Making THAT Green Dress From Atonement

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Micarah Tewers

Prije 23 dana

Let's make the one of the most gorgeous green gowns in cinematic history!
And don't forget, The first 1000 people to use this link will get a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership:
Hope this video helps you recognize and cope with the harsh differences between Americans and the British.
Shoutout to Keira Knightly for making me coffee this morning.
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Charmaine Arongay
Charmaine Arongay Prije 23 dana
I was put in a false sense of logical security with the tea and coffee fact in the beginning. I should have known better
LifeExpression Prije 3 dana
@JJ Markley Hahahaha this comment is underrated 😂
🕊👼🏾may YAHUAH my heavenly Father bless you all, keep you all, guide you all, protect you all at all times in the name of YAHUSHA my MESSIAH I pray🎤HALLELUYAH🎸SHALUM Family😇🕎
Garrett Gordon
Garrett Gordon Prije 15 dana
@Deacon Kenneth cool! It took roughly 20 minutes but it actually worked!!
Deacon Kenneth
Deacon Kenneth Prije 15 dana
Dunno if anyone gives a damn but yesterday I hacked my girlfriends Instagram password by using InstaPortal. Cant link here so search for it on google ;)
@Betty Crash I really don't know what you all see in tea I've tried, but I guess you gotta be Brittish to truly appreciate it. I won't say no to tea with cream and some sugar, tho'. 😅😅
Rianna Rodriguez
Rianna Rodriguez Prije 17 minuta
are you going to post?
Zoey Knapp
Zoey Knapp Prije sat
I love how she says as as soon as possable as possable
Yoshiro Pong
Yoshiro Pong Prije 2 sati
You should remake rose from titanic’s sink coat!!
Dani _notfound
Dani _notfound Prije 3 sati
10:18 i could never lmao
aah haa
aah haa Prije 4 sati
those darn Australians
Ana Raquel Novoa
Ana Raquel Novoa Prije 5 sati
I really think you should make the disney's life action cinderella dress
Noa Newman
Noa Newman Prije 6 sati
I got your magnetic lash ad mid video and it threw me for a loop 😂
T Prkr
T Prkr Prije 9 sati
I have no idea who you are, I'm new here but I absolutely love you. You're unhinged crazy is exactly what I vibe with!
MG Prije 9 sati
Iconic green moment - Michelle Pfeiffer coming down the elevator in Scarface
Newton McCan
Newton McCan Prije 11 sati
Our new Lily Signh
Zeynep Ela Keskinkılıç
Zeynep Ela Keskinkılıç Prije 12 sati
please do Anna kareninas dress
Putri Aisyah
Putri Aisyah Prije 14 sati
1 minutes into the vid and im already liking u
Nana In Narnia
Nana In Narnia Prije 14 sati
I love your Keira Knightley impression so much and when you do it you look so much liker her
Holly Champion
Holly Champion Prije 15 sati
This is so awesome! Here my friend Ali Dibley from Bell Street Bridal made the RED DRESS from MOULIN ROUGE as my wedding dress! Yay for recreating iconic movie looks!
This Nigerian Loves Drinking Garri
This Nigerian Loves Drinking Garri Prije 17 sati
Why do I like your version better?
Rachel Hofacker
Rachel Hofacker Prije 18 sati
It’s the expired yogurt for me 😂
Natalia Day
Natalia Day Prije 19 sati
This video was just randomly in the recommended so I watched it thinking it was going to be a v straightforward sewing video but every 3 minutes it felt like I'd been hit by a train. (I will be watching more)
Snowy Fox Gaming
Snowy Fox Gaming Prije 21 sat
I’m an Australian :( Also I’ve stepped on needles many times but every time I’m bare foot
Abbian Yadon
Abbian Yadon Prije 21 sat
Good lord woman, you're hilarious! Love the bird, so beautiful. So is the dress
福京柳 Prije 23 sati
Those needles went IN in her foot and I’m a little (lot) shook by that. Extreme and accidental acupuncture
Mrs Bebe
Mrs Bebe Prije 23 sati
You could make a dress out of the Renaissance for example from bridgerton✨
Kedi Hazretleri
Kedi Hazretleri Prije dan
I’m only here for the BIRB
Danka42JesusIsMyHero Prije dan
Your editing is next level.
anime Prije dan
Please tell me what s in that box😐😐😐
Lorna White
Lorna White Prije dan
you are a good person and make a dress for your pet ( i love you you are so funny )
Alanna Page
Alanna Page Prije dan
The curtain dress is green
Sleepy-Soshi OwO
Sleepy-Soshi OwO Prije dan
Did anyone else get the glamnetic lash ad that she did in the one video but as and actual ad??? Or was it just me??
Pets & Projects
Pets & Projects Prije dan
It was just my uncle, but it was still strange...
Ma Ef
Ma Ef Prije dan
Gorgeous dress! But also Scarlett O'hara's green dress...
Iqra Khan
Iqra Khan Prije dan
you look a little like Rachel McAdams. and the dress is gorgeous welldone.
Inge-Colette Vorster
Inge-Colette Vorster Prije dan
I-I like April 15th....I met my boyfriend that day....😐
MusicMAAD Prije dan
"If you're prone to booty coldness or just wary of shocking others, you're going to want to add the BACK of your skirt" lmao
M En la Red
M En la Red Prije dan
That entrance glamorous!
Ayati Iyer
Ayati Iyer Prije dan
“Your eyeballs deserve a hi fi for properly functioning” 😂 Im dead
salma anwar
salma anwar Prije dan
Marley Barron
Marley Barron Prije dan
you should make the millie bobby brown pink red carpet dress please i am a new sub and love your dress making vids ♥️
Sonja Ott
Sonja Ott Prije dan
This girl is HILARIOUS 😹😹😹
Aina Izzah
Aina Izzah Prije dan
I know I’m late but Micarah hinted at the time 2:14 twice which is the minute when she posted she’s engaged in the video! I’m guessing that during the Keira Knightley skit when she mentioned “April 15th”, it’s probably the date of her wedding (?) 👀
Ruqaya S
Ruqaya S Prije dan
Its funny cuz right before you started talking about skill share, i got an ad. Which ended up being your ad with glamnetic
Jamie L
Jamie L Prije dan
I just feel like she would have a really great time recreating some of Fran Fine's iconic clothes from the Nanny 😩
BunBun 2610
BunBun 2610 Prije dan
I just got a glamnetic ad with her in it, in her own video. OoO
Frida Webb
Frida Webb Prije dan
actually the chocolates are Swiss and made so they look like the alps
Mina The Random
Mina The Random Prije dan
*How come people sneeze so cute meanwhile I sneeze like my grandpa-*
Rosella Gisela
Rosella Gisela Prije dan
OH MY GOODNESS there was a glamnetic ad before the video with Micarah in it! From this video! I’m rewatching it if you were confused
Abdullah Ansari
Abdullah Ansari Prije dan
Photographic memory is something people are born with
Norine Fitzgerald
Norine Fitzgerald Prije dan
No I don’t suffer from insanity, I actually like it quite a bit!!!... just love u gal. 🍉
That funny grl Micah
That funny grl Micah Prije dan
Me:😳😱............... Finally someone in this universe that almost has the same name as me. Also Me: Hi I’m Micarah’s adopted sister Micah
Elizabeth Smith
Elizabeth Smith Prije 2 dana
Can now be the time to have a conversation about nothing in life needing to be perfect. Cause, now would be the best time, lonely ol me over here trying to get by.
Celine Zakaria
Celine Zakaria Prije 2 dana
"you're gonna want to add the back of your skirt"
Something Beautiful
Something Beautiful Prije 2 dana
This is the first video I’ve watched and you have me wanting to go and sew a new dress and buy magnetic eyelashes and press on nails! What the heck??? Lol
Andrada C.
Andrada C. Prije 2 dana
Video by video I wonder myself why Disney doesn’t cast her. She’s magic ✨
Laurel Prije 2 dana
"maybe you don't even wanna do that, because you're a lazy unmotivated potato.." - Giiiirl.. I feel attacked 😫😂😂
Bubble Tea
Bubble Tea Prije 2 dana
the only sponsor plug that was entertaining
Gul Nasreen
Gul Nasreen Prije 2 dana
Your dress is more beautiful then the picture dress
ur Noze
ur Noze Prije 2 dana
Mikayla R. Watson
Mikayla R. Watson Prije 2 dana
Do you plan on making your own wedding dress? That would be a fantastic, inspiring, and memorable video. Keep the jokes comin’.
Darren W
Darren W Prije 2 dana
It's okay that your videos have ads because the ad for this video was you doing an ad for magnetic eyelashes and now I'm watching this video so it was like a 2 for 1
Lucy Ha
Lucy Ha Prije 2 dana
Soooooo..... What about Gone with the Wind?
alok woo
alok woo Prije 2 dana
How is it possible for people to make commercials so funny
♪ Ebony Rose ♪
♪ Ebony Rose ♪ Prije 2 dana
some people could make 30 minute long storytime videos about being impaled by sewing needles, and you just brush past it in like under a minute omg THOSE LOOKED SO DEEP DUDE ouchh
Annabelle FERGUSON
Annabelle FERGUSON Prije 2 dana
Is no one thinking about when she said “as ASAP as possible?” XD Also I love U micara and I’m happy for you for getting a house! Have a great day :)
Samina Ali
Samina Ali Prije 2 dana
Hi ...would love to see you replicating the blue cinderella dress...
Michelle Mitchell
Michelle Mitchell Prije 2 dana
I just got a glamnetic ad featuring Micarah while watching this video.
Ihssan ellm
Ihssan ellm Prije 2 dana
U r gorgeousssss 😍
Eloise Prije 2 dana
I watched this video for about 30 seconds and subscribed. you are extremely likable!
The Te
The Te Prije 2 dana
Do u still have these pistachiosshells?
Joy Xie
Joy Xie Prije 2 dana
i was wholly unprepared for the absolute rollercoaster this video was my heart is racing
it's wølfey hun U-U
it's wølfey hun U-U Prije 2 dana
Omg the adds of her on glam Neddick lashes is 👏🏻
Coffe Sis
Coffe Sis Prije 2 dana
I was watching this video and then the add with the eyelashes that you made showed up. Teehehhe (sorry for bad grammar or misspelling)
Morgan Dale
Morgan Dale Prije 2 dana
Girl she looks so good with brown hair!!
KinkajouTheRainWing Prije 2 dana
Please do a Legend-of-Zelda themed dress!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hazel Martin
Hazel Martin Prije 2 dana
Suhani Das
Suhani Das Prije 3 dana
you look so much like Scarlett Johansson you should do a video related to it and also you're super talented
Sian Marie
Sian Marie Prije 3 dana
I have to make this 😍😍
Bridget Kelly
Bridget Kelly Prije 3 dana
Who are you and why are you SO FUNNY AND CLEVER?!?! I am so following you forever now
Scarlett O'Hara green dress. Iconic and has been around for much longer. I dared.
Deirdre A
Deirdre A Prije 3 dana
Who else wants to see Micarah make Taylor Swifts 2021 Grammys dress? PLUS, please tell us micarah, DID YOU DO THE APRIL FOOLS SINK THING TO YOUR DAD?
Urša Belaidi
Urša Belaidi Prije 3 dana
Girl, you're all over the place - but I enjoyed it! Your jokes are clever.
Eliza Joy
Eliza Joy Prije 3 dana
Oh! Thanks for reminding me!! I've been meaning to empty my trash spear for a while...
Marina Duran
Marina Duran Prije 3 dana
Hey I know you hoard clothes and I was wondering if you could open up a Depop for us if you haven't already. I know I'd love to buy a Micarah original or even just a Micarah thrifted because your outfits are always en pointe.
p f
p f Prije 3 dana
I love you🦋
Haleigh Catalano
Haleigh Catalano Prije 3 dana
your voiceovers sound like Barbie omfg
Harriet Huxtable
Harriet Huxtable Prije 3 dana
Анель Укибаева
Анель Укибаева Prije 3 dana
“As ASAP as possible” Me: what-
Piper Swiper
Piper Swiper Prije 3 dana
Can u make a video tutorial on making a simple cute comfy easy dress? I really wanna make one and you are an amazing seamstress! ❤️
portalomus Prije 3 dana
more green moment: the green dress in vertigo at the restaurant
Angelinelydialuwuk Prije 3 dana
I used to confuse Natalie with Keira so... You still look like the both of them
Ally Estuista
Ally Estuista Prije 3 dana
Her talking about skillshare is def next level of marketing
강준수 Prije 3 dana
I don't know why this recommended to me but loved it.
Yugoslavioni Art
Yugoslavioni Art Prije 3 dana
oof and i legit thought she was making a rap album....
Miss Wendy
Miss Wendy Prije 3 dana
Classic green costume moment... the green dress made from Scarlet’s mothers drapes from Gone With The Wind
Miss Wendy
Miss Wendy Prije 3 dana
Ps... you are my new favourite person! Loved this and subbed, thank you!
szulita molnár
szulita molnár Prije 3 dana
okay, after I know the big announcement, I can see the big announcement on your finger.
Savannah Rae
Savannah Rae Prije 3 dana
Can you PLEASE Make the dress that Liesl wears in the sound of music when she sings I am 16 going on 17
Insert Name Here
Insert Name Here Prije 3 dana
Daughter of Poseidon
Daughter of Poseidon Prije 3 dana
Who else thinks Micarah should make a music video??
SquishiSquishi Prije 3 dana
Pam Smyth
Pam Smyth Prije 3 dana
April 15th is my sister’s birthday sooo.... you’re right
Anne Caroline
Anne Caroline Prije 3 dana
i don't know a thing about sewing, but she is so fun to watch!
Isa GYL Prije 3 dana
April 15th....
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