Making Historically Accurate Princess & The Pauper Costumes | Pt.1

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Micarah Tewers

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Well... Historically accurate-ish :) This week: Erica. Tune in next week to see my rendering of Princess Annalise! This Video also includes me surprising my father after many months apart.
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crap. there was nothing even remotely funny or interesting in that description. Sorry for wasting your time.

Rosillaz Prije 11 mjeseci
I figured out you were a real princess when u started feeding the chicks with whipped cream
Winter Elf
Winter Elf Prije 22 dana
I got confused when your glamnetic ad played during your video, and I was confused for a sad amount of time.
•claire• Prije mjesec
the sick whipped cream addicts
Noah Lovell
Noah Lovell Prije 2 mjeseci
Was about to write the exact same thing 😂
Hadassah Boyle
Hadassah Boyle Prije dan
don't ever feed chickens with whip cream it will kill them
Rosie Alexander
Rosie Alexander Prije 3 dana
I don't personally have anything against piercing babies' ears but it's not the norm at all where I live in the UK. I still don't have my ears pierced today as a 19 year old but that's mostly because I don't think I look that good in earrings and partly because I have a heart condition and an infection in my ears could be pretty serious. I genuinely mean that because I'd probably risk the infection if I thought it was worth it but I don't. I'm not allowed any other piercings apart from my ear lobes though.
Afroditi Peris
Afroditi Peris Prije 3 dana
11:35 i've been binge watching micarah's videos waiting for an outlander reference and i'm so glad i finally found one
Nik B
Nik B Prije 3 dana
Bernadette Nelson
Bernadette Nelson Prije 4 dana
i cant get my ears pirced till am 13.
Penguin Pop
Penguin Pop Prije 4 dana
i dont know how her rooster is so calm because our roosters make me bleed
chip the cockerdoodle
chip the cockerdoodle Prije 5 dana
Gereon on the picture frame in the intro is just so cute. him being in any part of the video just makes it so much better than it already is
Karla Salgado
Karla Salgado Prije 7 dana
I literally got an ad for Glamnetic lashes with Micarah in it before the video, the one she did in her new house.😂😂😂
Amantia Menalla
Amantia Menalla Prije 8 dana
i am here because i forgot the word fichu but i knew she said it in this video and i didn't know where else to find this very specific word so i rewatched the whole thing. she says fichu at 14:35. for anyone else here for that reason.
Laurel B
Laurel B Prije 8 dana
Knew I recognized that voice from somewhere!!
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Prije 11 dana
"not cancel, that was 2019. this is 2020" well this is awkward
Chubbymango ;-;
Chubbymango ;-; Prije 11 dana
Nice singing Micarah!
Life In The Doll House
Life In The Doll House Prije 11 dana
Wait it just clicked- her parents are divorced? Am I wrong I could be wrong but are they?
Lora Sharara
Lora Sharara Prije 5 dana
I was wondering the same thing but at the same time both her parents have the same family name so maybe not? I’m not sure though 🤔
Rosalie Firpo-Cappiello
Rosalie Firpo-Cappiello Prije 12 dana
my room smells too good and its giving me a headache
Shayna Jacob
Shayna Jacob Prije 12 dana
I loved the singing part
C Sydney
C Sydney Prije 12 dana
I agree about Canada as a Canadian, I hardly know of any gas stations in my area because my father literally drives an hour or so to get gas from a place outside the city. I haven’t been to any gas stations other than that one in almost two years and I hardly actually go in, I just chill in the car 😂
Eveningswith Smith
Eveningswith Smith Prije 14 dana
I got an ad four magnetic lashes and And she was the one in the add so I thought it was a new video just titled like part two or some thing since it had her new house in the background but it was an ad
Sara B
Sara B Prije 15 dana
Pls her singing it's amazing 😭
Audrey Edwards
Audrey Edwards Prije 18 dana
If anyone is wondering what that hole-poking device really is, I looked up the patent number on the side, and it is "a device for attatching ornaments to fabric." Basically, it had a stone on the bottom, then your fabric would lay over it, and you would put a little metal claw-looking thing in the top part. When you pushed down, the claw would grab onto the stone and it would be attatched through the fabric with a claw. If you want more info, here's the patent.
Sumiko Kwok
Sumiko Kwok Prije 18 dana
So does her mom live in Florida and her father lives in the place were looking at now?
Kieran Cox
Kieran Cox Prije 19 dana
So THAT'S how Snow white did it! (5:50)
Steve Zytveld
Steve Zytveld Prije 20 dana
Congratulations on the Milestone. Well earned. You work So hard... - Cathy (&, accidently, Steve), Ottawa/Bytown
kyungieeeeee Prije 20 dana
I just love stumbling on a new youtuber and binge watching all their videos
Abhra Udvashini
Abhra Udvashini Prije 20 dana
Ah yes, princess, poppers, parrot, pet, peeves, piss, parent, polar, Polaroid, police, people, person, pear, preach, prick, etc and prodigious+paupers are the same thing.
Jorja Rainford
Jorja Rainford Prije 21 dan
shes not a bad singer shes acully better than me way better
Abby Wiley
Abby Wiley Prije 21 dan
The Bill Clinton roasts. 😂
Heya Horse Lovers! !
Heya Horse Lovers! ! Prije 21 dan
Is it me, or should she be the winner of American Idle, and America's got talent without even auditioning? lol, she is incredible! :D
Chloe Townsend
Chloe Townsend Prije 21 dan
The majority of this dress will be made of a king size bed sheet not because I have a king size bed but because I’m a hoarder😅🤣
tiggz R
tiggz R Prije 22 dana
13:28 I think that's a quilt holder thing
liv1isc00l Prije 23 dana
so my ear were pierced when i was 6 months old but they didnt put it in the middle of my ear so i finnaly got them done at 9 months old
Hannah King
Hannah King Prije 23 dana
"not like this tho"
lil gamergirl
lil gamergirl Prije 24 dana
fun fact i just found out: some youtube accounts have a gray check like on tiktok which also means your verifyt i think. Anway have a great rest of your day :>
jamie Yoho
jamie Yoho Prije 25 dana
Its not garbage. Im mom of 3 in Ohio living vicariously through u. Thank you for bringing joy to my life. My dad is passing right now and ur videos make me smile.
kawaii kween
kawaii kween Prije 25 dana
Not her videos making me sad my dad and I don’t have this relationship 😭
kawaii kween
kawaii kween Prije 25 dana
just child of a mild narcissist tings teehee 😍
Amy Dawson
Amy Dawson Prije 26 dana
When you realize she actually has a really pretty voice
Mahalia Thompson
Mahalia Thompson Prije 27 dana
Me: Spends 3 days fussing over a stays mock up, and another 2 over a dress mock up. Watches this video..... actually a rediculously insightful tutorial. Inspired again after I’d nearly given up. Thank you!!
yamini kashi
yamini kashi Prije 28 dana
What's the lalalala song she uses in 11:35
꧁༺bonk༻꧂ Prije mjesec
Micarah: “You’re a true fan, well either that or the movie...” Me: both.
Juliya Agarkov
Juliya Agarkov Prije mjesec
Aha am I the only one who caught the Veggie Tales noises around the 8 minute mark?
Chill Vibes
Chill Vibes Prije mjesec
5:52 I LOVE YOUR singing voice .
Katie Scogna
Katie Scogna Prije mjesec
Hey, not amish, but the amish in Pennsylvania are quite smiley, just thought I'd let you know
Ruchi.R Prije mjesec
man i watched your making a prom dress in one day video years ago, and randomly found you again today!!! didn't realise you were the same person :O but damn girl 1 mil!!!! thats amazing!!! wish i'd subscribed back then!! xx
YAAYYY Prije mjesec
I researched it and pauper actually does mean poor person 😂
MelodyLin0319 Prije mjesec
Girl you are a real princess. You sang when you fed your chicken whip cream while sewing your own dress!
Diana Magic
Diana Magic Prije mjesec
I was not expecting the amount of chaotic energy that is present in this video and I am living for it.
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki Prije mjesec
6:44 open the subtitles xD
Lidruth Prije mjesec
This is my first video I have ever seen. The chaotic energy is everything. 😂😂😂 Subbed.
Mollie Scrizisbryck
Mollie Scrizisbryck Prije mjesec
your voice is very calming while singing and just talking. i often watch your videos just to have some pleasing background noise.
Janina Lee
Janina Lee Prije mjesec
15:24 that reference 😂 favourite song of the whole movie
RoraBoryAlice 2187
RoraBoryAlice 2187 Prije mjesec
okay, the Bill Clinton joke was pretty funny XD
Ellen Prije mjesec
I thought Darien is a bald eagle.
Leilani Jimenez
Leilani Jimenez Prije mjesec
i think i saw a snake tall
LaShawna Blanton
LaShawna Blanton Prije mjesec
I just found your Channel and I'm HOOKED! Omg! Now I know why I like you so much. We have a lot in common. I live in Ohio ( but with my mom) and my Dad lives in Florida so I visit him there. I also love making clothing, love animals have a silly sense of humor. We both like princess and the pauper, both love historical fashion, both draw ,we were both mad we couldn't keep our wisdom teeth, both hoarders . Lol 😆 I've noticed other things we have in common also. SO COOL😎 LOL God bless! P. S. The outfit turned out amazing, you are soo beautiful, funny and talented.
Rebekah_of _Plumville
Rebekah_of _Plumville Prije mjesec
I really hope that postal worker sees this video XD 1.6 million people have seen him and wish him the best
Apanda Games
Apanda Games Prije mjesec
If that UPS guy sees this it will definitely make him smile.
KLARA the LEMON Prije mjesec
Pennsylvania girl her to let you know that Amish people her do not smile when they stare
Lianne Hutcheson
Lianne Hutcheson Prije mjesec
Why does every video make me feel like I just had some sort of ADHD mind massage. These videos move at the speed of my brain with just enough interesting and humorous interruptions to keep me interested and then circling back around to the theme of the video in such a way that I am always like: Oh yeah, she’s teaching me stuff 😁 And your relationship with your Dad is so precious. Makes me miss my Dad so much and remember the good times with him. So much love to you and yours ❤️
Daniya Sheikh
Daniya Sheikh Prije mjesec
I wanna know the pet snake story :(
mmm bee
mmm bee Prije mjesec
The amish people in Oregon are pretty smiley, i use to go to a bakery ran by amish people all the time when i was little and they were very sweet :]
Carolyn Hulburt
Carolyn Hulburt Prije mjesec
I used to see anything that poked fun at your height because I am a very average height.
Froggiegg Prije mjesec
Petition for micarah to be in a Barbie princess movie
Blue Cat
Blue Cat Prije mjesec
Aight I'm new here how do I like something multiple times, cuz every sentence this woman says deserves a separate like. Instant fan of her narration
Black Ivy
Black Ivy Prije mjesec
Pockets were actual a historical part of a working woman's wardrobe! However, it was usually UNDER the skirt with openings to allow reach within. But good job!
Madeline Moore
Madeline Moore Prije mjesec
i grew up in one of those families where we were only allowed to watch edgy movies
Layla Burton
Layla Burton Prije mjesec
I gave up candy for lent
Narniangirl -
Narniangirl - Prije mjesec
*Her rambling about Amish* Me: Yo, you’re talking about a few of my cousins, though you are right... Her also mentioned country boy Me: i see those everyday. (I’m a country girl)
Bella Sola
Bella Sola Prije mjesec
There's amish people at my farm right now. They're very pleasant and don't stare, except when they stare which is a lot.
Abitude Prije mjesec
The English captions at 6:43 um lol
Samantha Zoe Miller
Samantha Zoe Miller Prije mjesec
Make Eliza from Hamilton
Samantha Zoe Miller
Samantha Zoe Miller Prije mjesec
Your chickens like whipped cream???🧐
rxmantical Prije mjesec
Does anyone know how much fabric is needed to make the dress?
AMEERA NAJWA Prije mjesec
6:29 "he said thank you to me for no reason" wait until you go travel to Malaysia, we loves to say thank you like.. a lot.. even at cashier.. idk thank you?
Drawing Delights
Drawing Delights Prije mjesec
most people there have heads....? like.....most?
Patty Patterson
Patty Patterson Prije mjesec
You have a beautiful voice
Molly C
Molly C Prije mjesec
“May have accidentally caused anarchy”
Gracie Ledger
Gracie Ledger Prije mjesec
Ok so no one's talking about this but pauper ACTUALLY MEANS POOR PERSON I looked it up and it actually is and it's amazing
a username
a username Prije mjesec
Margot Trohoske
Margot Trohoske Prije mjesec
AHHHHHHH make daddy preminger’s outfit 🥵😼😎🥶😐 💅
Rosemary 7673
Rosemary 7673 Prije mjesec
Now I'm getting barbie ads 😂
Kade Brown
Kade Brown Prije mjesec
About a month before COVID started my niece had a birthday party and there were a lot of left over cupcakes and we took them to some Amish kids and they smiled so much.
Catherine of Aragon
Catherine of Aragon Prije mjesec
This videos just her venting about her dislike for Bill Clinton
Treat Family
Treat Family Prije mjesec
Dang, I haven’t watched that movie in a long time, I need to because of this
Joy Prije mjesec
This woman reminds me of Elle Woods and I love it
Ali Prije mjesec
Pets = people
Jupiter Snoot
Jupiter Snoot Prije mjesec
"Have you ever seen such a predatory gaze from anyone other than Bill Clinton?" *spits out drink*
no u
no u Prije mjesec
2:48 Both of my cats look at me like that. Hopefully I’m not just another piece of food that feeds them.
Aesthetic Ari
Aesthetic Ari Prije mjesec
Nope Amish people don’t smile anymore in Pennsylvania than Ohio
Donna Hong
Donna Hong Prije mjesec
Micarah, In one of your videos you are talking about getting invisalign. Please do not, and if you do please don't adjust your front teeth. They give you a unique look. Sometimes it is beautiful not to look like Hellywood.
G Lockwood
G Lockwood Prije mjesec
Me:I am the master of this world Sibling: No you are not Me:Yes I am ask Micarah Tewers
Clemmie0920 Prije mjesec
She’s make her own clothes, she sings, she can talk to animals, she’s absolutely beautiful... SHES A PRINCESS! Love watching your videos Micarah!
Gabriella Rossi
Gabriella Rossi Prije mjesec
hi, hello, if you are reading this, I am watching this from Pennsylvania, and in confirmation of your thought, Amish people here are very nice and very smiley. Maybe it's just because I have grown up surrounded by Amish families, but they are very nice, and if you come visit they wont stare but they will smile and wave for no reason. and their children are adorable. :)
Georgia K.
Georgia K. Prije mjesec
i need Rachel, Micarah, and Karolina in one video please
Rachel M.
Rachel M. Prije mjesec
11:53 one day Micarah is going to do a video on historically accurate pirate wear, and we won't think anything of it until the next video, when she's still wearing the eye patch.
Olivia Jones
Olivia Jones Prije mjesec
You have a lovely singing voice, Micarah! 😊
tiggz R
tiggz R Prije mjesec
No I think that tool is for quilt making
Kate Matthews
Kate Matthews Prije mjesec
That cat was so cute I have a very one-track mind
Delfin k
Delfin k Prije mjesec
im ur fan
KxtoBuxi Prije mjesec
you say theres no gas stations in canada, but my town has 2 gas stations right next to each other, and another one down the road. and then, not too far from there, theres another gas station close to a gas station.
Anita E
Anita E Prije mjesec
Raised by liberal dad who did not let me watch Disney movies where women gave up careers for or waited for men who "rescued" them.
E. RH Prije mjesec
HaHa, I think it's great that there are things in the world that can irritate one. Irritation is always good for something. That the Amishen stared at you without smiling: thumbs up! I'm sure the art of staring has died out almost everywhere on the planet, but to still find it, that's quite an experience. It's never happened to me before and I would certainly be very disturbed, but at the same time I find it fascinating. Keep it up, Amish, the constant need to smile (I find it compulsive) is also just a grimacing habit because we are not allowed to stare. Freedom to the starers! LOL ..maybe you should try it out yourself when something interests you a great deal.
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