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Not quite as satisfying as it should have been.

Ian Philbrick
Ian Philbrick Prije dan
Bigger needle worked a charm!!
LilPuppers 123
LilPuppers 123 Prije dan
I watched this when I was eating It made wanna throw up... I loved it while also questioning why I was still watching this...
Radioactive Bullet
Radioactive Bullet Prije 2 dana
It looked cool
Renee P
Renee P Prije 2 dana
Idk what's funnier - "elbow grease" or "Idris Elbow"
Quetzali Burmeister
Quetzali Burmeister Prije 2 dana
My older sister told me to click this video. I will no longer listen to a word she says. I like this channel, but not the gore. Also, you should make a Demi Lovato dress, inspired by her new album... The Art Of Starting Over.
Mystical Moon
Mystical Moon Prije 3 dana
Why am i watching this at 5 am even though i know i will feel jittery? only god knows
Cassandra Jenkins
Cassandra Jenkins Prije 3 dana
I clicked on this, thinking I was home get nothing out of.. But you and your niece are a hoot.. she had me with the criminal recorded I died. You had way too much fun. But it was great fun
Dietrich Thomas
Dietrich Thomas Prije 4 dana
Yeah surgery is so expensive. I broke pieces of cartilage out of my shoulder, consistently dislocated it. Built up wcar tissue it got harder and harder to put back in. But I kept doing it. Twelve dislocations later. I did get surgery. A very expensive surgery. I was fine for two and a half glorious years. (after the physical therapy and the year of getting a full range of motion back) till one day I dislocated my knee, and when I fell dislocated the same shoulder once more. For the first time in years. Popped my knee back in. Popped my shoulder back in. Finished my work shift. Had to wear a knee brace cause it was just going in and out for a while. Then while I was sleeping I rolled over and my shoulder just popped out. Oh my god it hurt. I put it back in mysekf. I think I ruined my surgery. I had a good run. But I can't afford another one. Guess I'll just be putting it back in mysekf for the test of my life. God. I'm on the 14th dislocation. My shoulder. Sucks. Maybe someone can do an at home surgery on me. The pro surgery did sooooo goooood not
Mandy King
Mandy King Prije 4 dana
Lol was that one of those needles you inject seasonings in a Turkey with? Swear I have one identical. I'll never look at injecting my Turkey with melted butter the same again lmao!
ElleRose44 Prije 4 dana
I clicked on it because I love how close you and your dad are. I also put a post-it over the middle of my phone screen so I wouldn't actually see the icky stuff. BTW, once upon a time I drained a fairly large and stinky cyst. I had a strong stomach back then.
Allison Hunter
Allison Hunter Prije 5 dana
Its synovial fluid!
Nono Prije 5 dana
This is the most interesting but most disgusting experience I’ve had EVER
ImNOTliight -0-
ImNOTliight -0- Prije 6 dana
I got an ad with the person I'm watching
davidcanelo Prije 8 dana
My wife did not let me do it. So I did an appointment with specialist. 🙁
Lauren Conrad
Lauren Conrad Prije 10 dana
This is a delightful family moment and also an incredibly painful demonstration of healthcare costs in America.
Blazinne Prije 11 dana
2:12 uhmmmm I’m scared you looked EXACTLY like this is not a joke EXACTLY like me when I was a baby-
Camille Xx
Camille Xx Prije 11 dana
Katrina *
Katrina * Prije 12 dana
Wear gloves ffs
KingNurseOR Prije 13 dana
You guys are hilarious!
Katrina Keith
Katrina Keith Prije 13 dana
Okay I’ve never been to your channel but I’m from “that side of HRpost” and I loved this video and you and your family’s attitude
melody Hart
melody Hart Prije 13 dana
Don't all family's do this ,lol !
melody Hart
melody Hart Prije 13 dana
I,just did one on husband's back,we used colidal silver to treat the infection,knocked it out !
Kyla Capone
Kyla Capone Prije 14 dana
I literally got an ad of you on your video
Mae Glock
Mae Glock Prije 14 dana
I hate blood and anything to do with stuff like this but I have watched most of her other videos and I got desperate
iibrxkenhexrtixe Prije 15 dana
Talk about the ad you saw for this video I’ll go first, Magnetic Lashes
Kanishka Prije 15 dana
not sure how i feel bout what i just watched... but i couldn't stop
princevesperal Prije 16 dana
In the outro, did you deliberately match your lipstick to the drained fluid? Or did you use said fluid to make your own cosmetic?
Ade GN
Ade GN Prije 16 dana
you are crasy! I love it (the fact that you are crasy, not... the yucky tking...)
Sharon Poitra
Sharon Poitra Prije 16 dana
Isn't it a ganglion cyst? Just swat repeatedly with heavy hardback book. Needles, for sissies.
Lyric Alexannedra
Lyric Alexannedra Prije 17 dana
ew I’m sorry
Jocelyn Hamilton
Jocelyn Hamilton Prije 17 dana
Ultimately it was the best and entertaining video bye far Feel Better Soon
Jonathan Pete
Jonathan Pete Prije 18 dana
The look you made at the end of the video price less 🤠🤣
M. Gonz
M. Gonz Prije 19 dana
“Elbow grease” lol
Abhra Udvashini
Abhra Udvashini Prije 19 dana
People will buy bath water so, why not sell this?
Abbie Prije 19 dana
This is the second time I've watched it because I find this stuff satisfying 😂
strawberry frog
strawberry frog Prije 20 dana
Me watching this having a phobia of needles 👁👄👁
strawberry frog
strawberry frog Prije 20 dana
Yup I’m clicking off
Jade Prije 21 dan
I hope they didn’t use those containers for the elbow grease anymore
Tracy McPherson
Tracy McPherson Prije 21 dan
Georgia M
Georgia M Prije 21 dan
I love the dad joke "real elbow greace"
Shelley Prije 22 dana
Idris Elbow? I'm dead.
S RC Prije 22 dana
I avoided this video for so long.
Ethel deNeveu
Ethel deNeveu Prije 22 dana
🙂under fake nail, bacteria..should have learned from grandpa..cute DANGEROUS family...go to demertoligist.
dedideification Prije 23 dana
Why no gloves?
Noah Wilson
Noah Wilson Prije 25 dana
Because it looks interesting
Skeeter McSwagger
Skeeter McSwagger Prije 26 dana
Don't lie, you tried it!!!!
pudding Prije 26 dana
ew ew ew ew, i misread and i thought it was 'drawing my dads elbow'
Cookie Monsta
Cookie Monsta Prije 27 dana
Sarah L.
Sarah L. Prije 27 dana
Hilarious 🤣
Aline Leal
Aline Leal Prije 28 dana
As a Brazilian, I'm just glad we have Universal Healthcare System. It's not perfect by any means, but we don't need to avoid going to an actual doctor. Since you asked, HRpost suggested your house tour video, I was watching the other videos on your channel as well and ended up here. 👍
alandra d.
alandra d. Prije 28 dana
forbidden orange juice...
Draxie Marie Coleman
Draxie Marie Coleman Prije 29 dana
You need to go to school and do it for a living. But it might come back!😘
Cookie Mocher
Cookie Mocher Prije 29 dana
I watched this because I wanted to see that your father was ok, as gross as it was
Roger Mallett
Roger Mallett Prije mjesec
I went on HRpost looking for something serious for my elbow and now I can’t stop laughing lol
Bekah Baris
Bekah Baris Prije mjesec
I winced the entire video but I don’t regret it because now I know
Bekah Baris
Bekah Baris Prije mjesec
Because I’ve been seeing it in my feed for weeks and I finally had to know
Dre Prije mjesec
Elbow grease :)
Lucinda Humphries
Lucinda Humphries Prije mjesec
I love this family.
Elizabeth Edwards
Elizabeth Edwards Prije mjesec
Wish they were wearing medical gloves
hi there
hi there Prije mjesec
Melody Steele
Melody Steele Prije mjesec
Why are you all touching this with bare hands? This was probably MRSA!
Giorne Manson
Giorne Manson Prije mjesec
“Did you go to jail what’s your criminal record...” 😂😂😂 that’s a ganglion cyst or bursitis.
Shalissa Divler
Shalissa Divler Prije mjesec
All I gotta say.. I watch pimple popping for fun
pre o
pre o Prije mjesec
Is it weird that I only cringed when I realized ya'll weren't wearing gloves?
Hannah Laps
Hannah Laps Prije mjesec
I dont know why but I looooovvvvvvvvveeeeeee this video good job Micarah tewers
Gabriel Merchant
Gabriel Merchant Prije mjesec
I wanna be adopted into a family like yours
D Mnz
D Mnz Prije mjesec
Lmao this was great
Virginia W
Virginia W Prije mjesec
Riley Doolittle
Riley Doolittle Prije mjesec
I literally just randomly thought of this video so I’m back for the 3 time to rewatch it lol
i clicked this video because im bored so i just look what seems entertaining and it is but thats cool like im 13 so im in th process of understanding thing like this but how can you get that?
Novice Price
Novice Price Prije mjesec
I loved when you showed you with your grandpa. So cute.
— hazan
— hazan Prije mjesec
I’m forever scarred
Kendall Jones
Kendall Jones Prije mjesec
The only reason I clicked on this video because I kept seeing it in my recommended and I decided I would watch it
tim Martin l
tim Martin l Prije mjesec
I'm sure America is a great country but I myself Australian Citizen Renault was glad I was born in Australia in my eyes I wouldn't trade it for anything Else in the world because here in Australia we 3 get free healthcare and I think it's time the American people also I should get free health care how well it's not perfect and I hope to God one day do you get free healthcare
Nahi Nunez
Nahi Nunez Prije mjesec
You forgot gloves? Ewwww
carol Prije mjesec
They should've used surgical gloves for sanitary reasons and put the puss on a container that they would've thrown later, and not one that they'll wash and use again. Also use a cotton pad with alcohol in it on the area everytime they pulled out the needle.
ssj panda
ssj panda Prije mjesec
How did I get here
Gregory Benvie
Gregory Benvie Prije mjesec
I watch Dr pimple popper so I am fine!!🤣🤣
lilac Prije mjesec
I hate it is am disgusted But I wanna watch
ReW {Playlists for the WorlD}
ReW {Playlists for the WorlD} Prije mjesec
Wow I'm stuck between wanting to cry from being uncomfortable or crying because this is so out there
BettyAnn Smith
BettyAnn Smith Prije mjesec
Gloves would be nice....
SeagullGames Prije mjesec
Honestly, this was kinda nice to see as someone from another family that does "casual" surgery on eachother as a bonding thing. We don't do cysts though, just because we thankfully don't get them that much, and because they're a pain to remove since if you don't get the "sac" they come back and we don't have the supplies (general anesthetic) for something that extensive. Satisfying as the video was I agree with your dad, hopefully those don't come back since they do hurt like a big zit under the skin with no head, but worse.
Joel Mishah Laudencia
Joel Mishah Laudencia Prije mjesec
How did it smell???
LaShawna Blanton
LaShawna Blanton Prije mjesec
Does your dad have arthritis ? Because I have had the same thing with my knee.
Katrin Baumgarten
Katrin Baumgarten Prije mjesec
*Sees this on my tl* "Ugh i can't believe they're promoting that to me i'm not watching that again it's disgusting" *Doubles back to it* "Ugh she kept it in a jar" *Clicks the video* "Ugh gross micarah why would you post this" *Clicks replay once it's over* "Ugh that's disgusting honestly ew"
Mervin Harley Baniqued
Mervin Harley Baniqued Prije mjesec
thats a shot of ur dads juce
Lily Rivera
Lily Rivera Prije mjesec
Can we get doctor Sandra lee in here asap😂
Idk What to make my channel name
Idk What to make my channel name Prije mjesec
Me having watched this before but now I was about to throw up 🤢
KLARA the LEMON Prije mjesec
Micah Thomas98
Micah Thomas98 Prije mjesec
this was so precious lmao, new sub ❤️
Tracey Kominowski-Leclerc
Tracey Kominowski-Leclerc Prije mjesec
The one thing that they’re seriously missing are surgical gloves. You would not believe what bacteria we have on our hands and I’m sorry gals, but you have no idea why that lump of fluid is there, or if you caused an issue which may cause continued issues for your kind and trusting grandfather. Dr’s go to school for many years for specific reasons and one is to not do harm to mankind. What if there were, and I am aware that this is extreme, however it is possible that there were cancer cells within the fluid. Well, ladies, I am happy all worked out well with your “procedure” with your Grandfather. Please be cautious when doing experiments on humans...the human body is much more frail than you might think and carrying a bad result would be a lifetime burden. Good luck.
The Mommy & Michelle Channel!
The Mommy & Michelle Channel! Prije mjesec
One of the *WeiRdeSttt* videos I’ve probably ever seen, but it had flair. & I now realize I’m weird as well for being entertained enough to watch the entire video😅🙃
Addison wark
Addison wark Prije mjesec
I clicked on this vid because I'm trying to watch all your vids
Rebecca Jen
Rebecca Jen Prije mjesec
my face when watching this kdndndjd
Rebecca Jen
Rebecca Jen Prije mjesec
i clicked on this cause this was the only interesting video on my recommendation page
zücchini Prije mjesec
Ok but it looked juicy that's why I *almost* clicked off
plm j2911
plm j2911 Prije mjesec
I thought her elbow drawing was shia labeouf
rose___tea Prije mjesec
I’ve watched this video so many times, I’ve lost count
diana povero
diana povero Prije mjesec
Just a few pointers here from someone who has cleaned in hositals, don't use random containers for medical waste use double bag technique with all trash(use leak proof plastic bag for trash collection, knot that bag & put in a secondleak proof bag) you can be fined hundreds of dollars in some communities for discarding medical waste in your regular trash, so check first. Last but not least - NEVER DO ANY MEDICAL PROCEDURE ON ANYONE WITHOUT USING STANDARS PRECAUTIONS, please remember there are a lot of pathogens like MRSA, Tetnus etc that can kill you, or the seriously harm the person you are trying to help.
Chloie Selina
Chloie Selina Prije mjesec
skip to 2:45, yall just lost 😚
Sadie Milady
Sadie Milady Prije mjesec
elbow grease haha
THIS "cyst" worried me as soon as I started surgery
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