Prije mjesec
Prije 4 mjeseci
RV Bathroom Makeover!
Prije 5 mjeseci
I DIY'd Kendall's Met Dress
Prije 9 mjeseci
Reacting To My Own Birth
Prije 10 mjeseci
My 2020 Resolutions
Prije godine
Extreme Bedroom Declutter!
Christopher Allen
Christopher Allen Prije 4 sati
Kim Gibson
Kim Gibson Prije 4 sati
Where was this video 3 years ago when I spent five months making my prom dress and it was too small and I didn’t even like it that much :/
aah haa
aah haa Prije 4 sati
those darn Australians
Ellerie Mitchell
Ellerie Mitchell Prije 5 sati
Did micarah tewers remove the price sticker????
Ellerie Mitchell
Ellerie Mitchell Prije 5 sati
Um excuse me did micarah tewers just measure????
Ana Raquel Novoa
Ana Raquel Novoa Prije 5 sati
I really think you should make the disney's life action cinderella dress
Eleena Hopkins
Eleena Hopkins Prije 5 sati
You really do kinda look like repunzle irl
Noa Newman
Noa Newman Prije 5 sati
Oh hey, that pyramid was in Safya's moving across the country video
4LoveProductions Prije 6 sati
You talk too fast and your voice is slightly annoying...but i love your energy and "sidetalks" so i keep coming back to you. That's probably how your boyfriend feels too 😉
Hillives Prije 6 sati
Anyone else that got an ad right as she said funural?
Noa Newman
Noa Newman Prije 6 sati
I got your magnetic lash ad mid video and it threw me for a loop 😂
Watermelons are Superior!
Watermelons are Superior! Prije 7 sati
3:00 i feel bad for my self too 🤣
Maisie M-G
Maisie M-G Prije 7 sati
How did you think of lyrics
Annalisa Zellers
Annalisa Zellers Prije 7 sati
I´m actually eating soup xD
Maíra Maximiano
Maíra Maximiano Prije 7 sati
I'm with your mom, whoever leaves you a negative comment deserves HAVOC - I didn't want to say hell because you're christian and I didn't want to offend you Anyway... 2020, huh?
capt_toad7890 Prije 8 sati
7:56 “It won’t close” “It’s a 5” “Sorry, we only carry sizes 1, 3, and 5. You can try Sears.”
Florence Duffett
Florence Duffett Prije 8 sati
I want to hang and vintage shop with you so bad- dang it
Hillives Prije 8 sati
thenk you for the bible verse, it was really nice :D
Tamsin Mckissick
Tamsin Mckissick Prije 9 sati
Why don't you say body
T Prkr
T Prkr Prije 9 sati
I have no idea who you are, I'm new here but I absolutely love you. You're unhinged crazy is exactly what I vibe with!
MG Prije 9 sati
Iconic green moment - Michelle Pfeiffer coming down the elevator in Scarface
Sarah B
Sarah B Prije 10 sati
Tbh I'd watch if your videos were 36 minutes long. I'd love a video that length!!!!!
Artistic Orla
Artistic Orla Prije 10 sati
Wow! So perfect :)
Marshmellow Kitty
Marshmellow Kitty Prije 10 sati
1:24 She looks like Meredith Blake from the Parent Trap!
Lanada Lanada
Lanada Lanada Prije 10 sati
well, she shouldn't be moving her jaw so much after surgery.
Diya Pillai
Diya Pillai Prije 11 sati
0:38 bro- I have the exact same pants but in a different size
mean comment : WHY DID YOU NOT F***** DISTANCE me 2 sec later ok let me get a egg go to my bro and say to him throw this at my face HE DID OMG IT HURT
Shooting Stars
Shooting Stars Prije 11 sati
10:09 you were wearing that dress in your RV Tour
Newton McCan
Newton McCan Prije 11 sati
Our new Lily Signh
cyd w
cyd w Prije 11 sati
I love how some of her closet friends are literally just all siblings like she is friends with a whole family
Sneha Adiga
Sneha Adiga Prije 11 sati
you should totally become a pirate-
Epiphany Speaks
Epiphany Speaks Prije 12 sati
A barrel of teeth?! 😁🤣 Thanks for letting it out! I wouldn’t doubt teeth hoarders be real and on the hunt to supply their distortion rituals.😬😱😆 Those wisdom teeth be magic yo! ✨🦷✨
Tithi Patel
Tithi Patel Prije 12 sati
Omg her voice is so satisfying
Hollie Gould
Hollie Gould Prije 12 sati
girl i got your glamnetic ad on your own video i'm so proud of you omgggg 💖💖💖💖
Zeynep Ela Keskinkılıç
Zeynep Ela Keskinkılıç Prije 13 sati
please do Anna kareninas dress
Simon Bond
Simon Bond Prije 13 sati
13:00 "i went into the unknown...... well, i went to McDonalds" lol!
Robz Playzz
Robz Playzz Prije 14 sati
Can you Make a newspaper dress? A dress made of newspaper?
Monie Prije 14 sati
I like how even the bird has his mouth open
Putri Aisyah
Putri Aisyah Prije 14 sati
1 minutes into the vid and im already liking u
Nana In Narnia
Nana In Narnia Prije 15 sati
I love your Keira Knightley impression so much and when you do it you look so much liker her <3
WeQuiverBeforeIt Prije 15 sati
0:42 turn this into a meme pls
Kristen Krascek
Kristen Krascek Prije 16 sati
Get a grip people! These teeth are unnecessary and even our pre-molars are too. I had my wisdom teeth removed because my jaws are narrow and my teeth were impacted, on the verge of becoming infected. They remove these teeth because more often than not they are a major problem to our health. If you get a tooth infection, or a badly impacted tooth, you can end up with head/neck tumours and also, you will have a systemic infection because infections affect your whole body, not just one area. We are a whole person, not just a bunch of body parts. Clearly you are uneducated and ignorant.
jayjayro Prije 16 sati
Holly Champion
Holly Champion Prije 16 sati
This is so awesome! Here my friend Ali Dibley from Bell Street Bridal made the RED DRESS from MOULIN ROUGE as my wedding dress! hrpost.info/history/q8V8iLTSmtaRdJg/video Yay for recreating iconic movie looks!
Sangeet Prije 16 sati
I'm new here and the amount of ~controversial~ statements she made in 10 mins amazes me (also love your channel glad I found you 💕)
Addison Bebout
Addison Bebout Prije 16 sati
This is the first time I have seen your channel and you seem so sweet and kind and beautiful 😄😃🤗😊💕
Alyce Campbell
Alyce Campbell Prije 16 sati
I feel like this is gonna get hate~ But dead set, I love your dress a million times more than the original! It is so beautiful and understated! I feel like yours has the right balance of tulle without it being overbearing. You look so gorgeous in your beautiful dress.
Tyler Ings
Tyler Ings Prije 17 sati
Lol, this was back when JJ didn't want his face on youtube, now he does entire videos with Micarah where he is literally and figuratively the older brother of the group when they go get into all different kinds of shenanigans. Gotta love the man and how much he has grown.
This Nigerian Loves Drinking Garri
This Nigerian Loves Drinking Garri Prije 17 sati
Why do I like your version better?
—— Prije 18 sati
U should do a week Disney bounding video
Kailan Foster
Kailan Foster Prije 18 sati
I was born 3 months early at 2lb 2oz. I was so small that my dad’s ring fit on my wrist as a bracelet
grandcarriage1 Prije 18 sati
Bring it!!!! Rant, baby, RANT! I live for your historical fashion-passion, and THE BONNETS! OHMIGOSH THE BONNETS!!!
Hi I'm John Quinones
Hi I'm John Quinones Prije 18 sati
How positutely maria von trapp of you!
slave No. 4028
slave No. 4028 Prije 18 sati
Isn't it heartwarming that her dad laughs at her aprils fools joke? I know my parents and probably any other adult, since they all seem to be stressed and grumpy 24/7 and lacking any humor and joy, would just be pissed.
Zack eHeT
Zack eHeT Prije 19 sati
Whole Video: *Micarah annihilating Little Women*
Rachel Hofacker
Rachel Hofacker Prije 19 sati
It’s the expired yogurt for me 😂
Stephanie Busbea
Stephanie Busbea Prije 19 sati
People talkin bout those 17 diamonds and confirming that she’s worthy of the home. I just can’t get over the $40 couch! I had to rewind to be sure I heard her correctly.$40?!?! What a great find!
TubinAllDay Prije 20 sati
Man that painting that she drew was spot on
Natalia Day
Natalia Day Prije 20 sati
This video was just randomly in the recommended so I watched it thinking it was going to be a v straightforward sewing video but every 3 minutes it felt like I'd been hit by a train. (I will be watching more)
Hi I'm John Quinones
Hi I'm John Quinones Prije 20 sati
Is it stinky tho?
-Payton- Prije 20 sati
Repenzuel: I'm social distancing The dude in the car: did I studder
E m i l l y
E m i l l y Prije 21 sat
Imagine you cant make you own dress Like you see on pinterest and then you like. I'm gono make that
E m i l l y
E m i l l y Prije 21 sat
Pepole how cant do that. You lucky :(
Snowy Fox Gaming
Snowy Fox Gaming Prije 21 sat
Also those boys are &$!#%
Snowy Fox Gaming
Snowy Fox Gaming Prije 21 sat
Richard Silsbury
Richard Silsbury Prije 21 sat
luv you.
Snowy Fox Gaming
Snowy Fox Gaming Prije 21 sat
I’m an Australian :( Also I’ve stepped on needles many times but every time I’m bare foot
Abbian Yadon
Abbian Yadon Prije 22 sati
Good lord woman, you're hilarious! Love the bird, so beautiful. So is the dress
EllySweetsXx Prije 22 sati
The bird though CUTE!!
FIRESTAR IS MY BOY Prije 23 sati
Soon Rupunzel, soon
福京柳 Prije 23 sati
Those needles went IN in her foot and I’m a little (lot) shook by that. Extreme and accidental acupuncture
4est FairyAG
4est FairyAG Prije 23 sati
Davy Crockett theme
Crystal Grodow
Crystal Grodow Prije 23 sati
1 year ago! Dang
ꕥhello friendѕ ꕥ
ꕥhello friendѕ ꕥ Prije 23 sati
✨la coccinelle ✨😌im french so im happy that you said that
Kassandra Johnson
Kassandra Johnson Prije 23 sati
I have to admit I got a bit teary-eyed, Micarah. I'm so happy for you! Seeing the pure joy on your face fills me with joy. You 100% deserve that house, and you inspire me to be more fully myself by being so unapologetically you. It's seriously a beautiful thing. </3
Kailan Foster
Kailan Foster Prije dan
5:47🎶I’m a chiiiiild of God! Yes I aaaaaaaammmmmm!🎶
Mrs Bebe
Mrs Bebe Prije dan
You could make a dress out of the Renaissance for example from bridgerton✨
mimiiin Prije dan
how long did it take for you to make this?
Tanzania Davis
Tanzania Davis Prije dan
When I tell you that this was THE funniest thing I have seen...... honey!!!!!!! This is my first video. Where have you been all my life? I busted out laughing so many times. I love your humor. I'm gonna watch the whole video again. And find more videos to watch since I'm now a new subscriber. And to see that u have over a million subs, wow. Now I'm mad at HRpost for not putting you on my page sooner. Honey you will bring ANY DEPRESSED PERSON OUT OF DEPRESSION.....not that I'm depressed, but if I was, I would be healed due to laughing so much during this video. Keep making videos and making people laugh. Your so creative.
Kedi Hazretleri
Kedi Hazretleri Prije dan
I’m only here for the BIRB <3
pam hebner
pam hebner Prije dan