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Reacting To My Own Birth
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My 2020 Resolutions
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Extreme Bedroom Declutter!
iced tea set
iced tea set Prije 8 sati
bruh i completely forgot i share probably a birthday with micarah tewers.... best thing that ever happened in my life ngl
CHER G Prije 8 sati
Jesus is coming back very soon. We must be ready. Believe in the death, burial & resurrection of Christ. 1 John 5:13 These things have I written unto you that BELIEVE on the name of the Son of God; that ye may KNOW that ye have ETERNAL LIFE, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God.
Kate O'Rourke
Kate O'Rourke Prije 8 sati
Micarah are you engaged cuz I see a diamond ring on that ring finger miss ma'am!!!!
sasha miranda
sasha miranda Prije 8 sati
You are absolutely epic! I don't understand how you don't have your own show yet. You are so talented and amazing in every way!
K. Harder
K. Harder Prije 9 sati
No one is mentioning her engagement ring??!!
junejunejuniejune Prije 9 sati
Peppermint oil REPELS most pests, like ants without killing them! I use it in a defuser, I dilute it in water and put in a spray bottle to get my floors and countertops bug-free, and just in case I dab cotton balls with peppermint oil and stick them in the corners! It works and nobody gets hurt, and it makes your home smell like Christmas!
Rubi Tyla
Rubi Tyla Prije 9 sati
You popped off... you popped off
Hilary M
Hilary M Prije 9 sati
I'm so here for East Wisconsin
Ella Powell
Ella Powell Prije 9 sati
Micarah Ants don’t like cinnamon! My family puts cinnamon around the wall holes and the windows and they should be less inclined to come in
Mousie {Macie}
Mousie {Macie} Prije 9 sati
Fun fact: Micarah posted this on my parent's 17th wedding anniversary. That is why i'm here a day later, and very late. Edit: Also if that sounded like hate I didn't mean it to, sorry if it sounded like that! I love your channel Moriah!
Ally Valley
Ally Valley Prije 9 sati
Expensive fake snow On Expensive fake plants Un expensive fake fire In her room
Karina Klimkowska
Karina Klimkowska Prije 9 sati
Your voice sounds like a disney princess :)
mallory trizisky
mallory trizisky Prije 9 sati
to get rid of your ants without killing them. i suggest what I call soda vacuum, cut the soda bottle in half, fill quarter of it with soda or juice or honey, poke small holes in plastic wrap and cover the side bottle. the ants will be attracted to the bottle, and shouldn't be able to leave the plastic wrap, then bring the bottle outside and wipe the plastic wrap carefully and you should be able to save all the ants. also works with flies.
VivtheCookie Prije 9 sati
You can use mint oil or any other strongly smelling essential oils. Just put it where they are or where you think they get in. That should make them leave 🤗
Kate Elizabeth
Kate Elizabeth Prije 9 sati
did you know that every dollar contains 99% human feces
Lilou Bavière
Lilou Bavière Prije 9 sati
HOW do you makesponso adds so attractive?? I do not accept this violation of my monthly budget
mofilafal Prije 9 sati
0:06 this outfit is just straight up barbara from beetlejuice vibes
Sofía Roura
Sofía Roura Prije 9 sati
So, in conclusion, that designer works well with Keira Knightley, but not with Emma Watson...
A. Cooke
A. Cooke Prije 9 sati
Congrats on your engagement Micarah!!🎉🎉🎉
o6ina Prije 9 sati
Spraying with lemon juice deluted with water or vinegar sometimes keeps ants to stay away. if they come from the outside, a solid line of table salt in their way will stop them, because they can't cross. A lady was swearing, that after reading Bernard Werber's "The Ants", she started talking to her little uninvited guests, instead of using insecticide, and asked them to leave, because this is not their place, and one day, they just disappeared. Who knows...
allison marie
allison marie Prije 9 sati
i’m guessing micarah has some kind of ADHD because girl, same
Shniedelwoodz Prije 9 sati
You could wear a potato sack and it would still look good. Speaking of which: potato sack dress when?
Alessia Carmen
Alessia Carmen Prije 9 sati
Ally Valley
Ally Valley Prije 9 sati
I’m living for her dove 🕊
Monster Prije 9 sati
jokes on you I watched prince of Egypt and Wallace and Gromit and STILL had a bad childhood ✌️😎
spyguy420 Prije 9 sati
damn shes almost as ugly as i am
XxBroadwaygonnabexX Prije 9 sati
The corset top and the two piece birthday outfit are everything!
Nic Cicchillitti
Nic Cicchillitti Prije 9 sati
Best ads on any channel
mostunicorn Prije 9 sati
all cool and all, but hiding actual wood under some fake tiling... :D get it repolished!
Elizabeth Chung
Elizabeth Chung Prije 9 sati
I could really use an uncut, hour long rant video about Emma's costume design 👀
LG010 Rotterdam
LG010 Rotterdam Prije 9 sati
Im curious how many jokes she forgets
eMi lY
eMi lY Prije 9 sati
Quite Quiet
Quite Quiet Prije 9 sati
So clever, funny, humorous and last but not least talented. Thank you algorithm! Hhhm ants... random patrolling micro “green service cleaning workers” is how you should think of them Miss. They meant no harm and thought you their supreme being. They were trying to present you a award and remove something that escaped your notice being so far beneath your purview. Anyway... in order to persuade them to change their religion. Try to see from where they are emerging... the palace of their queen. Place something near the their queens palace but away from your domicile. Each day or so give them something to dissemble but not so large as to explode their population for example a bread crust with a dab of jelly would be excellent. Now after placing the decoy... you must remove the previous pheromone trails as they are inclined to follow them even days later. For this you will need to mop up their areas of intrusion... bleach water, ammonia water, vinegar water all do good job. As you move the decoy crust away from your security perimeter it will create a new patrol pattern once they have established their new area of resource collection... they will forget about the once prosperous and profitable domicile of the supreme being... they have certain number of workers which can cover a certain amount of space. Once they are patrolling their new profitable hunting and cleaning grounds... they will change religion and bother you no more for the most part. Don’t over feed them... and once the floors and approaches are cleaned of their pheromones only the rare random lost adventurous cleaning maid scout will randomly check to see if you miss them. A water spray can disperse their trail markers as well to reduce the time until they no longer darken your days. Should they be pirates... sorting out just how much they can dissemble in a day... could show you their numbers... a tea pot of boiling water on your decoy would reduce their current numbers if the previous providers over fed them and you must declare war in order to have piece of mind. Remember that they are going to reassemble their dead back into eggs. They are a hive mind not individuals which is not to say that they are not GOD’s creatures... so be a good steward of your dominion. They are actually there to keep your yard tidy. Good Luck and Good Fortune ; )
Janae Noelle
Janae Noelle Prije 9 sati
i loved the carpet shirt!
Becky Pollock
Becky Pollock Prije 9 sati
I never thought I could be so pleasantly surprised by a Wallace and Gromit reference, but here we are
rsbharadwaj Prije 9 sati
I see a ring 👀
Molly McKay
Molly McKay Prije 9 sati
ok but the kitchen counters look SO GOOD!!
LG010 Rotterdam
LG010 Rotterdam Prije 9 sati
Love that for youuuu
Ambrose Vervain
Ambrose Vervain Prije 9 sati
I need that workout routine!!😩
negima50001 Prije 9 sati
I like the way that she that she doesn't need any sewing patterns or a dress form to make these patterns
David H.
David H. Prije 9 sati
We need a video about emma deserving to win the oscaaaaarsss pleaaaaaaseeee!!!! My blood is boiliiing
Yoyo Ducky
Yoyo Ducky Prije 9 sati
Ants seem to HATE Peppermint oil, if I start seeing them in the house I will put a few drops on oil on a cotton ball and stuff it in the hole they are coming through. And I keep some in the corners around where they seem to be attracted to, like the pantry
Tom Tam
Tom Tam Prije 9 sati
Fluffy Cat
Fluffy Cat Prije 9 sati
Omg the movies she recommended I watched from school and because I’m English. Idk why I find this so funny 💀
American Sociopath
American Sociopath Prije 9 sati
I believe the Egyptian sword micarah showed is called a khopesh, in case anyone was wondering
Mandy B
Mandy B Prije 9 sati
Since you gave the floor and counter tops a makeover, are you going to paint the cabinets too?
Lucia Markovich
Lucia Markovich Prije 9 sati
What? The floor kitchen was beautiful!
Heather Lawrence
Heather Lawrence Prije 9 sati
Cinnamon. For the ants. Sprinkle cinnamon where any are coming in. They don't like the smell.
Stephanie Prije 9 sati
Chalk dust to.
Beyza Nur Özker
Beyza Nur Özker Prije 9 sati
I loved the pillow case the most. It just looks weirdly elegant and 18th 19th centuryish
Evelyn Awad
Evelyn Awad Prije 9 sati
Micarah should do an Anna With An E cosplay!!!
campbell faulkner
campbell faulkner Prije 9 sati
You should paint your cabinets a rich green color with gold hardware
Jennifer Kelly
Jennifer Kelly Prije 9 sati
UMmmm...is that an engagement ring on your left hand? <3 :)
thành vũ
thành vũ Prije 9 sati
okay but that TWO PIECE SKIRT+TOP is everythingalso i don’t think people appreciate micarah’s ability to cut out literally PERFECTLY sized clothing-shaped pieces out of fabric with no pattern?? like if i tried that i cant even tell you how misshapen mine would look
Julia Rucker
Julia Rucker Prije 9 sati
OMG MICARAH UR 21 ON TRENDING !! So happy for you 🥰🥰🥰❤️
Nicola Sherlock
Nicola Sherlock Prije 10 sati
Keiseana Morrison
Keiseana Morrison Prije 10 sati
Lol I love your vids😭😂😂😂❤️u so funny
Flower Power
Flower Power Prije 10 sati
I have this exact same rug in my bathroom here in france kinda proud that her twin is in micarah's closet
Pixie Bubbles
Pixie Bubbles Prije 10 sati
I've been watching your channel for about 2 years or so, and you've inspired me to turn an old blue summer dress into a beautiful off shoulder top in time for summer!
Julia Bass
Julia Bass Prije 10 sati
I felt that taxes comment in my SOUL. My hubby and I have been leaning on our side hustles through the pandemic, and self-employment taxes were...surprising. We'll be better prepared next year. Great video!!
Desiree Kane
Desiree Kane Prije 10 sati
Amazing video as always! You should do a week of dressing up as Julie Andrews!
Sarah Prije 10 sati
Somebody is engaged!
Holly Blankenship
Holly Blankenship Prije 10 sati
Mint and peppermint will help keep out bugs. Also putting a bit of dawn around the outside of the house where the ants are coming in.
Ravenclaw Warrior
Ravenclaw Warrior Prije 10 sati
This is my nerdy comment just to say that the Egyptian sword is called a “khopesh” :) have a nice day
PG Farber
PG Farber Prije 10 sati
I love the colorblock shiirt with the B&W plaid capris. so summer!
Willie Jones
Willie Jones Prije 10 sati
ar1zona Prije 10 sati
frankly astonished at the fact that americans don't know wallace and gromit tbh
Lily Li
Lily Li Prije 10 sati
I don't have a weak tummy, I'm glad that I don't since if I did I wouldn't have seen this video.
PlasmaNADE 777
PlasmaNADE 777 Prije 10 sati
Wow, very nice🔥💜...the outfits😂 you're not 2 bad either😉😝 I'm sorry...you need 2 start your own Brand👍
Alena Prije 10 sati
I don’t think your hair is straight though 😶 (function of beauty quiz)
Feyza Murat
Feyza Murat Prije 10 sati
this is the most chaotic yet most structured video ive ever watched
Abby Chipps
Abby Chipps Prije 10 sati
Love watching these but they also make me feel incredibly incapable and lazy
epuresoul Prije 10 sati
ngl, i want to know how the kitchen counter holds up
Ивa Ивaновa
Ивa Ивaновa Prije 10 sati
She's practicing her speech for her friend's wedding, huh? Which particular friend might that be?
Anna S
Anna S Prije 10 sati
Is there anything you can not do?!
I'm Sew Excited
I'm Sew Excited Prije 10 sati
You are the only person that I actually watch the sponsor portion!
Delaina Dixon
Delaina Dixon Prije 10 sati
Everything is adorable! So motivated to hit my stash and see what I can transform today!
Lizzzard Rodriguez
Lizzzard Rodriguez Prije 10 sati
(6:38) I know Prince of Egypt!
Jonah Kim
Jonah Kim Prije 10 sati
Lilee Byers
Lilee Byers Prije 10 sati
Did anyone else notice the phone number at 00:19