Historically accurate Princess And The Pauper: Annalise

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Oh hey! This is part 2 of my presentation on how to historically acuratize the costumes from Princess and The Pauper. This week: Princess Erica.
Someone should write a comment completely backwards and I’ll see if I can read it.
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Morgan Brown
Morgan Brown Prije 11 mjeseci
I would watch that show in a heartbeat. #Nextcostumer
Rachel Ingram
Rachel Ingram Prije 7 dana
This is me signing the petition
ShutUpHeather Prije 10 dana
It already exists it’s called Drag Race
Jorja Rainford
Jorja Rainford Prije 14 dana
Sara B
Sara B Prije 15 dana
Steve Zytveld
Steve Zytveld Prije 20 dana
I would so be there. #Nextcostumer
Saige Prije dan
Sorry not watching ✨next costumer✨
Violalalinor Prije dan
you are so frecking amazing.... laugh is the best medication! i never laugh this much!!!
Diya Pillai
Diya Pillai Prije 2 dana
For some reason I think it looks like a dress from the 1800s
cyd w
cyd w Prije 2 dana
I would love that sleeve to be a dress for her chickens
Charlotte 1704
Charlotte 1704 Prije 2 dana
The thought of anyone watching this wanting to make it and stressing out about the perfectly explained required steps makes me so calm
Dara Manista Harwika
Dara Manista Harwika Prije 2 dana
Who did the Micarah voice over?!! Coz she sounds like annaliese so muchhhh
Süße Perlenträume
Süße Perlenträume Prije 3 dana
Really lovely from Head to toes ;-)
a z
a z Prije 3 dana
Can someone tell me what era or time period she based the dresses of Annalise and Erika of? :)
Sophie love
Sophie love Prije 3 dana
I'm related to an ancient Irish king
Melody Afton
Melody Afton Prije 4 dana
When your adopted and you don’t know who your actually related to and you can’t remember what your last name was coz you were adopted before your first birthday: 👁 👄 👁
Vanessa Heine
Vanessa Heine Prije 4 dana
My friend Liz Roberts was found to be a direct descendant of the Princes in the Tower. www.essex.ac.uk/news/2018/07/11/research-reveals-dna-of-the-‘princes-in-the-tower’
Vanessa Heine
Vanessa Heine Prije 4 dana
Not me personally but I do know someone who is actually related to actual royalty!
Emma Miller
Emma Miller Prije 5 dana
I got a ad of you while watching this video 🤗
Scarlet Alcala
Scarlet Alcala Prije 5 dana
Plus My grandpa said we have relatives who are Royal
Scarlet Alcala
Scarlet Alcala Prije 5 dana
I don’t know if it’s true but he said that so..............
Scarlet Alcala
Scarlet Alcala Prije 5 dana
I would
Erinn Norberg
Erinn Norberg Prije 6 dana
I loved the circular shot it was stunning!
Belle Markiewicz
Belle Markiewicz Prije 6 dana
im related to queen Elizabeth 1st
Belle Markiewicz
Belle Markiewicz Prije 6 dana
use a fork for the trim its easier and less scary that your gonna soe your fingers to it
Lunch With Lizabeth
Lunch With Lizabeth Prije 6 dana
I would watch that show.
Rachel Ingram
Rachel Ingram Prije 7 dana
I'm the queen of procrastination
Sam S
Sam S Prije 7 dana
I love how not only you and your dad but your friend and his brother dont mind eating the cake that has been stepped upon by a chicken. People will yuck on this but this is actually wholesome and shows love.
nonbinary murder
nonbinary murder Prije 7 dana
Reagan Anne
Reagan Anne Prije 7 dana
I am related to Daniel Boon
Elle Caron
Elle Caron Prije 8 dana
Grace Kelly is my great grandfather’s cousin or something like that on my dad’s side
Fareeha M
Fareeha M Prije 8 dana
i would watch it and i think you would be featured in it
SavageSammy YT
SavageSammy YT Prije 8 dana
I’m related to a Lebanese royal prison lord and my great great grandmother is the daughter of a Turkish ottoman
jayleen clifford
jayleen clifford Prije 9 dana
Would def watch that show
Cyrillius1 Prije 10 dana
If you hot glue things on though, doesn't it mean you can't wash the item ever?
Mariam seif allah el akkad
Mariam seif allah el akkad Prije 10 dana
my grandma was cleopatra
Autumn Kay Meyers
Autumn Kay Meyers Prije 10 dana
My nickname is Tonto 😂🤭💕
iKutie Prije 11 dana
Victoria VanderBos
Victoria VanderBos Prije 11 dana
Can anyone tell me the name of the book that had pictures of the stomachers?
Shayna Jacob
Shayna Jacob Prije 12 dana
Where did you get that book from
mark hilder
mark hilder Prije 12 dana
I'm distantly related to the British royal family. I forget where but all I know is that my female ancestor married into royalty but I'm not sure what happened after that.
Bailee Hawkins
Bailee Hawkins Prije 12 dana
i have begun my 2-year sit today. will update you all when the dress is finished.
Gary Sasse
Gary Sasse Prije 12 dana
Make👏premingers👏 Outfit👏into👏a👏ball gown👏
oopsitsnolan Prije 13 dana
i got an ad with micarah in it on a micarah video...
iheworld134 Prije 13 dana
Even animal loves her
Lynn Noah
Lynn Noah Prije 13 dana
"Different timelines, sci fi, post apocalyptic, superheros, and mermaids" she just named 5 runway themes that have been on drag race lol
Sophea E
Sophea E Prije 13 dana
5 years later and shes one of the judges and producers of next costumer
Lindsey Prije 13 dana
Add one more signature for your "next costumer" show petition 👌🏻#nextcostumer
Midnight Demon
Midnight Demon Prije 14 dana
I don't know if I'm descended from any royalties but I'm mostly from ( related ) Europe so I can possibly be related to some old kings and Queens, or just pesents
Goddiss Prije 14 dana
My great great godfather was George IV :)
Kitty294 _
Kitty294 _ Prije 14 dana
I'm scrolling through the comments to found out which people are related to royalty/high status I find it's really cool! One day, I wanna be able to dig through my family tree
Lele tries
Lele tries Prije 14 dana
yhpargoib ruoy ni tnemmoc ruoy daer I : tcaf nuf
aidan scott
aidan scott Prije 14 dana
i would watch the show PRODUCERS MAKE THIS A THING!
hoetoes15 Prije 14 dana
My friends related to Richard the Lionheart, and my grandma was v high class in her home country and stuff-
Duane Santos
Duane Santos Prije 15 dana
I would.
Abbey Nanna
Abbey Nanna Prije 15 dana
So I know that it’s not technically Royalty but my grandpa is the private secretary to the prince of whales
Chronically_ Me
Chronically_ Me Prije 15 dana
This may not be EXactly what you envisioned, but here's something close, it's called "Camera Ready" .
Aloysius Bone
Aloysius Bone Prije 15 dana
Can you make barbie the swan lake pleasee
Full-time Fangirl
Full-time Fangirl Prije 15 dana
Yeh haraciM nac uoy daer siht i evol ruoy lennahc!
Ka'mmin Wadley
Ka'mmin Wadley Prije 15 dana
*sips barbie mug* Barbie mug: is Cinderella lmao
HB - 04ST 829378 Dolson PS
HB - 04ST 829378 Dolson PS Prije 15 dana
WOLF'S FOREVER Prije 16 dana
I would
Annie Walker
Annie Walker Prije 16 dana
I personally have scottish royal blood.
Annie Walker
Annie Walker Prije 16 dana
I would like to politely point out that in the movie her name is spelled Anneliese not Annalise.
Megan Jenkins
Megan Jenkins Prije 16 dana
na.to/kissxhot0id6k Solo i diagrammi di connessione formano una rete economica globale e, allo stesso tempo, sono chiusi all'interno dei propri vincoli razionali. Il concetto high-tech di ordine sociale determina in gran parte l'importanza delle nuove proposte. Em geral, acredita-se que os elementos do processo politico iluminam caracteristicas extremamente interessantes do quadro como um todo, mas as conclusoes especificas, e claro, sao descritas com o maximo de detalhes possivel. Ha algo para se pensar: sinais claros da vitoria da institucionalizacao apenas acrescentam diferencas faccionais e foram submetidos a toda uma serie de estudos independentes.Ha algo para se pensar: os empreendedores na Internet estao nos chamando para novas conquistas, que, por sua vez, devem ser verificadas em tempo habil. E dificil dizer por que sinais claros da vitoria da institucionalizacao se tornaram publicos.
Dalal Abdullah
Dalal Abdullah Prije 16 dana
I'm actually releated to Saudi Arabian royalty and my mom's cousin is married to a Saudi prince but I'm not really closely related to them like it's a little complicated but they are more closely related to my grandparents family than mine 😊😊
Kiki Terhune
Kiki Terhune Prije 17 dana
I taught Sunday school to middle schoolers.... yeah THAT was interesting and also quite fun sadly I started WORKING on Sundays so I had to resign :(... but I would SO watch that show! There aren't enough shows out there like that :)
cheeky727cow Prije 17 dana
i’m related to queen grace o’malley from 1700s in Ireland😼
- -KittyQueen - -
- -KittyQueen - - Prije 17 dana
RegencyLady1797 Prije 18 dana
I'm related to King Alfred of the Anglo Saxons, William the Conquereor, King Henry I, Empress Matilda, the Boleyn family (through Anne Boleyn's aunt) and because of being descended through some of the younger children of those Kings and Queens there's also Dukes, Marquesses and Earls I'm related to. But I also have a lot of seamstresses (definitely inherited that gene 😄) fishermen, and according to the census a great great great grandmother whose occupation was sleeping, eating, reading and sometimes cleaning. My great great grandfather was Queen Victoria's carriage driver.
Nely Ramirez
Nely Ramirez Prije 18 dana
Ur chicken are cute! I wish I had one.
K Lee Kain
K Lee Kain Prije 18 dana
I could have sworn I shared this when I watched this video last year, but I'll share now! 21 Great Grandmothers deep, I'm related to Dearbhfhorghaill, the Baroness of Galloway (At least, I think she was a Baroness. She was married to John I de Balliol, a Scottish Baron. Wikipedia just says she was a "lady of substance").
I drink TEA Darling u-u
I drink TEA Darling u-u Prije 19 dana
i would 100% watch it
Juliana Prije 19 dana
Bro I was so comfused I heard your voice but it was an ad, but then I realized that you were making the ad
Miss Prije 19 dana
LO LO Prije 19 dana
Mia De Peaza
Mia De Peaza Prije 19 dana
I would watch it, now watching this episode
poke squad
poke squad Prije 20 dana
Make the one from the animated movie
Zoë Moore
Zoë Moore Prije 20 dana
Well it’s this time next year and there’s no next costumer :(
party like it's 1949
party like it's 1949 Prije 20 dana
We still have 2 months 🤚
Angelina Calderon
Angelina Calderon Prije 20 dana
ouy evol I
Varian Prije 20 dana
I made the one your wearing! But the design seems so complicated- I M A D E T H E O N E Y O U R W E A R I N G
Varian Prije 20 dana
This was the first video of yours I ever watched You had me hooked from day one Thanks for making my life better and more worth living Jk I know life is worth living or else Jesus wouldn’t have died for us am I right But thanks for making me feel better about my interest and making me feel like I can be myself without fear of judgment You are really helping me get over my fear of people thinking I’m weird so thanks
Jesus Freak
Jesus Freak Prije 20 dana
Garien sounded like a dog that wants something really bad.
Neo Draconequss
Neo Draconequss Prije 20 dana
Not really royalty but my ancestors were some of the first white people on the May Flower?
Sophea E
Sophea E Prije 21 dan
pcy turtles
pcy turtles Prije 21 dan
I would watch that show #Nextcostumer
Victoria Corion
Victoria Corion Prije 21 dan
I would watch that costume show for sure!
marie lynne
marie lynne Prije 22 dana
Your dad's house ghost was particularly interested in watching the chicken's feet being washed off, I had it on slow motion to watch because well, why not, and watched the orbs shoot around...they too were saying WT???? No really, the B day cake scenes were hilarious, especially at 0.5 speed lol! Edit: after watching this video, no other youtuber video I usually watch seemed worthwhile to watch so i'm going to go shopping. Worthy praise of your video content!
Not Peyton
Not Peyton Prije 22 dana
This is random but I have the same last name Maynard idk if we’re related or any thing just thought that was cool
Jessie Pedley
Jessie Pedley Prije 22 dana
My grandad is related to someone who was going to marry a cousin of the queen or something like that btw im not bragging you asked :)
klikitz smith
klikitz smith Prije 22 dana
I think there is a show like that
Kraken Squid
Kraken Squid Prije 22 dana
yessssss #Nextcostumer
Susan current
Susan current Prije 23 dana
i would watch the whole seires faster than you can say Super-cala-fraja-listic-expiala-doshus
klaus martens
klaus martens Prije 23 dana
I would defenetly watch thad show every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aizlynn Prije 24 dana
Oh Hello i'm late but I'm the great x13(ish? somewhere between 8 and 13 maybe?) granddaughter of King Ferdinand II of Aragon (Spain) through his (potentially) favorite bastard son
Goofy McMuffin
Goofy McMuffin Prije 24 dana
I'm related to Scottish Royalty.... Somewhere in my family.
Jelly Mel
Jelly Mel Prije 25 dana
I am related wait no- I AM the queen of yogurt I am sorry I am not really I am also lactose intolerant
Marit Otten
Marit Otten Prije 25 dana
Which books did you reference for historical accuracy?? I'm trying to find good books but I have no clue where to begin.
jamie Yoho
jamie Yoho Prije 25 dana
Can we please take a trip to england together! Fellow ohio girl that's never been across the pond!
Aspen Roth
Aspen Roth Prije 25 dana
directly related to Robert the Bruce, the scottish outlaw king
Sam Griffith Stopford
Sam Griffith Stopford Prije 25 dana
I'm ironically related to the people who funded the assassination of the Romanovs and the Imperial family themselves, awkward.
Crazy May
Crazy May Prije 26 dana
Micarah: "Micah you a such a chicken !" Micah: "well yah I am THANKS to your magic barbie gown-making thing!" Micarah: "Sorry!"
JG B Prije 26 dana
whats the name of the fashion book with the floral cover micarah is reading?
Ada Dada
Ada Dada Prije 27 dana
I love how JJ can’t be serious around you. He just laughs while everyone is acting serious😂
Ada Dada
Ada Dada Prije 26 dana
@JJ Markley please don’t, it is nice to see every one of you having a great time. Have fun all the time, all of us are enjoying watching you😊
JJ Markley
JJ Markley Prije 26 dana
I can't keep a straight face, unless I try to look grumpy.
Mina The Random
Mina The Random Prije 27 dana
*We’re technically royals, since we’re basically ALL COUSINS.*
noor jaspaert
noor jaspaert Prije 28 dana
i would love to watch that show too.
Naomi Burgess
Naomi Burgess Prije 28 dana
I don’t know why but the “I’m are the one you’re wearing” has me CACKLING
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