talented and sweeeet😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️
Sydnie Speer
Sydnie Speer Prije 2 mjeseci
:O you put the carved face on Felipe!! Shout out to Flamingo!
MARIA B Prije 2 mjeseci
kaila webb
kaila webb Prije 2 mjeseci
Don't know if anyone else has realized this, but she's literally a modern day Mantua-Maker. *no measuring tapes *no patterns *so many dresses *gets shapes pretty much exclusively through draping *measures against the body directly (on the floor, lying down) Anyone else who knows how to sew realizes the crazy amount of talent she has.
Matty Pace
Matty Pace Prije 2 mjeseci
the jenna marbles vibes though
Xxgacha MoonXx
Xxgacha MoonXx Prije 3 mjeseci
Imagine someone made this before face reveal
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